Genea-Musings: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- What Did You Collect as a Youth?

My Genealogy Friend Randy Seaver! over at Genea-Musings! Just like the Title of his Blog he is so Amusing! Smart as a Whip! and has Great Blog Pieces. He asked the Question, What did you Collect as a Youth? I had to return "The Call"......

Here's some of my quirks of Collecting when I was a "Youth"! This is for you Randy! Thanks for sharing your Collections! 

I Collected:

  •  Cartoon Clippings. My favorite was Love Is......
  •  Cartoon Clippings. 2nd one was Family Circus.
  •  NoTe's. From school chums, I passed a lot of NoTe's in school and kept them in a shoebox. Today I still do that all over my house. I have NoTe's everywhere, very so, I named my Blog "NoTe's To MySeLf".  Jeffrey was so Naughty, I always thought he should of got a Spanking for all of his Antics.  He had a Good Mother! (*giggling*) The LOVE is.....I was always having a "Romantic" moment somewhere in my head with these. I'm glad I got to break them out and commiserate on them, through Randy.
These are just a few. I have them put away for a "Rainy Day".

My True Roots
Love Is....

Family Circus

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Randy reminded me of what I use to do on a Saturday night when I couldn't go out because I used up my Friday night instead. I wasn't allowed to do both days. Sundays were reserved for Church and Sunday Dinner. So sitting home with no Siblings. This is a few of would what end of up as many Collections as I got Older.

Many Thanks to Randy Seaver

Best Regards, True! from NoTe's To MySeLf,  of "My True Roots".

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