Finding Your Roots!

"The Melting Pot"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 5
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Tom Collichio * Aaron Sanchez * Ming Tsai

Dr. Gates researches these Celebrity Chefs 

1. They cook the food of their Ancestors.
2. Discover how it shaped their Lives and American Cuisine. 

Tom Collichio
His artistry is Italian cuisine! You've seen him on Top Chef, has several restaurants. Out of all the explanatory recipes he does it still always comes back to the simplicity of being centered around family and simple recipes he grew up eating and preparing.

 His Ancestor Francesco Collichio came to this country at 20 years old with 27.00 in his pocket through Ellis Island. What was good in Dr. Gates findings is that he kept going back and forth on that long trip to Italy in Vallata to make money in the United States, go back to provide for his family there and return back to the United States for work. He did this 4 times until he was 69. His final trip, that is how his family settled here. Historians call them the "Birds of Passage". A tender term meaning lonely and hard experience. He fought in World War 1, survived World War 2, had a family through all this History and made it back to the States for a final time. I like when Dr. Gates asked him what would you cook for this Ancestor? He said anything they were having on upper deck! He traveled by steerage. So, yes. I agree. He should be given a meal of Upper Class with fine dining after all he went through.  Tom is ready to visit Vallata so he can come back with the customs and traditions to bring even more flavor for his dishes.

 Ming Tsai
His cuisine is Chinese! His show is Simply Ming. Creating and preparing Chinese dishes with flair.

 His earliest Ancestor was Tsai Ying his 36th Great Grandfather they found what they call "Steles" with his whole family tree on it. Survival of the stele. I don't know how that happens? They had pictures. 891 AD is how far back they can go in time with the Stele. That was a WoW moment. Huang Di is a Emperor who he descends from. Very rare family history. The Chinese kept some impressive records. Tsai is already trying to imagine the foods they ate back then to do now. That would be Great!

Aaron Sanchez! 
His flavors are Mexican! He cooks out of Respect for his Ancestors. His story is centered around his Mother Zarela. 

 A ranch 2,000 miles away in a town called Sonoro in Mexico. 1910 his Great Great Grandfather Rafael Gabilondo had to flee the Country that was in a Revolution. He lost all his cattle. 4 years later, He made a plea to the U.S. Goverment Treasury Department to go back after all the turmoil in the country to reclaim his land and bring his cattle back. He was granted permission. His earlier roots didn't really start in Mexico, it was Spain! March 31, 1713 he was born. His 6th Great Grandfather. Martin Gabilondo.  He was escaping war as well as his earlier Grandfather that is how he got to Mexico to start the family roots.  Dr. Gates tells him he can do his "Roots" in Bilbao. 
Dr. Gates made me giggle when he said all the Guests combined foods were the "Holy Trinity" of Food.
I was also very surprised they lost their family history along the way. Just surprised! It always amazes me the LOOK on their faces when they find out where they come from.

Before I Introduce you to my Friend. 

I have to say "Soul Food" is in my Blood. I have all kinds of ethnicity's. At any given time they come out! ( My German & Irish)! Soul Food is at the heart of, Who I am. That is what I was fed on as Child in the lap of my Mom. Grits and eggs fed by fingers.
 Her Mother Queen born 1888. Her Mother Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jordan born 1843. Her unknown Mother from her Mother back to her Mother. All the way back to Africa. My Women have been in the kitchen cooking for someone else and our families. 
I Salute Them.

These are the Women I come from. The Women who shaped and passed it down for Generations. They are in my Kitchen and at my Table every week.
 I cook like them. I bend over my bowl, my counter, and my stove like them. I can feel them in every little sprinkle and dash. All the while I reminiscence on the Old Ways, remembering. Remembering what my Momma use to do. 
 Tradition lives on in ME. I'm charged with carrying these food traditions on to the next..........
Michael Twitty who I call my Friend.  I had the pleasure of interviewing with my Fellow Bloggers of AAGSAR on BlogTalkRadio! Interview with Michael Twitty

A Food Writer, & Independent Scholar! He's a Culinary Historian, a Historical Interpreter. He blends information with being a Antebellum Chef and what they call, Identity Cooking. He is Jewish as well. A Judaic studies Teacher. 
To preserve his work and save information for the future, he calls it "Culinary Justice". 

 His Spirit is Deep in my Soul. 
His Story and his knowledge about how Food for the Soul are a integral part of History.The way he blends History and Food and make them come together, is Magnificent! If you don't know him by now, you need to. 
He is an integral part of Genealogy. His Foods, his Travels and Life experiences along with his wealth of Knowledge on History are intertwined, they tell All Our Stories. Michael's display of the foods he creates tell a story as well. He makes our Ancestors relevant with their rich history on food. 

"Teacakes for Tosh"

 written by Kelly Starling Lyons is a Great book to teach young children the way of passing food traditions on. That is not lost in the African American family. We pass recipes on to the next generation with Oral History stories to remind them what came before, so it continues for future generations. My Mother passed her family history recipes on to me and my Sister Bettye, nothing was written down. Favorite foods were  always cooked out of Love from watching and practicing over the years. 

What is your favorite recipe or food that was passed on in your family? 

Michael Twitty of Afroculinaria!
Go to Michael's Website for All things Food and History

Also see Michael Twitty on Episodes of "Many Rivers to Cross""


Also on Twitter @KosherSoul for Tweets about his Foods and Journey's.
Listening & Learning from Michael's written word has brought True meaning and a Revival of sorts to All nationalities. He is Preserving History and not letting us Forget as we often do. The Ancestors are guiding him. I know they are Proud of him for not letting this get Lost. 

My Beloved, Michael. Thank You!, for allowing me to express my Gratitude and Love for your work and for all Communities!

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Are you Hungry now?

Go grab a plate, a drink and enjoy the Episode.
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PBS Finding Your Roots ~ Melting Pot

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Finding Your Roots! Roots of Freedom

"Roots of Freedom"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 4
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Ben Affleck ~ Kandi Alexander ~ Ben Jealous

Another Great week! "The Fight for Freedom"!

Dr. Gates shows how all  3 Guests Lives are defined by 2 Wars. 

1. The Revolutionary War & the Civil War.

2. How did their Ancestors stories get Lost in their Family?

Ben Jealous

Proud Member of the NAACP; I am. Dr. Gates shows how exactly how Ben's family's history got Lost? Why so much of his Ancestry, his Life work and as a Person why he is who  he is Today? It's all there in his Family History. In my opinion. Through DNA testing he found out he was 80% Euro & 18%SSA. His are way higher than mine. Im 51Euro and 47SSA.

Ben's Grandfather who was the Eldest got disinherited for marrying a Black Woman. So that side of his Father's family was out of their lives.
Peter G. Morgan was Ben's 3rd Great Grandfather that is who he knew about and mirrored his Life after. He was their Frederick Douglass for his Family. The Civil Rights Icon in my Family is My Cousin Aaron Sellers.  I found it so Amazing the resemblance of Mr. Morgan to Ben......

Mr. Morgan actually had "Manumission" Papers. He was a able to be deeded Free on July 7th, 1857 Those documents are hard to come by. He was a Shoemaker. He had saved enough money to BUY his Freedom! I was so overwhelmed when Ben and Dr. Gates discussed: for every "Pound" he pounded those nails whether it was 20 or 2,000 or how many shoes did he have to make? That was a moment in time when all Mr. Morgan could think, I'm that much Closer to Freedom! Even tho' he Paid his Freedom it could still be taking away from you at any time!
1860 census comes! Most Negroes are still enslaved. Mr. Morgan was a Slave owner! The Glorious moment was his 4 Slaves were FAMILY! a Wife and 3 Daughters! 
Can you IMAGINE!? 
You have to OWN your Family in order for their Safety in a ironic way it was out of LOVE as well. For them to be Safe in what way that means for the Time of Slavery?

Ben is imagining his own family, his own Children. Trying to view and put himself in his Ancestor, his Great Grandfather's shoes and Life.  and he begins to cry......We can only imagine? Can you Imagine in our mind right now to keep your Wife and children as Slaves to keep them from harm? What would we do? At what costs to save our family the best way we could, with what we had?
Dr. Gates says; he was caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

The year of 1864 he signs a Letter of Emancipation for his Family. In which he wrote: 

"I, Peter G. Morgan, A Free Man of Color, for and in, consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear for my wife,Julia Anne Morgan and our children...I do here by manumit, emancipate and forever set them free from bondage to me or to anyone else, my said slaves, and I do furthermore endow with them all the privileges and amenities of free persons of color".

Dr. Gates and Ben commiserate about Would we have the Guts and Conviction to throw caution to the Wind or to Stand up and Do this for our Family who are Slaves?
I wonder too if I would be Strong enough to do this? I would only Hope and Pray I would. To be that Strong. These are the things my Ancestors, my Granddaddy Ike Ivery had to endure. There is Oral History told to his children. One Day the Slave owner wanted to hit Granddaddy Ike's Sister and he told that Man don't you ever hit her again or I'll kill you! They say that Slave owner never did hit her again or do anything foolish to Granddaddy Ike, and he was a boy child at the time. I've seen these instances in newspapers and documents, court transcripts were they could Stand Tall or Be Killed. 
I Honor my Ancestors for all they had to Endure. For all the humiliting and bent back obstacle they went through. I'm Overjoyed for all they Overcame. For my Freedom today......
Ben's Grandfather like so many other Persons of Color during Slavery have so much to be Proud of. We are a Strong People! Thank you to Ben's 3rd Great Granddaddy Peter G. Morgan!

Thank You Grandaddy Ike Ivery!

Kandi Alexander

 Her Grandfather, Joshua Pinckney Masters born in 1910 Georgia had a interesting event. He was in a position only considered available to white men only. He was a Distiller at a plant for Rosin. What my Dad would call turpentine. It was the removal of the sap from pine trees. I won't look at a Pine tree the same. 
They are all over Georgia and Alabama, I saw them on my recent trip down home.
He was killed in a explosion that was done on purpose out of jealousy. The white men didn't think a Black should be the boss of them. So they set the vent up for explosion. He was just 25 years old. Kandi reminisced on the what the potential for his life could of been had he lived. 

Florida Resin Distillery 

So her Grandmother moved on with her children. The story died never to be told until tonight by Dr. Gates on what really happened? 
I see this happen in my own personal research when tragic things happen, everyone is hush-hush about it. So we lose that part of our history. That branch is lost forever until someone in the family like me who has a love for genealogy, picks it up, starts putting history to the faces and names we know and find. 
I have a Uncle Aberdeen Walker Miles. He ran away from Union Springs, Alabama, being accused of murder, he was never to be found. His brother Roy Walker Miles was electrocuted in May of 1929 for the offense. I often wonder if they are relatives in my DNA that they don't know their Ancestor changed his name, started a new life and they are the product of that. We don't know why we are connected? They haven't been told the story on him or simply don't know. 

Kandi's DNA showed she was 73%SSA and 24%Euro. She was Nigerian with Igbo. She didn't consider herself African American. She always grew up with a sense of "I'm Black" a Black Woman! She was just that, and proud of it! Most of us or people try to categorize us. She never felt to be put in any box. She said, she didn't feel any connection with the Motherland. 
After DNA she said she felt the connection now of belonging to something other than her Self! That was commending to me.  She considered the research Dr. Gates did for her was Affirming and Grounding. I had a sense in the beginning she wasn't interested. Knowing her roots didn't seem to bother her. She didn't really know her family history. Afterwards; I was glad she showed appreciation for the facts and the work. Knowing where one comes from is a MUST. I don't know how you navigate in Life not knowing?

Ben Affleck

Ben had many stories on his Mother Christopher Ann Boldt. Dr. Gates found his Grandfather Almon Bruce French, who was a Spiritualist. I had to look that up. He was fond of his name and wish that he had a son he could grant that name to him. I giggled. He went around from town to town. Helping grieving Widows and children deal with the lost of their loved one during the Civil War. In today's world we would call that a psychic.
Ben Affleck is best friends with Matt Damon and I found it heartwarming they found out they were 10th Cousins, 1 once removed. 

I was more interested in his Revolutionary War Patriot Jesse Stanley!  
 Jesse Stanley was from Goshen, Connecticut. This made me want to know more personal things about my own Patriot, My 5th Great Grandfather Nicolaus Barrick (1761-1844),from Pa

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Great Episode! I enjoyed immensely.
Please watch the Episode at your convenience. I left so many things out for you all not to get to bored with my "Storytelling". Ben Jealous's Ancestors had so many footprints here in this Country you will definitely have to watch to get the whole picture. I could go on and on about his Roots!
 See Ya Next Week, as we Talk Food! 

Best Regards, True!

Connect. Explore. Refresh. 2015 FGS.

Prompt  #1

 Connect. Explore. Refresh.

~ Hello Everyone ~
 From your 2015 FGS Ambassador

Myself; True and my Fellow Ambassadors are Excited and Proud to keep you Connected. To Explore all the possibilities attending FGS. To Refresh your Minds and Work as you go back home to do the Real Work we all do and love, Genealogy. That is the Theme for 2015 FGS Conference. 

I can't wait to "Connect" to like minded folks in Genealogy. All those we meet online, at genealogy conferences meetings, in different social media groups, FGS gives you a chance to Connect with one another in person. I am getting my feet wet for my 1st FGS conference in 2016. I appreciate the opportunity for 2015.  This will be a great lead in for me to learn and Connect. See the faces with the names. I'll have experience and will be ready to hit the ground running! 

Explore! All the Speakers as they present!, all the possibilities of learning more research tips, skills, vendors, latest software. All kinds of research Goodies! Also how the volunteers will help you Explore and assist you getting around at FGS Conference in The Expo Hall! Having both FGS Conference and RootsTech all in 1 roof for the very 1st time! Take a Look around at the above links to familiarize "What's Going On"? at the Conference, and hope you Join FGS2015!
 What excitement! 

The meaning of Refresh to me for 2015 FGS Conference will be about Refreshing your mind above all else! Your research, refresh your goals as you take back home all that was felt and seen. What you learned along the few days? We all need this boost of feeling Refreshed once again to start anew and continue on our work and business of Genealogy.
Welcome to 2015 FGS!
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Finding Your Roots! Gifted Storytellers

"Gifted Storytellers"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 3

 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Anderson Cooper ~ Anna Deavere Smith ~ Ken Burns

What a Episode! Has to be my personal favorite so far! 
I'm tempted to do all 3 guests. 
I'll start with Anderson Cooper! What  a Story!   

We all know Anderson from CNN who is a Investigative reporter and Anchor. What a job to have when you actually do Genealogy work. They seem to go hand in hand. This would be perfect for him. I was quite surprised about him not knowing too much on  his family history more? He has been Globe trotting around the World and he didn't think to much about his own family history?
His Mother Gloria Vanderbilt. Well, we all have at one time or another had our Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in our life. My obsession starting with the jeans in the 80's. If you didn't have GV Jeans or a pair of Jordache something was wrong with you.

I was also quite shocked to learn that Anderson had 'Bama roots. I have always associated him with Mississippi.

So that is what sparked my interest in him, his 'Bama roots and Ms. Gloria.
It all started for Anderson is when he saw, and felt loss. Over his  father's heart attack, then his brother dying over suicide.
He wanted to go somewhere. He ended up going overseas. To be able to deal with loss and survival to understand it from where people were suffering which helped him understand his own grief.
Anderson's family was all over the south, Mississippi, Georgia and the one I found most interesting was in Alabama.
A Mr. Burwell Boykin.......
He had 12 slaves in Choctaw County, Alabama in 1850. 3 hours East of my Ancestral home of Bullock County, Alabama.  He owned 12 Slaves.

Upon Anderson learning, he says it's so depressing. It is a nightmare to me. 
Dr. Gates asks him what did he think his relation to his Slaves are like? 
Anderson: "I shudder to think" was his response. 
Dr. Gates tells Anderson his relative was killed by a Slave with a farm hoe!
I 'bout fell off my stool.
Anderson didn't want to offend his family. I'm glad he thought like most African Americans. He questioned what about the rebellious slave and his family? I'm more worried what happened to him he says.
Believe me, I think the Slave got his revenge for whatever reason. Wonder what the Courthouse Records say or the local newspaper at the time?
 The Song comes to mind for me... and Before I die a Slave, I'll be buried in my Grave!
 Sending you to trial without a hearing and numerous things that are unaccounted for in records that they did to us, to let us know their Property wasn't worth a lick every time they got a chance even for just no reason or rhyme. May his Soul rest.

Choctaw County Courthouse

I was also impressed that Anderson wanted to know the name of the Slave and the 11 other's with No Names. 
Dr. Gates asked him if there was anybody who could come and sit and talk with him who would it be?
Anderson said: His Dad. 
He wanted to ask him what he thought of himself (Anderson) and all that is going on now in the World? 

I'd be asking my Daddie too if he was here. We talked several times a day and nightly. It was a ritual to talk about history and the events of the day. I miss those calls dearly. 

Anna Deavere Smith!

Her story was Amazing! I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Gettysburg was in the backdrop of my Life.
It was always a wind a way. I have been there several times. It's funny how you live right by History and you don't "See" the impact and worthiness of it until it's highlighted and focused on like a program, Finding Your Roots.

Slaves burying the Dead at Gettysburg

Basil Biggs! My man! Who I consider the 1st Black Coroner of Gettysburg. The Colored Undertaker!

Basil Biggs Resting Place 

Sons of Good Will Cemetery / Lincoln Cemetery

Mr. Basil Biggs formed this cemetery due to the fact the Black Troops couldn't be buried at Gettysburg Cemetery because of segregation and also to buy him some farmland. 

Conductor of the Underground Railroad. Helping runaway slaves. 

During my many visits to Gettysburg, I never knew about Basil Biggs. He got paid 1.25 for each exhumed Union Soldier for re burial.  Now; when I think back on the tours I have taken by walk or by car with a cassette tape. I remember the most of the Park Ranger telling us why the "Hallowed Ground" dirt was "Red". It was from all the Blood that was shed. That stood out the most to me.
 One single man, Basil Biggs was responsible for all those lined manicured headstones. He deserves so much more than a footnote in History. My Heart and Thanks goes out to him. Anna Deverere Smith, you got some Granddaddy there! Thanks to Dr. Gates for sharing him with us all. One more reason to be Proud of our Service to this Country while being oppressed.

Go to the link below to find out more about Gettysburg!

Ken Burns!

WoW is all I can say. I'm telling you this Episode really was my favorite! We all are entertained about his love for History, the Documentaries he has displayed over the years at PBS. He was made to do this. 
I watched and it came from his Mother, Lyla Tucker. She died when he was 2. That is where he was shaped for "Storytelling".
He wanted to know the most about his last name of "Burns". I am too. Lewis is my brick wall. I'm always on the hunt for Granddaddy James E. Lewis from Houston County, Ga.
I do find it ironic as well. His career is based on, He "wakes" the Dead, just like us Genealogist / Family Historians Do! 
He had 2 Grandfather's on both sides of The Civil War. 
I loved the fact he had 2 Grandfather's named Abraham. His line: It still hurts, 2 Abraham's to Boot! at that; cracked me up. Which is understandable knowing his obsession with Abraham Lincoln. He does find out President Lincoln is his 5th Cousin 4 times removed! Laughable and pleased at the same time. I know that had meaning for him.

President Abraham Lincoln, 1863.

Another moment when he raised the fact. you have to ACCEPT your family. Its just not something you can't UNDO!
That is the way I think of my Ancestors no matter what walk in Life they took. I accept them. Over time one has to come to that conclusion. I accepted that when I first started doing Genealogy.
My favorite line from Ken Burns which summed the whole episode up was when they said:

"Genealogy "Giveth"! and Genealogy "Taketh" away!

It sure Does. So True! 
Use #FindingYourRoots on Twitter every Tuesday!

Until next time, Best Regards, True!

Full Episode of Finding Your Roots "Storytellers"

Finding Your Roots!

"Born Champions"

Season 2 Premiere September 23, 2014 8pm PBS
Episode 2
 Henry Louis Gates

The Book of Life

Billie J. King ~ Derek Jeter ~ Rebecca Lobo

Derek Jeter:   He was a Pro Baseball Player in the MLB, for the New York Yankees something he wanted to do all his life, sitting at his Grandmother's knees since he was a little boy. He had no doubt what he was suppose to do with his Life. 

The question was raised by Dr. Gates, did all 3 Guests get all this from their Own achievements? Did it have something to do with their Ancestors who came before them? Or was it in the DNA?

Derek considered himself to be Black Irish. He told Dr. Gates sometimes that is unwanted attention brought unto a child back in those days. Much has changed since we were both born. Being of Half African American and German. I felt what he was saying being multi-racial. 

 Derek comes from his 3rd Great Grandfather  Rev. Green Jeter of  Coosa County, Alabama born May, 1844. Wetumpka is 1 hour and 45 minutes south from my Ancestral home of Bullock County, Alabama. Makes me wonder if the Jeter's were ever in any kind of contact with my Ivery's? I can Dream a little. 

Rev. Green Jeter

Rev. Green was the child of a Slave owner. His mother was named Charity.  His father was James W. Jeter from a noted census in 1870 that listed Rev. Green as a mulatto. Meaning he was of mixed race. Through DNA testing of James W. Jeter's descendants it was founded along with Derek testing they were related. James W. Jeter was his 3 Great Grandfather through his Slave and Derek's Grandmother Charity from whom Rev. Green was born to.

Derek's Grandfather Green Jeter was a Minister of the Gospel.

Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church there is a plaque or what we call the Cornerstone of the church is there with his name on it. Church was organized in 1872. Still there today. I couldn't find any photos of the church. I'm not sure if the County lines have changed since the church was built I looked on Google maps in Coosa County and for the Wetumpka area and didn't locate it. I will have to do further research on that. 

Rev. Green was able to Build the church on the Slave owner James W. Jeter's land, the Plantation! For a former Slave; even my former Slave Granddaddy Ike having 110.00 to buy land back then for church business so soon after Slavery is amazing! Derek's Grandfather Rev. Green had 200.00 which is about 4,000 in today's money.

That is where My Story intertwines somewhat with Derek's

Granddaddy Ike Ivery was born in 1853. He was about 10 when Freedom came. At age 17 he was married for the 1st time to Mary Haynes in 1875.  He eventually was married 2 times more.  In the meantime Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist Church was being built in 1875 by Former Slaves in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama, which included my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was a Deacon at the church at that time. This month in October Mt. Coney will be celebrating it's 139th Church Anniversary! My Cousin Dr. Alexander Robbins is the Chairman of the Deacon Board. Someone in my family is always attending our family church or holding office. Alex's Mother, my Aunt Sallie Bea who is 94, served as First Lady and her husband Pastored the church for 61 years, the Rev. I.H. Robbins. 

Mt. Coney Cornerstone
Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist, Founded 1875.
When Dr. Gates asked Derek what he thought about all the findings on his Family? He said:

 That’s unbelievable! That really is. I didn’t know what to expect when I came here? I really didn’t, but to know where the Jeter name came from, that’s Important, Important to know.

This is WHY it's Important to research, learn all you can about your family history!  Your story of Life will be forgotten if you don't learn and record these things. This is the only way our Descendants will remember us by. Start today by talking to the Elders in your family. Then try at your local library or a free trial at

The whole episode was GOOD! 
Billie Jean King and Rebecca Lobo had Great Stories as well.
See you Next Week!

Use #FindingYourRoots on Twitter! every Tuesday.

Best Regards, True!


Watch Full Episode Here