FGS 2015 Is this your 1st Time?

My 1st Trip to a Family History Library Center was in Milwaukee Wisconsin! on LaGrange Avenue. 

From where I lived it took me about 45 minutes each week on a Tuesday to visit. 

I was anxious and nervous. I just arrived after living in Seattle for 3 years. So my basic research was Oral History and what I could find online. I had joined Ancestry.com in 1997. So for 6 years that is what I could do. I was far far away from any of my Ancestral Homes of Research. I was new at Genealogy. So this was another 1st step!

It was like my 1st Day of School. I had my backpack ready. Pencils sharpened, I was finally gonna be around other Family Historians and Family Researchers. Genealogist. It was Awesome!

Is this your 1st time? I was asked. Me: YeS!....

When I arrived someone was there to Greet me and Explain the usage of the place and where everything was located and reassured me they were just around the bend to answer any questions and assist me. 

Before I got started they asked if I could sign the registry and let me know there was a donation box. I happily obliged! 

In my early days of research I had got a TiP that this is where you go to actually see documents and find things you couldn't online. They had a assortment of records. All the hours of painstakingly trying to read, magnify, write notes. Stay concentrated! as well as do the "ButtDance" on those folding chairs, all the while trying to keep warm. It was Milwaukee, Wisconsin. LoL. 

I remember my 1st Day. I was in Genealogy School. 

The microfiche!!! 

that I  hadn't used since probably High School were in full effect. All lined up. Access to what genealogy sites were around during that time period. My 1st Computer was a Gateway, it was after 9-11 and I was just getting use to the new systems. That is when I would go into Walmart and get a Free AOL disc every 30 days. Then I moved up to paying every month. I can't even remember when it became FREE I was with them for so long. 

It's also were the Ladies taught me how to use Family Group Sheets. Record Logs. Which I miss and every now and then. I have to get back to using them. I need to brush up on my habits of the Genealogical Proof that I learned so early. Now it's a habit I haven't kept up with and must go over some of my work and correct as I have gotten computer savvy and lazy. 

One thing those early teachings taught me were seeds that I can continue to grow on. They were the "Golden Days" of Genealogy and those things I was taught you can never go wrong with even with today's technology.

I haven't been back to LaGrange Avenue. The Army ended up sending us elsewhere. Your Home is where the Army sends you. So If I could! 

I would like to say Thank You to the Ladies there! They had patience with me. Little did they know they were teaching me so much in their small gestures.

So if FGS2015 Conference is your 1st Time!

Go and Look at my Fellow 2015 FGS Ambassadors.

 They have some GREAT Advice on Getting Your Trip Planned for SUCCESS!

I'm taking ADVICE from All my FGS2015Ambassadors

2015FGS Ambassador Jen Baldwin  from Ancestral Breezes had a Good Plan to Follow if it's your 1st Time going to FGS Conference!! She put together a Great List of "To do Things" and How to have Success!


FGS2015 Ambassador Diane MacLean Boumenot of One Rhode Island Family!

You still have time to REGISTER and Get out to the Largest and Historical Moment in Time for FGS2015 Conference combined with Rootstech

February 11th - 14th. Salt Lake City!

Hurry it's Not to Late!

2015FGS Registration!

2015 FGS Conference: Why Should YoU Go?

2015 FGS Conference  with Rootstech Conference! Is Your Way to Register & Connect with Us!  

Why Should YoU Go? It's a Whole New World! In the movie Aladdin!Remember that Song? ... 100,000 things to see... A new fantastic point of view....With new Horizons to pursue...Every turn a surprise...That's where we'll be! A Wondrous Place for you and Me! Just had to throw a few lyrics in there! You get the Point, Don't Ya! 

Why Should YoU Go?

That's Why Should YoU Go! You will be amongst your OWN. Good Folks who love doing what you do with the bigger Purpose about Researching and Technology and all the best tools we can use to advance. Knowledge from all the many General Session lessons. Special Events & Luncheons. Organization skills.  Fellowship! and how we can all Move together Collectively!

My Reasons for Participating in 2015FGS! I had to get my feet wet! I had to jump in, go full steam ahead! That is why I decided to ask to help as being a 2015 FGS AmbassadorFor years I have been a Stay at Home Genealogist

Now I'm a Family History Blogger. I took the steps in joining my Ancestral Historical Society and that has lead me to being involved with 2015FGS Conference to take my Research to another Level.

This October I went for the very 1st Time to Bullock County, Alabama to visit my Mentor and Attend my Historical Society Meeting. I belong to Bullock County Historical Society. What a Joy! I live in Kentucky so I get my Newsletter monthly. I follow my Fellow Members that way because I can't be there all the time. 

It was so Good to see the faces, to put the names of our Members faces together. I really felt the Love, and they Welcomed me with open arms and said the same about me; Now we see the face to your name! I felt the Importance of why I needed to be part of Historical Society. When I first started I would go to my local Courthouse and Historical Society in the area even tho my Ancestors weren't from that place just to gain experience. Those were the baby steps I took. Now I'm ready for the Big League!

My Spratlan our President introduced us to the Probate Judge  who attended as well, Judge James E. Tatum. So of course I was beyond myself when I saw him. I see his name on many ordered documents. I finally got to see him in person. 
I have to do my research on site or through snail mail in this County.

My True Roots
Rev. Streeter * President Spratlan * Judge Tatum 

 Once a month Mr. Spratlan chooses a location within the County to hold the Meetings. That month in October 2014, the 2nd Sunday in the Month, the location was New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Thompson, Alabama. The Pastor of the Church was in attendance Rev. Henry Streeter.  

My True Roots
New Mt. Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

If I didn't belong to a Historical Society or Attend a 2015FGS Conference, I wouldn't know this Joy of Genealogy in whole new Light and World. Gain all this knowledge to take the next steps to finding my Ancestors

I hope I gave you some Insight into

                           Why Should You Go?

Here is where you can Register for "2015 FGS Registration"! You don't want to Miss it!

Hope to see You there! 

 Also, take a Look at a Old Blog I did for My Mentor and Historical Society President. It's my Show of Appreciation. Down Below!
    Old Guard

My True Roots
Me & Mr. Spratlan

See Ya Soon!

Best Regards, True!

Your 2015 FGS Ambassador!

Genea-Musings: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Did You Collect as a Youth?

My Genealogy Friend Randy Seaver! over at Genea-Musings! Just like the Title of his Blog he is so Amusing! Smart as a Whip! and has Great Blog Pieces. He asked the Question, What did you Collect as a Youth? I had to return "The Call"......

Here's some of my quirks of Collecting when I was a "Youth"! This is for you Randy! Thanks for sharing your Collections! 

I Collected:

  •  Cartoon Clippings. My favorite was Love Is......
  •  Cartoon Clippings. 2nd one was Family Circus.
  •  NoTe's. From school chums, I passed a lot of NoTe's in school and kept them in a shoebox. Today I still do that all over my house. I have NoTe's everywhere, very so, I named my Blog "NoTe's To MySeLf".  Jeffrey was so Naughty, I always thought he should of got a Spanking for all of his Antics.  He had a Good Mother! (*giggling*) The LOVE is.....I was always having a "Romantic" moment somewhere in my head with these. I'm glad I got to break them out and commiserate on them, through Randy.
These are just a few. I have them put away for a "Rainy Day".

My True Roots
Love Is....

Family Circus

If you want to Participate or Follow along, Add your's!
To Randy's Blog @ What Did you Collect as a Youth or 
Google+ it!

Randy reminded me of what I use to do on a Saturday night when I couldn't go out because I used up my Friday night instead. I wasn't allowed to do both days. Sundays were reserved for Church and Sunday Dinner. So sitting home with no Siblings. This is a few of would what end of up as many Collections as I got Older.

Many Thanks to Randy Seaver

Best Regards, True! from NoTe's To MySeLf,  of "My True Roots".

Many Rivers To Cross, PBS.

PBS Many Rivers to Cross
Many Rivers To Cross

 This LINK takes you to my own Personal Story Submission:

  My True Roots ~ Many Rivers To Cross 

Share Your Stories 
Except from where you submit your Story and Here is Why?

African-American history has played an integral role in the shaping of politics, economics, and culture in the United States. Growing up, how did you learn about the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans? Were you in a classroom? Reading a book? Talking with relatives or friends? How has your understanding or knowledge of African-American history changed and/or developed over time? What do you think is the most effective way to pass along this rich and growing history to future generations?

Me & Daddy, 1977. 

I wrote on behalf of my Family for "Many Rivers To Cross".....

This is what I submitted for Record for PBS and Dr. Henry Louis Gates.

I was at the age of 9 in 1977, when I stared listening and asking questions of my Dad about our Family. I don't know who took this picture of me and my Daddy but it reflects on what I have doing ever since. Trying to piece together my family roots, it was the same year that summer my Grandma Queen Daniel Miles passed away.

"Roots" came on television. I wanted to know more. Little did I know it was called "Genealogy" back then. So here I am now, still getting those Oral History interviews in writing "NoTes To MySeL f " by way of blogging.

Doing all I can in research even as far as doing DNA testing. It's fulfilling, it takes time and patience. My Greatest Readers are not born yet, I have to keep telling our stories. It's my responsibility to keep Honoring our Ancestors!

I hope I'm starting lo live up to my Name and seek what is 'TRUE" for my family........

Was Submitted Publicly  during October 22 ~ November 26, 2013.
For Premiere of "Many Rivers to Cross".

For the Record and For My Remembrance.

For: www.MyTrueRoots.com

By:   True A. Lewis

Map of Bullock County ~ Midway, Alabama

Bullock County Alabama Home of My Ancestors in Midway

Made December 4, 2010 

"My True Roots" turns 2 !

My Very 1st Blog! was 2 Years Ago!
November 7th, 2012 at 2:32pm in Honor of my Dad on the Day he Passed.
Read Below

My True Roots
2nd Blogiversary

YeS! LORD!......yes LORD! 
I Just want to "ThaNk YOu"! 

I PrAiSe YOU! I Thank You for Guiding Me : for Holding Me: for keeping me in your HaNds : All Day and All Night : I lie my FaIth in nothing but You: above all else,Your are my STrengTh! With YoU all This is Possible. Thank You for that "Quiet Place"......


To: My Entire Family...There are so many that take my calls, my email, my text at any Given hour. You all know who you Are.  For Bettye, Bug (My Father) Bobby & Corky.  Without you all placing your Trust in Me this wouldn't be Possible. I'm Grateful for you all taking time to help me. Thank you for all your Prayers & Encouragement. Please know that every Word and Picture I place on my Blog is because you have Contributed

I don't Do My True Roots alone.

My Friends ~ Fellow Bloggers ~ My Genealogy Community ~ 

You, My Readers the most faithful of them ALL, have stuck by me * encouraged me *  prompted me *  gave me criticism when needed * advised, taking my Hand and Walking with Me all the way through. 
I Thank YOU!

For The House That Built Me

Daddie and Mom

James E. Lewis 1918 ~ November 7th,2009
 Tinnie L. Miles Lewis 1923 ~ November 11th, 2008

My Sweet November

I never Walk alone.......
I'm Posting this Blogiversary Piece on the same Date and Time as I did for my Very 1st Post. November is always Bittersweet, both the People I Love and Miss! passed away on this month. Mom passed away on Veterans Day that year on a Tuesday the 11th. Daddy followed her 361 days later on my Army Retirement date. November 7th.  They left me that "Sweet" as a Remembrance always. They don't have to worry about me Forgetting them. 
What a Journey I have been on.
I do this Work of Recording our Family History and Genealogy because of them. They unashamedly taught me so many lessons that will carry me through Life. They poured so many stories and documents from the Ancestors onto me. I was the Vessel. I'm Grateful that they took the time to answer so many Questions from my inquisitive mostly nosey self. Always questioning this and that. I wouldn't have half of what I can write to you if it wasn't for them. 

Thank You Everyone
Thanks for stopping over and reading about my Family History for the last 2 years. It's Very Much Appreciated! Thanks for all your Comments and NoTe's! and simply taking the time. Please keep coming by as I grow. It's been a Very Great 2 years with all your Support. I hope I'm growing and learning more each day to become my Family's Griot. Telling Our Stories better as time goes on. 

So many Exciting & Positive Blessings  happening for 

My True Roots! 

 My Sankofa Journey to Georgia and Alabama in October and some Great Finds for future Blog Posts, Attending my Historical Society Meeting for the 1st time in 4 years. Learning about my DNA ! and my Haplogroups: U5b1c2 and E1b1a7a! and where I come from!, it's been a Honor for me to be chosen as a 2015 FGS Ambassador  for the Federation of Genealogical Societies

Having a segment on my Family History Revealed on something even I knew nothing about! as much as I research! on PBS  for Genealogy Roadshow

Keep the Faith! & know your Ancestors are with you, Guiding You......

Don't forget to click the LINK at the TOP on my very 1st Blog Piece. To see how I got started from 2 years ago.... to now. 

 Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

My True Roots

Finding Your Roots! We Come from Ivery's!

"We Come from People"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 6
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Angela Valerie and Nas

Angela Bassett ~ Valerie Jarrett ~ Nas 

Don't ever say; "I can't find Nobody" in your research. I can't find who I belong to? This episode tells you We Came from Somebody......Me: I Come from the Lewis ~Ivery~Miles~Daniel and Sweigard's and many More!..
We have receipts for our People like Property. 
Why did they put a price on us? What made them think they could put a Value on our Lives? This episode rang True for some many Folks and it has to touch the Heart of every American
If it doesn't, you have no Respect for Yourself. For mankind. Angela, Nas and Ms. Valerie's story should hold reverence for you. It's about your Story as well. That is why there will Never Ever Ever be a day I won't stop  "Speaking about my Ancestors" or write. You Family Historians know what I mean. Grandma Eddie Ivery Lewis, born 1888, her Father Ike Ivery, born 1853. His Father William Ivey born 1812. My Daddy born 1918, James E. Lewis. Those Miles, Tinnie and Queen and her Mother Lizzie, 1843. As long as I can and Lord help me! I don't want my Family to forget. I hope we find more of the ones who are LOST. So we can keep Our Circle Unbroken.  I know my Family will see to it their Lives are not in Vain.
They are in my DNA. In 1 hour you can not tell all the information they find. This is where I take NoTe's and re watch. Look for clues that will help me in research regarding a name or piece of history I heard on the show, even location research. I always have to go over the show to get some of the details lost or not followed up. I'll help tell some of their finds from Dr. Gates along with some of my family history. 

Angela Bassett
Angela grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. Daily life was a challenge. That is where she got the acting bug. She always wanted to know about her family, but like most when you first start it does seem to be a daunting challenge. Overwhelming. I still feel that at times but the Ancestors are with you always there to Lead you on. Most times you don't know where to begin? Angela is ready to know how her Ancestors survived, even trying to place herself in their shoes. Asking; I wonder if I would survive their circumstances? Her Ancestors were George and Jinny Ingram. They  got a chance to "Jump the Broom", they lived like many Slaves in cohabitation with each other, after Slavery they can get a Courthouse marriage to make their families legal. That is how they found out with Angela's family the reasoning behind the Ingram-Bassett last name. They were owned by the one and same. That is how they gained and lost those surnames between them.  My 3rd Great Grandparents are George Miles and Ginnie Hooks. So I found that interesting.

 I don't much information beyond census records mostly on them with Oral History,their Son Sam Miles, my Great Grandfather. These Parents of his were listed on his Social Security Application. That's how I found their legal names. Through out the family they are Big Pa and Grandma Sissy.

Social Security App Son of a Slave
Poppa Sam Miles with his Parents: George Miles & Ginnie Hooks 

That backed up my census record in 1870. Angela's DNA revealed she was 77% SSA. 

  Valerie Garrett

Robert Robinson Taylor


1st Black Graduate of MIT, he helped developed with the architect of one of the oldest African American Black College; Tuskegee University. Were I recently took a visit 2 weeks ago. Had I known? 

Me arriving at TU
Me arriving at Tuskegee University

He was also born in Cumberland County, North Carolina in 1823! Angus Taylor is his Father, he gives a glimpse into what his father looks like in a letter from Booker T. Washington stating that he was yet a Slave, but; "Given liberty to do about as he pleased" yet he was not Free. He didn't Free him. So it begs the question why didn't he free him? Was it for his protection? and the complexities that goes with that?  He wasn't just Henry's owner he was his Father as well. Eventually she would find out her 6th Great Grandparents her Grandmother Marianne had 6 children by Mr. Pierre Rochon her Slaveowner in Alabama and he freed his children March 20, 1770. That was astonishing to me 6 children were Freed in 1770. That is a long time to have Free Persons of Color (FPOC) at that time in History. This is how all her Ancestors were Free. At one point Dr. Gates noted her Great Great Grandfather Victor Rochon was the 1st Black Legislator from Louisiana in 1872 and 1888. So Valerie has this in her DNA, her Blood. She is now serving with our 1st African American President, Pres. Obama. So she was made to to do this work. I to wondered how Marianne felt a year later Pierre Rochon passes away and all those thoughts of what she might of felt at the time when he told her as his Lover and mother of his children they are FREE! They made a new life in Louisiana from Alabama. Dr. Gates points out that he "Manned up" something President Thomas Jefferson was always conflicted about doing.
 Her DNA revealed she was 51% Euro and 46%SSA. 

I come from the Melly Mel, Sugar Hill Gang, Dougie Fresh, LL Kool J, and Queen Latifah era of Rap. Yes!,quite so.  Even my kids laugh sometimes I can "Rock the Mic" in a Ol'Skool minute. I paid attention to Nas! when he wrote: Illmatic the album. Since that time I make sure I listen out for his albums. They are a source, a citation on our History. He prolifically announces unashamedly to the World. As he should. The young man is very knowledgeable about our History. We family historians write, when he writes, he put it's into Rapping. Same work, he just projects it differently. He was quoted by Toure' of MSNBC as being articulate and having detailed lyrics. He realized this at the age of 7. That is when everything Set if Off for him. He started seeing his Life outside of the Ghetto. Imagine.....7. My eyes were opened to Genealogy at 9. Nas is a "Beast" in the Rap World.   Nas's mother born Fannie Ann Little, 1941 in North Carolina. Richmond County. 
She always taught and wanted her sons to have a deep connection to their Roots. Just like my Grandparents there were yearly trips to Alabama so I could see hear and smell my Roots they would be ingrained in me till this day. I would say the same things Nas said about going Down Home, or the South. Like it is for me Down Home in Midway, Alabama.  Being born and raised up North in Pennsylvania. Everything in life moved slow and it was the country down there.  It did feel like we were on the Plantation down there in my small naive youthful way. Even my way of speaking was foreign.

Midway, Alabama
Midway . Bullock County. Alabama

 Nas's family goes back 5 generations in that county. Mine goes back to at least 1869 as far as I have traced. That is one of my oldest documents; a marriage license. 

Nas's story focus's on his 3rd Great Grandmother. Pocahontas Little, aged 15. She was worth a 830$ bought by Benjamin Franklin Little, March 27, 1859. Makes me wonder what else was going on the day of her Sale? I will have to research what the climate of that town was like and what else was going on in History? These are the little things that keep me up at night worrying about what happened, what was going on? I try to go to that place in my Heart and Spirit just to imagine? The picture of BF Little made Nas come face to face with who owned his 3rd Great Grandparents. The part that got to me was he said he had 850$ in his pocket right now. He mentioned he is considering going back there and get the Land. I hope he does! 

Richmond County, North Carolina

 I have to say there was a bit of conversation and debate going on about BF Little from one of his Descendants a lady in the comments section of the video excerpt for Nas. It was very compelling and it brought up a lot of emotions for everyone reading in. She was quite upset over the portrayal of him. She didn't think it was fair for him to be seen in that light. I'm very opinionated on this subject. It was interesting seeing her views and feelings on him being a Slave owner. She got a lot of response which I'm sure she didn't agree with. In the end it had to open her eyes this was a man that had a choice. They all did. Many were against Slavery and choose to not build their fortunes on the backs of a Slaves life. They tend to romanticize their Ancestor under the illusion my Ancestor wasn't a bad Slave owner and other guises they tend to use to defend their actions.  Those chains of pain whereas today Nas wears gold chains around his neck. He felt like we changed those chains of pain into chains of Freedom. Nas's DNA revealed he was 82% SSA. He also did a Y dna test on him to reveal his Haplogroup. He was Viking. Which is haplogroup R. that tells of his Origins and his ancient lineage where his 1st Ancestor began.

 Remember. We Come From People!
We are not Property, Chattel, or Animals. 
We came here in Chains. Today we are breaking them. Hold your head high. You came from a Mighty Strong People
I could write so much more. I just wouldn't do it Justice. 
When you have the time you can go to PBS Finding Your Roots  at this link to watch the full episode online. 
 DNA behind the Scenes! shows you how to learn how they do the work behind the scenes to get the Guests DNA results.

Until Next Time.
Best Regards, True!

Nas "I Can"......

I know I CAN!

Finding Your Roots!

"The Melting Pot"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 5
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Tom Collichio * Aaron Sanchez * Ming Tsai

Dr. Gates researches these Celebrity Chefs 

1. They cook the food of their Ancestors.
2. Discover how it shaped their Lives and American Cuisine. 

Tom Collichio
His artistry is Italian cuisine! You've seen him on Top Chef, has several restaurants. Out of all the explanatory recipes he does it still always comes back to the simplicity of being centered around family and simple recipes he grew up eating and preparing.

 His Ancestor Francesco Collichio came to this country at 20 years old with 27.00 in his pocket through Ellis Island. What was good in Dr. Gates findings is that he kept going back and forth on that long trip to Italy in Vallata to make money in the United States, go back to provide for his family there and return back to the United States for work. He did this 4 times until he was 69. His final trip, that is how his family settled here. Historians call them the "Birds of Passage". A tender term meaning lonely and hard experience. He fought in World War 1, survived World War 2, had a family through all this History and made it back to the States for a final time. I like when Dr. Gates asked him what would you cook for this Ancestor? He said anything they were having on upper deck! He traveled by steerage. So, yes. I agree. He should be given a meal of Upper Class with fine dining after all he went through.  Tom is ready to visit Vallata so he can come back with the customs and traditions to bring even more flavor for his dishes.

 Ming Tsai
His cuisine is Chinese! His show is Simply Ming. Creating and preparing Chinese dishes with flair.

 His earliest Ancestor was Tsai Ying his 36th Great Grandfather they found what they call "Steles" with his whole family tree on it. Survival of the stele. I don't know how that happens? They had pictures. 891 AD is how far back they can go in time with the Stele. That was a WoW moment. Huang Di is a Emperor who he descends from. Very rare family history. The Chinese kept some impressive records. Tsai is already trying to imagine the foods they ate back then to do now. That would be Great!

Aaron Sanchez! 
His flavors are Mexican! He cooks out of Respect for his Ancestors. His story is centered around his Mother Zarela. 

 A ranch 2,000 miles away in a town called Sonoro in Mexico. 1910 his Great Great Grandfather Rafael Gabilondo had to flee the Country that was in a Revolution. He lost all his cattle. 4 years later, He made a plea to the U.S. Goverment Treasury Department to go back after all the turmoil in the country to reclaim his land and bring his cattle back. He was granted permission. His earlier roots didn't really start in Mexico, it was Spain! March 31, 1713 he was born. His 6th Great Grandfather. Martin Gabilondo.  He was escaping war as well as his earlier Grandfather that is how he got to Mexico to start the family roots.  Dr. Gates tells him he can do his "Roots" in Bilbao. 
Dr. Gates made me giggle when he said all the Guests combined foods were the "Holy Trinity" of Food.
I was also very surprised they lost their family history along the way. Just surprised! It always amazes me the LOOK on their faces when they find out where they come from.

Before I Introduce you to my Friend. 

I have to say "Soul Food" is in my Blood. I have all kinds of ethnicity's. At any given time they come out! ( My German & Irish)! Soul Food is at the heart of, Who I am. That is what I was fed on as Child in the lap of my Mom. Grits and eggs fed by fingers.
 Her Mother Queen born 1888. Her Mother Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jordan born 1843. Her unknown Mother from her Mother back to her Mother. All the way back to Africa. My Women have been in the kitchen cooking for someone else and our families. 
I Salute Them.

These are the Women I come from. The Women who shaped and passed it down for Generations. They are in my Kitchen and at my Table every week.
 I cook like them. I bend over my bowl, my counter, and my stove like them. I can feel them in every little sprinkle and dash. All the while I reminiscence on the Old Ways, remembering. Remembering what my Momma use to do. 
 Tradition lives on in ME. I'm charged with carrying these food traditions on to the next..........
Michael Twitty who I call my Friend.  I had the pleasure of interviewing with my Fellow Bloggers of AAGSAR on BlogTalkRadio! Interview with Michael Twitty

A Food Writer, & Independent Scholar! He's a Culinary Historian, a Historical Interpreter. He blends information with being a Antebellum Chef and what they call, Identity Cooking. He is Jewish as well. A Judaic studies Teacher. 
To preserve his work and save information for the future, he calls it "Culinary Justice". 

 His Spirit is Deep in my Soul. 
His Story and his knowledge about how Food for the Soul are a integral part of History.The way he blends History and Food and make them come together, is Magnificent! If you don't know him by now, you need to. 
He is an integral part of Genealogy. His Foods, his Travels and Life experiences along with his wealth of Knowledge on History are intertwined, they tell All Our Stories. Michael's display of the foods he creates tell a story as well. He makes our Ancestors relevant with their rich history on food. 

"Teacakes for Tosh"

 written by Kelly Starling Lyons is a Great book to teach young children the way of passing food traditions on. That is not lost in the African American family. We pass recipes on to the next generation with Oral History stories to remind them what came before, so it continues for future generations. My Mother passed her family history recipes on to me and my Sister Bettye, nothing was written down. Favorite foods were  always cooked out of Love from watching and practicing over the years. 

What is your favorite recipe or food that was passed on in your family? 

Michael Twitty of Afroculinaria!
Go to Michael's Website for All things Food and History

Also see Michael Twitty on Episodes of "Many Rivers to Cross""


Also on Twitter @KosherSoul for Tweets about his Foods and Journey's.
Listening & Learning from Michael's written word has brought True meaning and a Revival of sorts to All nationalities. He is Preserving History and not letting us Forget as we often do. The Ancestors are guiding him. I know they are Proud of him for not letting this get Lost. 

My Beloved, Michael. Thank You!, for allowing me to express my Gratitude and Love for your work and for all Communities!

See you Next Week. Don't forget to Follow on Tuesday's at Twitter, using #FindingYourRoots

Are you Hungry now?

Go grab a plate, a drink and enjoy the Episode.
Link below:

PBS Finding Your Roots ~ Melting Pot

See ya Next week!

Best Regards, True!

Finding Your Roots! Roots of Freedom

"Roots of Freedom"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 4
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Ben Affleck ~ Kandi Alexander ~ Ben Jealous

Another Great week! "The Fight for Freedom"!

Dr. Gates shows how all  3 Guests Lives are defined by 2 Wars. 

1. The Revolutionary War & the Civil War.

2. How did their Ancestors stories get Lost in their Family?

Ben Jealous

Proud Member of the NAACP; I am. Dr. Gates shows how exactly how Ben's family's history got Lost? Why so much of his Ancestry, his Life work and as a Person why he is who  he is Today? It's all there in his Family History. In my opinion. Through DNA testing he found out he was 80% Euro & 18%SSA. His are way higher than mine. Im 51Euro and 47SSA.

Ben's Grandfather who was the Eldest got disinherited for marrying a Black Woman. So that side of his Father's family was out of their lives.
Peter G. Morgan was Ben's 3rd Great Grandfather that is who he knew about and mirrored his Life after. He was their Frederick Douglass for his Family. The Civil Rights Icon in my Family is My Cousin Aaron Sellers.  I found it so Amazing the resemblance of Mr. Morgan to Ben......

Mr. Morgan actually had "Manumission" Papers. He was a able to be deeded Free on July 7th, 1857 Those documents are hard to come by. He was a Shoemaker. He had saved enough money to BUY his Freedom! I was so overwhelmed when Ben and Dr. Gates discussed: for every "Pound" he pounded those nails whether it was 20 or 2,000 or how many shoes did he have to make? That was a moment in time when all Mr. Morgan could think, I'm that much Closer to Freedom! Even tho' he Paid his Freedom it could still be taking away from you at any time!
1860 census comes! Most Negroes are still enslaved. Mr. Morgan was a Slave owner! The Glorious moment was his 4 Slaves were FAMILY! a Wife and 3 Daughters! 
Can you IMAGINE!? 
You have to OWN your Family in order for their Safety in a ironic way it was out of LOVE as well. For them to be Safe in what way that means for the Time of Slavery?

Ben is imagining his own family, his own Children. Trying to view and put himself in his Ancestor, his Great Grandfather's shoes and Life.  and he begins to cry......We can only imagine? Can you Imagine in our mind right now to keep your Wife and children as Slaves to keep them from harm? What would we do? At what costs to save our family the best way we could, with what we had?
Dr. Gates says; he was caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

The year of 1864 he signs a Letter of Emancipation for his Family. In which he wrote: 

"I, Peter G. Morgan, A Free Man of Color, for and in, consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear for my wife,Julia Anne Morgan and our children...I do here by manumit, emancipate and forever set them free from bondage to me or to anyone else, my said slaves, and I do furthermore endow with them all the privileges and amenities of free persons of color".

Dr. Gates and Ben commiserate about Would we have the Guts and Conviction to throw caution to the Wind or to Stand up and Do this for our Family who are Slaves?
I wonder too if I would be Strong enough to do this? I would only Hope and Pray I would. To be that Strong. These are the things my Ancestors, my Granddaddy Ike Ivery had to endure. There is Oral History told to his children. One Day the Slave owner wanted to hit Granddaddy Ike's Sister and he told that Man don't you ever hit her again or I'll kill you! They say that Slave owner never did hit her again or do anything foolish to Granddaddy Ike, and he was a boy child at the time. I've seen these instances in newspapers and documents, court transcripts were they could Stand Tall or Be Killed. 
I Honor my Ancestors for all they had to Endure. For all the humiliting and bent back obstacle they went through. I'm Overjoyed for all they Overcame. For my Freedom today......
Ben's Grandfather like so many other Persons of Color during Slavery have so much to be Proud of. We are a Strong People! Thank you to Ben's 3rd Great Granddaddy Peter G. Morgan!

Thank You Grandaddy Ike Ivery!

Kandi Alexander

 Her Grandfather, Joshua Pinckney Masters born in 1910 Georgia had a interesting event. He was in a position only considered available to white men only. He was a Distiller at a plant for Rosin. What my Dad would call turpentine. It was the removal of the sap from pine trees. I won't look at a Pine tree the same. 
They are all over Georgia and Alabama, I saw them on my recent trip down home.
He was killed in a explosion that was done on purpose out of jealousy. The white men didn't think a Black should be the boss of them. So they set the vent up for explosion. He was just 25 years old. Kandi reminisced on the what the potential for his life could of been had he lived. 

Florida Resin Distillery 

So her Grandmother moved on with her children. The story died never to be told until tonight by Dr. Gates on what really happened? 
I see this happen in my own personal research when tragic things happen, everyone is hush-hush about it. So we lose that part of our history. That branch is lost forever until someone in the family like me who has a love for genealogy, picks it up, starts putting history to the faces and names we know and find. 
I have a Uncle Aberdeen Walker Miles. He ran away from Union Springs, Alabama, being accused of murder, he was never to be found. His brother Roy Walker Miles was electrocuted in May of 1929 for the offense. I often wonder if they are relatives in my DNA that they don't know their Ancestor changed his name, started a new life and they are the product of that. We don't know why we are connected? They haven't been told the story on him or simply don't know. 

Kandi's DNA showed she was 73%SSA and 24%Euro. She was Nigerian with Igbo. She didn't consider herself African American. She always grew up with a sense of "I'm Black" a Black Woman! She was just that, and proud of it! Most of us or people try to categorize us. She never felt to be put in any box. She said, she didn't feel any connection with the Motherland. 
After DNA she said she felt the connection now of belonging to something other than her Self! That was commending to me.  She considered the research Dr. Gates did for her was Affirming and Grounding. I had a sense in the beginning she wasn't interested. Knowing her roots didn't seem to bother her. She didn't really know her family history. Afterwards; I was glad she showed appreciation for the facts and the work. Knowing where one comes from is a MUST. I don't know how you navigate in Life not knowing?

Ben Affleck

Ben had many stories on his Mother Christopher Ann Boldt. Dr. Gates found his Grandfather Almon Bruce French, who was a Spiritualist. I had to look that up. He was fond of his name and wish that he had a son he could grant that name to him. I giggled. He went around from town to town. Helping grieving Widows and children deal with the lost of their loved one during the Civil War. In today's world we would call that a psychic.
Ben Affleck is best friends with Matt Damon and I found it heartwarming they found out they were 10th Cousins, 1 once removed. 

I was more interested in his Revolutionary War Patriot Jesse Stanley!  
 Jesse Stanley was from Goshen, Connecticut. This made me want to know more personal things about my own Patriot, My 5th Great Grandfather Nicolaus Barrick (1761-1844),from Pa

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Great Episode! I enjoyed immensely.
Please watch the Episode at your convenience. I left so many things out for you all not to get to bored with my "Storytelling". Ben Jealous's Ancestors had so many footprints here in this Country you will definitely have to watch to get the whole picture. I could go on and on about his Roots!
 See Ya Next Week, as we Talk Food! 

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