Sewing Kit made in Germany

Notes To Myself
Sew Kit 

Notes To Myself
Sewing Kit 

Another Awesome Find from Daddy's WW2 Trunk 

Daddy has been gone since 2009 and even till this Day he keeps sending me little hints and today was another day after all these years  I had to OPEN the Trunk.

First it was some Photos and then I saw this.  

A Sewing Kit with a Threader. 

I took the photo as best as I could. There isn't a Story here. Just a simple item from a different time to Share as a Keepsake Moment. 

Why did Daddy keep this?  Was this from when he was in Germany during the War? What this Army Issued? Was it something from his home from his Mother? How ever Daddy acquired this it was for good reasoning. 

 His trunk was mostly for his Private use. There weren't too many of my Mom's personal items in there. The things that belonged to her we knew right away, he was very specific about how he had it arranged and what keepsakes meant the most to him. 

He didn't have to many random unexplainable items in there. I think Daddy thought like me, there was something intimate with a connection to the things he kept. Daddy definitely had good reason for many things that I may have thought were out of place, but I could see why.

Just this one unusual sensible item in Daddy's footlocker trunk gave my heart a smile TODAY. 

Thanks for coming by! 

Leave me a Note if you have any more information or clues. 

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