"My 3 Sons"! of Sam & Queen Miles Of Midway Alabama.

These are some NoTe's To MySelf.... about my Uncle's

I wanted them to have a place amongst their Parents and 7 Sister's. Hope you enjoy!

My Uncle Grover Miles!  Was the Oldest Son. Oldest of 10 children born to Sam Miles and Queen Daniel. Born June 15, 1912. Him and Aunt Velma his sister born 1929, share the same birthday. He Married his 1st wife Arluster Williams January 2nd, 1931. They had 7 children.  

When his 1st wife passed. He was introduced and met and married my Daddy sister's.

 Aunt Sarah Cate (Callie) Lewis Glenn on October 31, 1948
Grover Miles and Sarah Lewis Marriage License

They had 2 sons my Double Cousins Roosevelt and Eddie Lee, who are still taking care of their mother at 97. Making a total of 9 children for himself. Roosevelt helps me now with the Oral History from their side. 

We've always been close and he is always a phone call away for my questions. I so appreciate him carrying it for me and taking time. Aunt Sarah has done all she can for me in too many ways, to many times. She always had time to answer my calls and talk a while for Oral History.

 I talk to her from time to time just to hear her voice now. She has Done her work! so now I just want to enjoy what she gave me and the time I get to hear her voice of comfort and sweetness now. I just wish one day she knows how much of a gift she has given me!   

Aunt Sarah picking Collards

Uncle Grover! was something else. His laugh was so infectious! He would make you laugh. He had pretty grey eyes. I loved listening to him talk to my Mom. He seemed to have had to work hard all his life. He was a farmer. Mostly growing corn, peanuts and cotton. 
I'm sure Aunt Sarah had a vegetable garden right beside him. Out of 10 children and him being 1 of 3 sons he had a lot of responsibility helping Poppa Sam with his farm and then building a life and farm for his own family. He was special to me. I guess being the oldest. Mom would make her rounds from Pa when she would go home to Alabama and stay with them. 
Plus Daddy could be with his sister, who was his Wife. She had a lot of siblings as did Daddy so there were many family homes we would stay at to get equal time in for the both of them. When Daddy would get his vacation from New Cumberland Army Depot. They always planned for us to go "Down Home". 
 I always see Uncle Grover in my dreams with his overalls on. He loved us kids and didn't mind us being around. 

This is their Old Homestead and we all would fit up in there too!
Homestead of my Uncle Grover and Aunt Sarah Lewis Miles 

  I would love seeing them waving at us from that sandy driveway. Daddy always drove us there in his 1976 Park Avenue Limited Edition Red Buick. 

Uncle Grover Miles obit 

Uncle Edgar Miles!  born September 13, 1917. Passed away on September 4th, 2001. 
Uncle Edgar "Ed" Miles

It was a time going and getting back when he passed away. 9/11 had happened and his Siblings; Mom and Daddy went to the funeral and they were stuck in so much traffic, but they made it from Pennsylvania to Alabama.
 I last got to spend time with Uncle Ed in 1998 while stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga. I then moved on to Fort Lewis, where I was at when 9-11 happened. My memory of him is; he was quiet to me. I have to find the picture I took of him and my Son, I could see all 3 of my Uncles in him. Eddie has those eyes that change color depending on his mood and what color he is wearing, he has their sandy brown hair. Also Uncle Ed's house is by Poppa Sam's so it was always good to go and look where the Little House that seemed so Big to me as a child stood with no outhouse. We just used a pee pot back by the trees while I was growing up in the 70's. 
 Uncle Ed had one of his sons chop off some sugar cane for me to take back and I had enough to bring to my Mom in Pa. She laughed so. As a child it was sent to me by mail. I loved chewing on the raw stalks.

He was married to Cleo Williams: born November 1, 1919. I got this date from her Marriage License. Her headstone has another birth date. So I choose to go with the Marriage License. She passed away on July 25, 1982.  Her Parents were Mattie Johnson and Charles Williams. 11 Children all together. They married on December 3rd, 1938.  

This is their Marriage License:
Uncle Edgar Miles and Ms. Cleo Williams Marriage License,Union Springs, Ala

Uncle Bobbie Miles and Aunt Ella

Uncle Sam "Bobbie" Miles Jr.! Was the Baby Boy! and the Last Child! January 12, 1935 was when he was born! 24 years of marriage and here comes the little spit fire! He was Grandma Queen's what we would call today for back then: "After Life" baby. He probably was a "Sure Nuff" Surprise! He had a smile so big, as a Surprise! all his Life.
 He passed in Chicago September 26th, 2011. Uncle Bobbie was 1st married to Clara Grooms, her Father was a Minister who married a lot of his siblings and family members, when they got married. She past away young. They had 3 children together.  Then he married my Aunt Ella. Uncle Bobbie worked as a Steel Worker for Valley Mould Steel Corporation.  I was closest to Uncle Bobbie. He lived a short distance to me when I lived in Wisconsin. He was in Chicago so I traveled there a many of times to spend time with him and just talk. We called each regularly. I loved it that he took time to do that.
 He was full of jokes and he was the Youngest Child so he had good Oral History and Stories on all the other 10 kids. He was gentle, sweet. He loved to talk and he could "Play the Dozens" on anybody. Very good at cards. Uncle Bobbie loved to have a good gathering with food! He could be called every body's favorite to his Siblings. I think it had a lot to do with him just being the baby! What do you think? 

1930 Census, names were incorrect, but this is my Family. I have made the correction notice to Ancestry.com about this.
1930 Census of Sam & Queen with some of their children. 

I did a Previous Blog on the "7 Daughter's" their Sisters for a total of 10 children here at the below link you can find that story:

I hope you come back and read more on my Miles-Daniel Line. They are a Good Bunch. A Good Ol' Southern Family. Whom I Love and had the Blessing of spending time with all 10 of the kids, My Aunties and Uncle's. 
They hold so much of who I am. Every 2 years we celebrate and get together at our Family Reunion in Honor of them. We call it the Miles-Daniel Family Reunion. We celebrate again in Connecticut in 2015.

They were the Grandchildren of Slaves.They knew who they were! Ginnie Hooks~ George Miles ~ Poppa Sam Miles Parents. 
 Elizabeth Jordan~ George Daniel ~ Grandma Queen Daniel Parents.
These Uncles and Aunties of mine were all born in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama my area of continued research.

I only wish I had been old enough and strong enough to ask my 3 Uncles their thoughts and memories of them.

In 2013 we all went to Washington D.C. Many came from all over the Country!

Uncle Grover's Descendants

4 of the many Grandchildren for Uncle Grover! in the back: Eddie Jr. Roderick, Rosalyn, Marshani.

My 1st Cousin Shontrell; in front, left. My Sissy in between the boys is Jem.

I hope family and friends stop by and leave me a NoTe or Comment on their remembrances. This is just one of many stories I will eventually write about them to keep the Family History going.

These Men, My Uncle's to me, you will always be remembered to all of Us, by "Tinnie's Daughta!"

We Miss you, Love you & Thank you for being who you are to this whole family.

Aunt Velma~Mom! Tinnie~Aunt Lily~Aunt Nettie~Aunt Bunny~Uncle Ed and Uncle Bobbie on the End. 

All are Gone now.....except 2 of the 10 children. My Aunt Bunny & Aunt Velma. 2 Sister's who married to 2 Haslam Brother's.

 We Cherish all the times spent and Memories collectively as a Family. We will Continue to do so. Everyday is a Family Reunion for Us.
I do this in Remembrance for Them. 
For Those  MILES & Daniel !