The Granddaddy at FamilyHiSTORIES Podcast Guest True Lewis with Host Andrew Martin Season 2 Episode 2

True Lewis - Andrew Martin

Thank You to Andrew Martin of FamilyHiSTORIES Podcast !

I feel like I was in London for the Day! I’m most appreciative and blessed to be introduced to a whole new audience in Europe.

It's always timely for me to Introduce and have a wee bit of conversation about Granddaddy Ike.

Andrew was a great and intense Listener and studied my family history very closely. It was a joy to do and I felt honored to be asked to be a part of this Podcast!

"In the second episode of Series Two – The Granddaddy – Andrew gets to meet genealogist 
True Lewis. He’ll be finding out how she got started in her research, what challenges she has faced in researching her enslaved African-American ancestors, how she joined the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and about her work with Nicka Sewell-Smith as Co-Host of Black Pro Gen LIVE."

Click the LINK to Listen as I go through a few clues on my brick wall on my 5th Great Grandmother Anna Maria Lambert of Pennsylvania and Introduce everyone to my Enslaved 2nd Great Grandfather Ike Ivery of Alabama.