Miles-Daniel 2015 Family Reunion & The Union Springs Herald

Daniel - Miles Family Reunion in Stamford, Connecticut. 2015. 

The Union Springs Herald is in Bullock County, Alabama. 
The Land from Whence my Ancestors the Miles-Daniel Family started their Roots. It was quite befitting for us to be in the local newspaper for the 1st time. 

We Are

Descendants of Queen and her brother Isaiah Daniels and Husband Sam Miles.

more about Queen & Sam Miles Children
Thank You! to Johnny Adams, Editor and the Staff of the Union Springs Herald for an exceptional mention in the Newspaper of our Roots. 

Ike Ivery & Legacy Family Tree

Thank You! to Marian Pierre-Louis of Fieldstone Historic Research 

For featuring the Ike Ivery Family in a recent Blog Piece she did for Legacy Family Tree News. Posted in the bottom Link is where you can READ!

What is your Family Reunion LIKE?

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I can help make some suggestions as to HOW the IVERY Family is Successful at Family Reunions

Or just let me know 
"What does your Family Reunion Look Like"?

Thank You! to Marian and Legacy Family Tree News from the Ivery's! 

A Quote for the Remembered and Released Slaves

For all the Slaves

of the 

Slave Name Roll Project

Created by: Schalene of "Tangled Roots and Trees"

"It's Honorable to do...You're RELEASING their Names and their Souls for their Descendants to find them one day. 

Every time this happens, they are REJOICING! 

They have been in a book or  what have you for so long". 

a ™ Quote from
True A. Lewis