Finding Your Roots!

"Born Champions"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 2
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Billie J. King ~ Derek Jeter ~ Rebecca Lobo

Derek Jeter:   He was a Pro Baseball Player in the MLB, for the New York Yankees something he wanted to do all his life, sitting at his Grandmother's knees since he was a little boy. He had no doubt what he was suppose to do with his Life. 

The question was raised by Dr. Gates, did all 3 Guests get all this from their Own achievements? Did it have something to do with their Ancestors who came before them? Or was it in the DNA?

Derek considered himself to be Black Irish. He told Dr. Gates sometimes that is unwanted attention brought unto a child back in those days. Much has changed since we were both born. Being of Half African American and German. I felt what he was saying being multi-racial. 

 Derek comes from his 3rd Great Grandfather  Rev. Green Jeter of  Coosa County, Alabama born May, 1844. Wetumpka is 1 hour and 45 minutes south from my Ancestral home of Bullock County, Alabama. Makes me wonder if the Jeter's were ever in any kind of contact with my Ivery's? I can Dream a little. 

Rev. Green Jeter

Rev. Green was the child of a Slave owner. His mother was named Charity.  His father was James W. Jeter from a noted census in 1870 that listed Rev. Green as a mulatto. Meaning he was of mixed race. Through DNA testing of James W. Jeter's descendants it was founded along with Derek testing they were related. James W. Jeter was his 3 Great Grandfather through his Slave and Derek's Grandmother Charity from whom Rev. Green was born to.

Derek's Grandfather Green Jeter was a Minister of the Gospel.

Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church there is a plaque or what we call the Cornerstone of the church is there with his name on it. Church was organized in 1872. Still there today. I couldn't find any photos of the church. I'm not sure if the County lines have changed since the church was built I looked on Google maps in Coosa County and for the Wetumpka area and didn't locate it. I will have to do further research on that. 

Rev. Green was able to Build the church on the Slave owner James W. Jeter's land, the Plantation! For a former Slave; even my former Slave Granddaddy Ike having 110.00 to buy land back then for church business so soon after Slavery is amazing! Derek's Grandfather Rev. Green had 200.00 which is about 4,000 in today's money.

That is where My Story intertwines somewhat with Derek's

Granddaddy Ike Ivery was born in 1853. He was about 10 when Freedom came. At age 17 he was married for the 1st time to Mary Haynes in 1875.  He eventually was married 2 times more.  In the meantime Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist Church was being built in 1875 by Former Slaves in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama, which included my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was a Deacon at the church at that time. This month in October Mt. Coney will be celebrating it's 139th Church Anniversary! My Cousin Dr. Alexander Robbins is the Chairman of the Deacon Board. Someone in my family is always attending our family church or holding office. Alex's Mother, my Aunt Sallie Bea who is 94, served as First Lady and her husband Pastored the church for 61 years, the Rev. I.H. Robbins. 

Mt. Coney Cornerstone
Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist, Founded 1875.
When Dr. Gates asked Derek what he thought about all the findings on his Family? He said:

 That’s unbelievable! That really is. I didn’t know what to expect when I came here? I really didn’t, but to know where the Jeter name came from, that’s Important, Important to know.

This is WHY it's Important to research, learn all you can about your family history!  Your story of Life will be forgotten if you don't learn and record these things. This is the only way our Descendants will remember us by. Start today by talking to the Elders in your family. Then try at your local library or a free trial at

The whole episode was GOOD! 
Billie Jean King and Rebecca Lobo had Great Stories as well.
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  1. AMEN to that! That is why I am telling my nieces and nephews all about their family history. I don't want any of us to be forgotten ever again!

    1. I'm sure the little bit of work I do have Wayne they will think this is a gold mine. Plus the DNA! We are Blazing!

  2. Loved your recap and how you intertwined your story. Great post. You always give a strong voice to your Ancestors.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this post and will definitely be reading more.