....Missing Mommie....

Mother's Day is approaching. My thoughts every year around this time, I ponder and think on all the things I have been Blessed with having this "Mother of Mine".

Mom was born August 29th, 1923 in Midway, Alabama and she passed on November 11, 2008 in Oberlin, Pennsylvania.

Mother of Mine, Tinnie L. Miles Lewis

That's not as important to me these days. What's important is all the memories Mom left behind for me to have on those days I miss her the most. She left me comfort. A wealth of knowledge. Every time I think back on our conversations, they weren't always filled with laughter or sorrow but she was always teaching me something in every conversation.

How to do this or that. How to cook, husband advice, raising my children. It was always in a round about way she could weave advice into a life lesson.
Collection of My Favorites of Mom's Things

I can recall when I would be sitting in between her legs getting my hair done and my head snatched in all directions she would be on the phone gabbing with her girlfriend and watching "Young and Restless" all at the same time. She worked from 6-11 for AMP Inc. for 20 years. There for us during the day and Daddy for us at night. 

I love shucking corn with her, or scratching her head in a good spot that was itchy. Calling her crying or whining about something. Or the times she held me close in her bosom in church. Mom was fun. She had a mile wide smile. Loved by so many. She was full of pride about all her children. She really felt they were a reflection of her. Everytime I walked in a room to see her or waking up in the morning as a child, she had that look on her face that made the world light up. She was so happy to see you. All the countless times she stood by you in everything. She use to say: "I want my Flowers now, Don't wait till I'm Dead. We made sure Mom got her Flowers all the time not just holidays. It was kisses. Extra change in the mail. Paying for a church breakfast. Those were her flowers.
Who knew Mom would be Mother of the church. Something the "Black Church" has done for centuries with the Elders. I remember the Mother of the Church when I was young. In the end it would be mine. 
Daddy Me and Mommie

She was a foster mother awarded many times on her great work with children. Some we still keep in touch till this day. 
Mom taught me how to be a Woman, I didn't need examples.  I had one everyday. She taught me how Beautiful I am. What my Worth was. How to hold my head up high and my chin pointed. I could do all Things. I was Potential and Possibility. I have all I need to live a Bountiful Life. Most of all I was LOVED.

I'm the age my Mom was when she became a Grandma, with me. Forty-ish! and that prompted me to write this. At two days old she and Daddy had to make a decision about adopting their oldest child's, first child. He was in Vietnam and the Birth Mom was Caucasion and it was the 60's. Their children were grown and out the house. So they did. They kept me. Starting their lives all over again. I got the best of the best. My whole life is centered on keeping with all the traditions they have taught and passed onto to us to the next generation. My own Children were Blessed to see their Great Grandparents and learn from them also.

I have those same feelings she did about her Grandchildren. All that she taught me, I can see I'm showing up as my Mom to my Granddaughter. I want to pass all the ways of storytelling and teaching a lesson in each of our conversations, things that Janellie can take with her to carry on to her's one day. That is my wish.

Happy Mother's Day! to all The Mother's who gave birth, who are Motherless but Help to mold and teach other's children. I have those in my Life to, Pattykakes and Ollie Lifetime friends of mine who helped and reached out to me. A Stepmom since I was three years old. Norma or Momma as I call her who treated me like I was her own.I'm also one since she was three years old to Taya Girl. I hope she knows she has been loved by me since the day I saw her. And as a 18 year old woman she can take some of my knowledge with her also. I'm a Godmom for two boys, Elyjah and Trenton. I'm hoping the little I do, it will be a life lesson later, that I'm remembered for doing my best with them.