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My True Roots

My True Roots
My True Roots

My True Roots Wax & Seal

Note to Myself:  Add the History on the Importance of Wax & Seal in Earlier Centuries. 

Amelia Evans

Amelia Evans 

February 25th, 1869 -  March 30th, 1939.

She was my Great Grandmother

My True Roots
Amelia Evans Sweigard

Her Mother was Lavinia Kompf (variations)

Her Father was John C. Evans

She was the Wife of Ephraim Sweigard.

Genealogical Sketch

Ephraim Sweigard

Ephraim L. Sweigard 

 September 27th, 1861 - December 6th, 1931.

He was my Great Grandfather.

His Mother was Anna Cassel

His Father was Andrew Sweigard

You can see where my Grandfather Harry Clayton Sweigard was the Informant. He was Ephraim's Son. 

He is buried at our Family Plot at Shoops Church Cemetery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Genealogical Sketch

DNA Comparisons. What's Going On?

What's Going On? 

That is the Question everyday when I take a peek at my Genetic DNA Results.

What am I learning? 

I'm not gonna go into detail on my knowledge.  The photos are for me to compare over the years on what my Profiles on my Ethnicity's look like from all of the Top 3 Companies plus DNA Land

So here is what My True Roots looks like on the Inside.

Thanks to Terri O'Connell of Finding Our Ancestors. We finally met at Rootstech 2016. Highly Respected by My True Roots. She is putting me up to the Challenge on getting a overall look at our Findings on this DNA Journey on where we tested. 

 NEW African (beta) @ Ancestry
OLD African results @ Ancestry 

NEW European Results @ Ancestry
OLD European Results @ Ancestry.

Family Tree DNA


DNA.Land Results

DNA.LAND as of April 8th, 2016. 

Next Post I'll have some Analysis and let you know what I'm keeping my Eye on and what I think about a few things. I'm not a Expert on DNA. I just got started a few years ago. So this will be continual. 

I am U5b1c2 Maternally.

 I am E1b1a7a Paternally.

I needed to start blogging on my results. So I Thank Terri for that! 

I manage Me and Both My Parents and a few other Immediate Family Members. 

Leave me a Note and let me know how your coming along with your DNA Journey. 

What's Going On?

We Are the World

Note to Myself:  True always keep in mind these are just "Estimates". Don't get so worked up about it. 

Essie B Lewis Bishop

My True Roots
Essie Bea LEWIS Bishop

Essie Bea Lewis was my Great Aunt. 

Born 1923 in Alabama.

She married Joseph Bishop on October 27, 1940.

They had 8 Children. 

She died on February 6th, 2016.

She was 93.

She is the 10th Child of 11. 

There is only 1 child left of the 11. Her Sister Sarah, 100 years old

Her Parents: 

James E. Lewis. His Story 

The former Ms. Eddie Lee Ivery.

She is the Granddaughter of Ike Ivery and   Mary Haynes Story "WomenFolk". 

She is Listed on the 1930 and 1940's Census for Alabama.

Year 1940: Census Place: Midway, Bullock, Alabama;Roll: T627_6; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 6-3. 

My True Roots
Aunt Essie's Obit in The Times 2-14-2016.

Genealogical Sketch

Rest in Peace Aunt Essie.  Your Niece.

Rootstech 2016 ● Oral History Recording.

Personal Oral History Interview 

at Rootstech 2016

Provided by Family Search Recording Booth. 

My True Roots - True!

With Love, from the bottom of my Heart

my true roots
My Personal Flash Drive from Family Search

Family Heirloom ● Tiny Tea Cup.

Tiny Tea Cup

my true roots
Tea Set in Curio

Bottom of Saucer

Did you notice the red insignia writing? 

"Made in Occupied Japan"

It was stamped the same on the tea cup as well.

I wonder did Daddy get this serving in WW2 for Mom?

It was never explained where it came from. It was one of Mom's showcased pieces she kept ever since I can remember. 

This is my all time favorite. I actually snuck and played with this set. My Doll babies and stuffed animals were always my guests.

There were two. Mom kept them in a back room with built in shelving, where the encyclopedias were kept. 

As a little girl. I was fascinated with tea cups. My obsession has turned into a hobby now. 

I have made this a Heirloom.

What is different now, I purchased Pudding, my Granddaughter her very own. We've had a few tea parties. I taught her Etiquette. She asked many questions. Do you hold your pinkie out while sipping tea?  Is this how you stir your cream? 

Of course; I giggled.  I had two boys who weren't interested in Tea Parties. They would rather play with cars and swords. So it's nice to have a new start with a little girl who amuses her Grandma. Thanks Pudding!

Her favorite part was washing her set and storing it away for another day.  I can't remember what happened to my own plastic tea set. I'm sure I out grew it and somewhere a long time it was pitched. 

my true roots

My Love for Tea Cups
 on Pinterest

This is a relaxing way for me to dream a little and have as many tea cups as I want. I PIN for quiet time. 
It's my private time for winding down for the night. So I hope you are able to go to my Little Collection that I so love to PIN and Enjoy.   

my true roots

Pudding's Tea Set Basket 

Do you have a love for Tea Cups?

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Rootstech Swag 2016

My Rootstech Swag, 2016.

my true roots
My Rootstech Conference Handbook Schedule

my true roots
My True Roots - Rootstech Swag, 2016.

My Personalized Signed Copy
of Finding Samuel Lowe
by Author Paula Williams Madison

my true roots

Meeting Paula was a Highlight

my true roots
Find My Past 

my true roots
Cherished Gift from LowCountry Africana, Toni! 

This was a Gift I will Treasure. 

If you see me wearing this, you will know WHY. Thank You, Sister Toni for this NEW Heirloom.  For years I knew of her. Now I KNOW her. Her Spirit online is nothing compared to being surrounded by her essence in Life. 

I am truly humbled. 

my true roots
Dear Myrtle & The Heart Doctor

I got the little practice heart sewing design from Pat's Rootstech After Party. I was invited to her Home. I saw this, and asked if I could keep it. I think it's the cutest.
I'll always have a Piece of Dear Myrtle / Pat!  here with me at Home!

My Mask is from a Keynote Presentation. We were asked to put this Mask on. Bruce explained to us that we are the HEART ❤︎ Doctors for our Family's History.

We keep our Family Alive! I'm a Honorary Doctor for my Family History.

That will always remain in my Heart. This is what I do, for my Family! 

my true roots
Rootstech Goodies, 2016. 

My Alabama Genealogical Society Member Pin along with my Geneabloggers Pin!
You can see my Lanyard. My Ancestor Cloud tee. My flash drive where I recorded a video in the Family Search Booth.
I will cherish these Memories for years to come.

My True Roots was there. 
If you see anything your curious about. Let me know! 

What was your Favorite Rootstech Swag of 2016?