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    Wanted: "Mr. James Edward Lewis"

    My Brick Wall Challenge!

    Dear Granddaddy Lewis,

    I've been looking for you, for quite some time, I have taken a DNA test thru FTDNA, 23andMe and Ancestry.com, a SNP test through DNA Tribes.
    Just to get close to you. Where are you? Where are the rest of my PEOPLE?

    Let me just start by saying I miss my Daddy. I wonder how many times Daddy missed his Daddy?

    I'm on that road, kicking dirt and rocks to find where the MAN who gave us LIFE and passed the last name of LEWIS which we have carried since 1905 PROUDLY!

    His name is James Edward Lewis

    He married Eddie Lee Rosanna Louisiana Savannah Ivery on June 24th, 1905 according to the Bible, doesn't say where. I assumed Georgia.

    Mrs. Eddie Lee Rosanna Savannah Louisiana Ivery Lewis 

    Possibly Alabama from whence they both came according to some documents. I added some things up and this is where it has left me, BLOGGING to find Granddaddy LEWIS.

    His first known Legal Document. I find him on 1910 Census for Georgia in Houston County. Line 87.  

    He is living on Hawkinsville Road, Militia District 771. He is 28 years old. He says he is born in Georgia. Enumerator says him and his Wife Eddie are Mulatto (mu), the children are Black (B). His 1st Marriage, and he has 6 children already.

    Next door to him is his Brother in Law, Prophet Ivery his wife's Brother. I've also looked to the neighbors for clues also.

    1910 Georgia Census

    I'm glad you signed your WW1 Draft Card. 
    WW1 Draft Registration Card 1918

    1920 Alabama Census
    After 10 years I find you in 1920 Census in Alabama, Midway, Bullock County. He's enumerated on the road that runs through 2 Plantations one being J.G Hitchcock's.  His Wife's family is from Midway, Alabama. She is the daughter of Ike Ivery. He says he can read and write. He is 44 years old. My grandfather is 2 years old at this time He was born in 1918. Three more Daughters will eventually be born from this Union. A total of 11 children. Three are living today. All of them in their 90's. My Aunt's Sallie Bea, Aunt Essie Bea, and Aunt Sarah.

    All 11 of James Edward Lewis children were named Mary Cooper, Rev. Obie L. Lewis, Mitchell Ben Lewis, Minnie, Leila Belle Davis, Frances Tarver, Sarah Miles, James E. Lewis,Jr. Sallie Bea Robbins, Essie Bishop, Johnnie Mae Lewis Matthews Woods. 

    The Lewis's, (left) Aunt Essie, Aunt Sallie Bea, James E Jr, and Aunt Sarah

    There are "Notes to Myself"......Your children have told me through oral history about Granddaddy Lewis, he "ran-off" when the children were small. All these Documents are what I have left of you to find you.  I wasn't around or old enough to ask the Elder children that are gone now as many questions as I like. Daddy and his 3 sisters told me all they can. All 3 are in their 90's now and all they want to talk about now is not of the past as much only what their minds can handle for a short time.  I obliged them now. They have done all they can for me in research and oral history. From time to time I will try to coax them. Those days of calling back and forth even if it's just for a quick minute to get some idea or answer I had conjured all up in my mind and had to get asked, is gone now. They have done their work.......

    He had a brother named Quincey who laid his clothes upon the River in Georgia we were once told. We don't know if he jumped in the River or ran off too.

     I was told a 1-eyed woman girlfriend tried to burn Grandma Eddie and some of the kids down in her house in Midway, Alabama after running away from him in Macon, Georgia. Luckily it didn't spread. Everyone was okay, and it was put out. 

    I have to Thank your Son, your Namesake. He kept the Lewis name going with stride. He took it, wore it with Pride. He let no one shun your Name anywhere. 

    Everywhere he went he made sure no SHAME came to our name. It was what he lived by and stood for. His NAME and his WORD.

    From you Leaving us. Daddy knew what to do and what not to do as a Father and Husband. He forgave you a long time ago. Every time I mentioned you to him, he was always quiet and only said what he knew, he never said a bad word about you. I knew in his heart what he meant without him saying it. He loved you so...

    A lot of times the "Unspoken" words "Speaks" volume.

    He wanted to be at your funeral but the girls were still hurt. When he got Older he couldn't remember what year it was? I made a time frame from 1955-1963. Based upon when Corky was born and we moved to Harrisburg to settle down. A lead of questions made me come to conclusion for a time frame.

    He Loved us hard. Daddy opened up every opportunity in Life for us to succeed. We were the 1st in so many things. He doted on us. Disciplined us. He was like the folklore John Henry to us everyday how he got up to go to work everyday. He set an example not only in words, but how he Walked in Life.

    Just like in the Bible with Job! Daddy rose early and gave his offerings for the sanctification of his children! He stood like Job, continually, always concerned over his family. 

    Job 1:5 

     He gave us all you couldn't. 

    You have a Wonderful Loving Spirited Legacy of a Family. From my Granddaughter Jai, to Eddie, and Me, my Dad, J.E.jr, J.E. who became Sr. to YOU. 5 Generations.

     Oh, What a Legacy!

    We want you found, keep leading us towards the way. All is Forgiven. Let your Family find you so we can embrace and keep our circle unbroken.

    In the words of my favorite Author Pearl Cleage: "I speak Your Name"! I speak your Name!~ I speak your Name!~

    James E. Lewis

    High and Low....All I know is I will keep looking for you Granddaddy!

    With all my Heart ♥︎....
    your Great Granddaughter 

    Wanted: "James E. Lewis"!