Faces known to Daddy. - Family - Friends- Acquaintances - Neighbors and Babies

My True Roots
Me & Daddy, 1977. 

Thanks for coming by....I finally had some free time to go through Daddy's Army WW2 Footlocker and go through a few things today. 

Below are Photos from one of 5 wallets that Daddy saved over the years. In this one particular wallet he had these photos and they are unknown to me. I didn't see them while he was alive to ask. 

Daddy kept this trunk in the attic of our home that I was born and raised in, locked.

These are just thoughts and theories on what I think about them.

Daddy was from Midway, Bullock County, Alabama. I think these are during the WW2 years.  Most of the great photos that I care for from Daddy are like this in this era and are identified.  

Most of the places Daddy took pictures for himself and family were in Eufaula, or Union Springs, Alabama. 

I don't know if any of them are Cousins or Family of his. Friends or Neighbors? I assume some of the babies are family, but you can never be sure. The two bottom ones look like the same babe.  

I will pass this onto my family. Hopefully they will recognize some faces as well. I sure would love to know their Stories and how Daddy came upon these. 

He was very particular and disciplined on how he kept his wallet. I found a lot of meaning on what was there and what was not. Daddy's wallets and the way he kept them reflect his personality. 

People that intimately know Daddy know that about him. I'm sure this sentiment is about a lot of Southern Gentlemen from that time period. It was truly an intimate and private sacred space for him. 

The day he passed. I held onto his Final Wallet and keys.  Daddy had a special place for them every night on top of his metal file cabinet.  

After we calmed down later the next day. Me and Bettye assigned a specific time with all of our Siblings, his children.  We all sat at the kitchen table together and went through it piece by piece. 

Daddy left a lot of unsaid and direct messages.  He had 371.00 hidden in a part of his wallet he carved out to hide money instead of the usual billfold pocket. Photos. Memories. All of our phone numbers on a card. One day I'll share all of the contents. 

I am hoping you all can pass this blog piece around to your friends and see if anyone can recognize them or has the same photos.

You all can leave me a Comment or Note to let me know what you think or how you feel. I wanted this to be Open for the Public to be passed around for Societies or any Genealogy Circle you think is appropriate. 

Midway, Alabama was very close nit and there were many families there that married into other families. Midway is a mecca for Cluster/FAN Research works. 

Mom use to say to me every Summer. "Don't talk to any boys". They are ALL your Cousins. So they were, by blood or by marriage.  

So hopefully I'll find out one day. How these Women and babies are kin to me. 

It's worth a try

Notes to Myself
Beautiful Faces 

Sewing Kit made in Germany

Notes To Myself
Sew Kit 

Notes To Myself
Sewing Kit 

Another Awesome Find from Daddy's WW2 Trunk 

Daddy has been gone since 2009 and even till this Day he keeps sending me little hints and today was another day after all these years  I had to OPEN the Trunk.

First it was some Photos and then I saw this.  

A Sewing Kit with a Threader. 

I took the photo as best as I could. There isn't a Story here. Just a simple item from a different time to Share as a Keepsake Moment. 

Why did Daddy keep this?  Was this from when he was in Germany during the War? What this Army Issued? Was it something from his home from his Mother? How ever Daddy acquired this it was for good reasoning. 

 His trunk was mostly for his Private use. There weren't too many of my Mom's personal items in there. The things that belonged to her we knew right away, he was very specific about how he had it arranged and what keepsakes meant the most to him. 

He didn't have to many random unexplainable items in there. I think Daddy thought like me, there was something intimate with a connection to the things he kept. Daddy definitely had good reason for many things that I may have thought were out of place, but I could see why.

Just this one unusual sensible item in Daddy's footlocker trunk gave my heart a smile TODAY. 

Thanks for coming by! 

Leave me a Note if you have any more information or clues.