Daddy's Ties

December is here and it's going fast.

I haven't wrote a Blog Piece all Month. To busy decorating, buying gifts, purchasing plane tickets and getting ready to Celebrate Christmas.

I have a closet that I tend to "Hide" things in for later...

Today I was scrambling looking for wrapping paper and it hit me. 

Daddy's ties bonked me in the head. I have them on a hanger not quite ready to pack in a fancy box full of tissue paper to be a surprise one day for my Descendants. So I took and moved some of his things around and took a good long look and sat with my memories. This is where this Blog piece leads me to, today. 

Family Heirlooms.

I love the 1st Tie. When Daddy would ask me to pick a tie when I was youngthat was the one I would always choose. It was from the 70's. The 2nd one, Daddy loved Peppermints. He always kept them in his suit jackets. That's why I kept that one. It reminded me of his favorite candy. Don't they look like peppermints?

Several of Daddy's Ties I kept, 2009. 

When Mommie passed November 11, 2008. Daddy followed her 361 days later November 7th, 2009. He was 91. Born in 1918. 64 years worth of Memories where in the House that Built me. It took us a few years to go through everything and save what we wanted. 

Daddy took Pride in his Suits and Ties. He was always a smart dresser. Very Sharp. We had to go through the tedious task of going through his personal clothing. Daddy had a hall closet that he kept his "Good" clothes in. Fancy suits, ties and shoes and all things for Church. This is one of 2 Suits I haven't let anyone look at. I kept them for my Sons. So they will have a little piece of Pop-Pop for later. 

Daddy's Suit and Ties

No one messed with Daddy's closet. It was for him only. No one else had their belongings in there. It was oddly shaped, very deep with a shelf. There was a slant in the wall. Behind the wall was the stairs to the attic from another bedroom. Which is why it was so narrow. It had a light bulb with a long string hanging from it with a hook on the back of the door. That is where every Saturday night, Daddy hung his "Sundays Best" ready for church on Sunday morning. It was his ritual to have it all laid out with his adornments and accessories like his tie, hankie, pens and change along with his church dues envelope. 

If you knew Daddy his favorite color was black and wine red. 

He had a 1976 Park Avenue Limited Edition Wine Red colored Buick. His pride and joy. That was his "Good Car" especially for Sundays. 

 When it went out of style, Daddy kept it parked in the barn till the day he died. Everyone loved that Buick. We all have our special memories. Later Bobbie would get special antique plates and tags from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania after he cleaned it up. 

So as we took on the lovingly task of going through Daddy's personal clothing we picked out Suits for Nephews. Grandsons and Cousins so they could have something of Remembrance for Daddy. I even drove to Indiana to give a suit and tie to my Cousin Nate who was so fond of Daddy, his Nephew. 

Today all I could of think of was Daddy's Ties hanging on the back door. He had so many of all different colors, and era's. I quickly held them close and smelled them. I knew how Daddy cherished his ties and took care of them. 

For many reasons that day a few years ago, I had to kneel. I was having a moment...

Me and Bettye just stood there and looked at each other. 

We couldn't bear the thought of donating the rest. My Aunt was helping us. She does all the sewing, quilting, crocheting and knitting for this family. She knew we were in distress at the time. 

It's always good to have someone help you for these moments and hold space for you when you are going through this process. Decision making can be hard on what to let go and keep. Aunt Cherry was there for us. 

She suggested to let her keep the rest of Daddy's Ties for now and she would think of something to make as a keepsake for us later.

Well, true to her word. She kept it. She took all the ties we gathered and made something Wonderful. Thank You Aunt Cherry for making us something Special to keep Daddy near. 

She made us Purses out of Daddy's Ties!

My Personal Daddy Tie Purse

Now I know how my Daddy is! He would of got a Grand Kick out of that. Purses made out of his Ties. It tickles me that Daddy knows we didn't waste his Ties. We shared many. Kept many. Made something brand new out of his tie joy. 

I know people think it's silly to keep so much stuff around. My Parents aren't physically here but they are in Spirit. This is my way of comforting myself when I'm in need, longing for them. I can walk around my own home amongst my Parents belongings and touch, feel and be STILL in my memories. 

 Thank You Daddy for letting me show off your tie Goods. You and Mom are sadly missed this time of Year. We know it was your favorite. 

My True Roots
Mom and Daddy 

Daddy's Ties

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❀ Moms Aprons ❀

My True Roots
Mom's Apron

We can go back until the end of time when there were Aprons. My 1st glance was in the Home. Then I saw them everywhere. On the Pilgrims. In Art. 

Aprons that resonate with me the most were during Slavery. 

Child birth. The big house. The fields.

Those aprons have many stories to tell.....

Just like my Mom and the Womenfolk before her and her and her. 

I mostly remember Mom had her "everyday" ones or her "good" ones she used for Church Socials. Doily fancy ones for Company. She had one place for them in a special drawer only for aprons and clean fresh brand new kitchen towels. 

My True Roots
Mom. Jan,1970.

This was taken in 1970. Mom was 47. She was dealing with a 2 year old, Me. This is The House that Built Me

She looks tired this day. I'm sure I had some part of it. I don't know how she did it? Day in, day out. 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. She was suppose to be all alone with Daddy enjoying being a empty nester, with visiting Grandchildren. Not raising one.

I had my eyes, nose, hands and face wiped with those Aprons. Ive seen them take out hot sweet potato pies from the oven. I've seen them in the Garden helping to hold the bounties of fresh vegetables. Squash, Peppers, Beans and Peas and such.

Then there is my Grandma Lillian Mary Johnson Sweigard!

Even Grandma Lil had a Apron. I'm so glad Mom saved this for me. 

I noticed everything in the background. I cherish this photo. I was only 3 when Grandma Lillian died. So I have no memory. These few and rare photos I have of her are so precious to me.  

My True Roots
Grandma Lillian Mary Johnson Sweigard. July,1971.

My True Roots
My Army Apron

When I went in the Army, I earned my own Apron.  Since I'm a Granny now. Lovingly called "Nannie". I will pass this tradition on to her. I will let her see me in my Apron. Comfort her and wipe her tears or a smudge on her face. Just like my Mom did for me. 

I have Mom's Aprons saved for Pudding for when she starts a family in the far future. 

my true roots
Moms saved Apron for Pudding

When Mom and Daddy passed away. We started in the kitchen. Going through the cabinets. I knew that drawer was filled with her most cherished items. 

Aprons were just one.....

Those Aprons were a source of comfort to me. With smells of fresh baked something or just the smell of all that good comes from Mother Earth.

Mom's Aprons

Just a NoTe To MyseLF.....

Jerusalem Baptist Church ✝

Photos from Research Trip to 
Houston County

Warner Robins, Georgia.

 October, 2014.

My True roots
Jerusalem Baptist Church 

I hit the ground running after a 6 hour drive.

No time to waste. I had much to do. Thankfully my Son home from Korea at the time could take time to go with me and help me with these Photos and Drive his Momma around Georgia and Alabama for 5 days. It was a special bonding time as well. We got to eat what we wanted and where. Stayed up late. We laughed and had deep conversations. I just plain got to be a Momma with no interruptions or expectations.

Plus he got to see what his Momma does! Life after Military!
Usually I have to do these Research Trips alone and it's hard to get photos and such the way you want, when by yourself.

My True Roots
Cornerstone of the Church

My True Roots
Church Sign  

Church Grounds Keeper 
Deacon Curtis Turner

Google Map 

As you can see. Time and Time again, what the meaning of "The Church" has to me and my Family. 
This is our 2nd Family Church. Established in 1879. Named Jerusalem Baptist. Warner Robins, Georgia. 
Pastored by my Cousin Rev. Kelson Brooks

Granddaddy Ike Ivery's sons Abe, John and Prophet were settled over in these parts. This is where they started as men.
 The 1st one is Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist Church in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama, where Granddaddy Ike helped get built in 1865. 

It always amazes me when I take these trips, how so much has grown and been built around Warner Robins. Our family Church is still on it's holy ground since 1879. I wonder why the Church cemetery is a few miles off, inside of a subdivision? Why not on the Church grounds? 

I often think back on all those years how it use to be.......Don't you? 

Let me know if you any Suggestions on what to do next?

Things I need to get done: 

1:  Deed 
2: Get a update on the Church History from Lisa
3: Obtain older photos
4: Get information on Joppa's Temple #180

My True Roots. "A Quote". For Genealogy.

"Today we "Bask in Our Ancestor's Light".

For Tomorrow the REAL WORK begins"...

A ™Quote by:

True Lewis

™ To only be used from the expressed written/oral permission of the Author, True Lewis of 
     My True Roots

National Black Hymn: "Lift Every Voice & Sing".

Lift Every Voice

Lift Every Voice by the Wardlow Brothers on YouTube

      Lift every voice and sing

      Till Earth and Heaven ring,

   Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;

      Let our rejoicing rise,

      High as the listening skies,

   Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us,

   Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,

   Let us march on till victory is won.

      Stony the road we trod,

      Bitter the chastening rod,

   Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;

      Yet with a steady beat,

      Have not our weary feet

   Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?

We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,

We have come treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered,

   Out from the gloomy past, till now we stand at last

   Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast.

      God of our weary years,

      God of our silent tears,

   Thou who hast brought us thus far on the way;

      Thou who has by Thy might

      Led us into the light,

   Keep us forever in the path, we pray.

Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,

Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, forget Thee,

   Shadowed beneath Thy hand, may we forever stand,

   True to our God, true to our native land.

Written: In 1899 as a Poem by James Weldon Johnson.
 His Brother John Rosamund Johnson penned it to music.  
On the occasion for Pres. Lincoln's birthday on February 12, 1900.

In 1919 the NAACP adopted it as it's Negro National Anthem for the plight and cry as affirmation and their liberation as a people. 

Daniel Mark Watson ● Ivy Mae's Brother Dies Tragically.

Daniel "Mark" Watson

Sweet little boy Daniel is known to the family as Mark

He was Born October 9th, 1905 
Cumberland County. Newville. Pa.

He Died on  June 23, 1908 
 West Pennsboro, Pa.

He was 2 years - 7 months - 14 Days.

Cause of Death
Drowned in Creek (Accidentally) 

Cousin Pam
Daniel "Mark" Watson 

June 25, 1908 The Valley Times Star Newville, Pa

Daniel Mark was Baby Ivy's Brother

Remember her fate with the Coffee Cup Steam?

Cousin Pam
Ivy Mae Watson

Cousin Pam
Daniel Mark Watson - Death Certificate

I can't imagine the Pain of losing a child. Let alone 2 children, just merely babies in a short period of time. Cousin Elmer and Mary Elizabeth must of been thrown into the prongs of Grief for quite some time. It had to be heavy laden all of the burden they had to carry for the rest of their Lives. I just don't know or want to assume about their Grief

There's a old song. One Day, We'll be Together! comes to mind.

Daniel "Mark" missed being on a census so we will have to look other places for clues. For instance the Newspaper of the Day in Cumberland County, West Pennsboro, Pa. 
I would be reminisced if I didn't Thank my Cousin Pam . She contributes and makes sure we have the correct information. She provides support and research. I'm glad to have her as my 2nd pair of eyes on our Family History

She has been to Prospect Hill in 2012 when the Headstone wasn't there. We will look into why?She took so many photos, got us a map and  shared with all the Watson's. There are many of us on Ancestry

We all have a pretty good repertoire. 

~Genealogical Sketch~

Lillian is my Grandmother.

She was born October 30th, 1905. She was the same age as Daniel. I wonder did she play with her 1st cousin?

Her Mom; Cora Agnes is Sister to Elmer

Mark and Ivy Resting with their Parents

I'll be back with followups.

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 Sleep in Heavenly Peace,

 Cousin Daniel Mark.....

Guest Blogging at In Their Footsteps ✦

I had a Great Opportunity to be a Guest Blogger on September 20th, 2015 for Author Carolyn Schott 

It was about Traveling to your Ancestral Roots. I have blogged about this many times. So I wanted to contribute my Story when she asked for Guest Bloggers. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to be amongst other Researchers who went to their Ancestral Towns and got a feel for their Ancestors Roots

It's a Series she does called:

 In Their Footsteps


Here is a LINK to my Work I submitted on behalf of myself and my Family about My Journey to Sweet Home Alabama! and others Journey's to their Ancestral Roots. 

A Genealogist's Hog Heaven

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Baby's cause of death ✿ From a Cup of Coffee steam...

Ivy Mae Watson

cousin Pam
Baby Cousin Ivy 

She is my 1 Cousin 2 twice Removed

Daughter of 

Elmer Washington Watson
Mary Elizabeth Devor

She was BORN July 10th, 1909.

Ivy Mae Watson's Birth Certificate 

 Cumberland County, Newville Pennsylvania.
which is also her place of death. 

Buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery
She DIED August 30th, 1910.

Ivy Mae Watson Death Certificate

I ran across this on my Family tree and I kept seeing this sweet little chubby cheeked baby. 

My Cousin Pam had submitted her picture. Elmer is Pam's Grandfather and my Great Grandma Cora are Siblings. 

I hadn't paid much attention to the details. I was astonished this was over a coffee cup. She died, Due to inhalation from a coffee cup of steam. 

It also mentions Peritonitis, if my eyes are doing right by me.  So I wonder if something else was going on that this steam aggravated the situation?

 As a tea connoisseur. I was taken aback. 

I love tea. I'm obsessed with tea cups.  I love all the babies and want to remember them on my Blog. I have done this before. She also has a brother named Mark who died tragically. 

 This is his Remembrance link. 

 Daniel Mark Watson  

 These are moments when I realize how short our Lives can be and how they have meaning to someone with so much love.

They have a Life that was Unsung.

Just for that. I'll try to keep them in our Remembrance even tho' we didn't get to know her. 

You are Remembered, Ivy Mae!