Daughters of the American Revolution - 127th Continental Congress 2018

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Greetings  -!

I wanted to share with you all how being a 1st timer at Continental Congress in 2018 for the Daughters of the American Revolution Annual Session was for me personally.

Usually I reserve my Blog for my Ancestors but today, I wanted to share my Personal Diary Entry about what happened. Preserve it - Share and Treasure this Moment. 

Every now and then I have to post a Note to Myself and this is a moment I'm rendering to Myself privately, for you all to read. 

I attended Continental Congress 2018 in Washington DC, 1776 D Street for my Patriot Nicholas Barrick.  I carried the strength and love of my whole family's Ancestors to Continental Congress as a African American woman.  For Chapter and For State. 
 I was representing my whole being, the Womenfolk in my Family who had no Voice, from my Granddaddy Ike Ivery who was Enslaved. All the way to my Patriot. I was their Grand baby and I was there for ALL of them. 

Honored - Highly Favored as a child of God & Blessed to have met President General Ann Dillon and the 42nd Past President General Merry Ann Wright (2010 - 2013)  who was pioneering on recognizing the Women of Color in DAR for their Service was a HONOR. 

As you all have come to know me. I have been Blessed from the Womb. These are Moments that I want to share with you. 


Thursday morning at 6 am I flew from Louisville  "Luhvul" Kentucky to DC.  My Day started with meet and greets from Daughters all over the World. 

True Lewis

Just arriving by uber at DAR Headquarters and driving up on it was an amazing view. My heart was pounding so fast. All the times over the course of my Life visiting DC and I don't ever remember looking at that Building in the Light that I did. I never thought I'd be a Daughter, it didn't seem possible and it was not on my radar. 

But there I was.....I was a Daughter of the American Revolution coming Home.  

True Lewis

As soon as I get to Constitution Hall. I made a beeline straight for the bathroom to take a deep breath and gather my wits.  As I entered, Karen Batchelor the 1st African American Woman Inducted into DAR was there in the mirror. We hugged and I was just in wonderment. Of all the people I see on my arrival it was Karen. How comforting and divine. 

She gave me a personal tour of Constitution Hall right before she left to go to the NMAAHC. Can you believe of all the people I run into as I arrive it's Karen!?  I knew then everything was going to be alright. She showed me where to pick up my Pre Registration - the Library - elevators and all. 

I also got to meet Mr. Larry! He knew right away I was a First-Timer! He is the Head of Security for Constitution Hall. He even granted me his own Special Pin. They are equivalent to when a Soldier gets a Coin in the Army to me. 

That just goes to show you nothing goes on in Constitution Hall without Mr. Larry knowing about it! Such a Gentleman. 

I hope he knows I felt safe and secure with him walking all around the premises. We Thank You Mr. Larry for your Service watching all the Daughters and Guests and our Home. 

True Lewis

True Lewis
Me and Mr. Aaron at Congress. He is so Appreciated! 

I got to meet Mr. Aaron and tell him how much I appreciate all he does at American Spirit Magazine . He is always so helpful and patient with kindness when I call.  

Pennsylvania Luncheon was held at the Hyatt and our State Regent Cynthia Sweeney did Introductions and Opening Remarks.

 Pennsylvania  "Embraces the Opportunity - To Serve God - Home - & Country". 

Our State gave out numerous Awards - Scholarships - Good Citizens - Our Juniors and DAR Service for Veterans.  National Winner was SSG Earl Granville for Outstanding Veteran Volunteer sponsored by Scranton City Chapter. That was the highlight. His story is Incredible and all that he does for Veterans. 

The room was warm and wonderful with plenty of attention to details. The centerpieces even had meaning with the Poppy - Cornflower Blue and Daisy. Thanks Mrs. Teti. 

Our State Regent had previous Commemorative WW1 Pins and I purchased one for me and Mom. Mom keeps asking me how was she? How was she? Mom, she was with Grace and the Grandest Lady you'll know. Mom wanted to hear every detail. We came in DAR under State Regent Cyndy Sweeney. 

At our Table where 3 poppies saved inside a glass. They were great keepsakes as well. 

True Lewis

Thursday was also Education Awards Night. Citizen of the Year for 2018 - Essay Contest Winners - Outstanding Teacher of American History. Junior Member Contest - 

I also got to get to view the beautifully restored Constitution Hall Stage. I picked up my Lap Blanket. It was for making a donation to Support our Winter Campaign President Generals Project. We all got the Opportunity to sign a piece of cloth to make 3 Quilts that were displayed in the Pennsylvania Foyer. For our Donation we were gifted Lap Blankets of replicas of the quilt displays. It was all to represent our Commitment to Historic Preservation.  

Everyday is started off with the Pledge of Allegiance - The American's Creed - & Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America. 

We sing the Star-Spangled Banner everyday with our hands across our Hearts. 

Our Patriotism was on full Display all week. 

It ends with the retiring of the Colors. 

- Friday - 

Friday Morning me and Cousin Shelley got off to a early start with Breakfast. We roamed the halls and went to Morning Business Session to get Instructions for Voting.  We were both Delegates for our States and Chapter. 

True Lewis

This Day was so dear to my heart and soul, being with Shelley Murphy, and other Daughters  Celebrating the lives of The Forgotten Patriots who are no longer Forgotten. Shelley has really taken me under her wing and has showed so much love and understanding and a whole lot of patience with my nervousness getting me settled in for Congress. Shelley has been instrumental on showing me the proper way to be a Daughter and how to get myself involved in giving back to this Country in Service with the Daughters. She's been such the Mentor.  She showed so much love and was so giving. There was no better way to do Congress for my 1st time without Shelley the whole week. We made another special moment in time for the ages. I know as long as I'm a Daughter my thank you's will not be enough.  Thank You Shelley for everything! 

Service to America Night

Did you know as of 28 July DAR members have Volunteered over 100,908 hours of Service to America?  

True Lewis

- Saturday -

I attended Saturday Business Meeting. Introduction of Special Presentations were made Preserving our Past:  DAR Museum, Americana Collection and the NSDAR Archives.  I was all about getting last minute shopping in and spending some time with my Sisters and meeting so many more.  It's unbelievable how much of a connection I made with so many across the Country. Sisters helping Sisters, sharing and caring for one another. Getting business taken care in Service to America. 

Saturday was also National Defense Night.

This is where DAR comes in for me. I am now a Veteran and I can continue my Service to America in that capacity as a DAR Member. That night is gonna be special to me for the rest of my Membership.  I was so Proud to see all the Awarded on Constitution Hall Stage. It was so rewarding seeing them get recognized for their Service. It was truly Humbling. I got to hang out with a few Texas Daughters that night.  

True Lewis

Following Continental Congress this year, four new benches honored our female Veterans. They will be added to the Daughters Tribute Memorial Garden. Donated by Washington State Daughters, the benches are symbols of comfort, rest and contemplation and were dedicated in a small ceremony on Tuesday, June 19. I thank them for that.  The words “Honoring and Remember Women Who Serve” were chosen to represent not only women veterans, but all women who serve others, including police, firefighters, EMTs and caregivers.

As we "Move Forward" in Service with Patriotism 

The Kansas Chapel has been a place of tranquility since 1962. The recent renovations have allowed this space to become easily accessible and preserve the beauty of the chapel located near the Registrar General’s office. Please stop in and see the all the glorious light come in through the panes. 

 Members of the Corridor Hostesses Committee are the ladies who wear white gloves while holding the ropes during daily processionals of the National Officers, prior to business and evening sessions. The purpose is to establish a corridor for the procession, from the Guest Hospitality area outside the President General’s Reception Room to the center orchestra doors at the back of the auditorium. 

 Me and Shelley got to hold the Ropes on a few occasions during Congress. Every Daughter keeps her white gloves on her person at all times. 
True Lewis
.True's white gloves. 

Insignia Reminder: The DAR official Insignia and ribbon is to be worn over the left breast and only by active members. 

True Lewis


Our Sacred Hour 

The Memorial Service following a Tribute to the Founders and Wreath Laying. 

True Lewis
Daughters of the American Revolution Founders Monument, C Street.

June 16, 2017- June 15, 2018

Mrs. Ann Turner Dillon
President General

Mrs. Pamela Rouse Wright
Chaplain General

"But as for me, I know that my Redeemer Lives, and he will stand upon the earth at last. And after my body has decayed, yet in my body I will see God"!

Job 19: 25- 26 

Video of the Full Order of Service

When the State of Pennsylvania is called, We the State Delegation RISE for Pa Daughters during the Tribute to Deceased Members.

3,483 Daughters have gone to Glory.

126 from Pennsylvania.

It was a very somber and humbling Ceremony. The Pages placed a flower on the Dedication Wreath for each State that was called during the Call to Remember. We had a Beautiful Program to go with Sundays Itinerary. The Roll Call of States. State Delegations are invited to Stand when the States are called.  The Chiming of the Hour along with the Lighting of the candles of Remembrance.  The Scriptures were gracefully spoken.  

Ms. Lindsey Grebeldinger had me on the verge of tears a few times.  

Panis Angelicus - Ava Maria - Wind beneath my Wings - The Rose - Amazing Grace - The Blessing - Clair de Lune -Nearer to God to Thee - and the Lord's Prayer. 

The Medley of Spirituals / Postlude played by Denise Bullock touched me the most.  What a way to end Congress to pray, sing and pay tribute to the ones gone ahead of us and to renew our Spirit as we go back to our State and our Chapters to do the work we are so committed on doing. 

Immediately following this Ceremony we went back into the Auditorium in Constitution Hall and had our Installation Ceremony. Followed by Adjournment. 


At the above link you can read daily happenings while at Congress.

True Lewis
Forever Memory of my 1st Continental Congress in 2018 

There was so much more to tell and I tried to squeeze it all in one post. Normally I would of broke this up by daily or two days a piece.  

If you have any Questions about DAR please email me and let me see how I can be of assistance.  

DAR is a Treasure to me after my being a Service Member and Veteran, a Army Wife to a Soldier of 20 years. A father who served for 28 years in the Marine Corps and Vietnam and a Grandfather who was a Colored Troop in Normandy during WW2,  and a Son my first born who has done 3 Tours of Duty in 10 years. 

This is the least of things I can do to honor so many who have sacrificed, is to be able to be of Service through this Lineage Organization

As a Woman of Color. I want to reach out to other Women of Color who may be contemplating. These DAR Woman are of all Shades and from every inch of the World with many Nationalities and Diversity, they are waiting on YOU. 

There is room at the Table for you.....

You are TodaysDAR! 
Come join us and Honor your Patriot whether they are Man or Woman and claim your Birthright. Come join us. 

More information about Daughters of the American Revolution  

Continental Congress DAR
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Best Regards,

Your Sister in DAR from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

True Lewis 

Dedicated to my Granddaughters

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