Clara Dixon Simmons - Where is my Clara Simmons Death Certificate?

My True Roots - Clara Dixon Simmons
Clara Dixon Simmons 

My True Roots is hoping this will be a Random Act of Kindness.

I hope they have a Story to tell about Ms. Clara

I have a Clara Ivery Simmons in my Family Tree. Her maiden name has Issues.

Dixon is not one of them. I used this Death Certificate to rule out a lot of Questions I had in the beginning when searching for my Clara Ivery Simmons. 

I found one person searching for Mrs. Clara on Ancestry and I'm awaiting their reply if they need this death certificate for their Records. 

In Alabama they look like this online at Ancestry. 

I was also able to click the "Find Others" who are researching to see who all had Ms. Clara in their Tree. 

Clara Dixon Simmons

My Clara Ivery Simmons Death Certificate still remains to be seen. It's still on my List of to Do Things for my next trip to Alabama Department of Archives & History

I ordered these when Suzette Cook was doing them for 5 dollars back in the day.  I asked her to send it along with others I was ordering. What the heck, I was a newbie and knew one day it would be for me or someone else in the long run. 

I see the person knows it exists but they don't have the detail like this Death Certificate shows, unless they have it in their records and not on their online tree.

Either way, I hope this helps someone in their Quest for Family History.

I'll be glad to return this Ordered Copy to a Family Member. 

Hopefully there will be a follow up story one day for both Clara's

My True Roots