Jerusalem Baptist Church ✝

Photos from Research Trip to 
Houston County

Warner Robins, Georgia.

 October, 2014.

My True roots
Jerusalem Baptist Church 

I hit the ground running after a 6 hour drive.

No time to waste. I had much to do. Thankfully my Son home from Korea at the time could take time to go with me and help me with these Photos and Drive his Momma around Georgia and Alabama for 5 days. It was a special bonding time as well. We got to eat what we wanted and where. Stayed up late. We laughed and had deep conversations. I just plain got to be a Momma with no interruptions or expectations.

Plus he got to see what his Momma does! Life after Military!
Usually I have to do these Research Trips alone and it's hard to get photos and such the way you want, when by yourself.

My True Roots
Cornerstone of the Church

My True Roots
Church Sign  

Church Grounds Keeper 
Deacon Curtis Turner

Google Map 

As you can see. Time and Time again, what the meaning of "The Church" has to me and my Family. 
This is our 2nd Family Church. Established in 1879. Named Jerusalem Baptist. Warner Robins, Georgia. 
Pastored by my Cousin Rev. Kelson Brooks

Granddaddy Ike Ivery's sons Abe, John and Prophet were settled over in these parts. This is where they started as men.
 The 1st one is Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist Church in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama, where Granddaddy Ike helped get built in 1865. 

It always amazes me when I take these trips, how so much has grown and been built around Warner Robins. Our family Church is still on it's holy ground since 1879. I wonder why the Church cemetery is a few miles off, inside of a subdivision? Why not on the Church grounds? 

I often think back on all those years how it use to be.......Don't you? 

Let me know if you any Suggestions on what to do next?

Things I need to get done: 

1:  Deed 
2: Get a update on the Church History from Lisa
3: Obtain older photos
4: Get information on Joppa's Temple #180

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