❀ Moms Aprons ❀

My True Roots
Mom's Apron

We can go back until the end of time when there were Aprons. My 1st glance was in the Home. Then I saw them everywhere. On the Pilgrims. In Art. 

Aprons that resonate with me the most were during Slavery. 

Child birth. The big house. The fields.

Those aprons have many stories to tell.....

Just like my Mom and the Womenfolk before her and her and her. 

I mostly remember Mom had her "everyday" ones or her "good" ones she used for Church Socials. Doily fancy ones for Company. She had one place for them in a special drawer only for aprons and clean fresh brand new kitchen towels. 

My True Roots
Mom. Jan,1970.

This was taken in 1970. Mom was 47. She was dealing with a 2 year old, Me. This is The House that Built Me

She looks tired this day. I'm sure I had some part of it. I don't know how she did it? Day in, day out. 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. She was suppose to be all alone with Daddy enjoying being a empty nester, with visiting Grandchildren. Not raising one.

I had my eyes, nose, hands and face wiped with those Aprons. Ive seen them take out hot sweet potato pies from the oven. I've seen them in the Garden helping to hold the bounties of fresh vegetables. Squash, Peppers, Beans and Peas and such.

Then there is my Grandma Lillian Mary Johnson Sweigard!

Even Grandma Lil had a Apron. I'm so glad Mom saved this for me. 

I noticed everything in the background. I cherish this photo. I was only 3 when Grandma Lillian died. So I have no memory. These few and rare photos I have of her are so precious to me.  

My True Roots
Grandma Lillian Mary Johnson Sweigard. July,1971.

My True Roots
My Army Apron

When I went in the Army, I earned my own Apron.  Since I'm a Granny now. Lovingly called "Nannie". I will pass this tradition on to her. I will let her see me in my Apron. Comfort her and wipe her tears or a smudge on her face. Just like my Mom did for me. 

I have Mom's Aprons saved for Pudding for when she starts a family in the far future. 

my true roots
Moms saved Apron for Pudding

When Mom and Daddy passed away. We started in the kitchen. Going through the cabinets. I knew that drawer was filled with her most cherished items. 

Aprons were just one.....

Those Aprons were a source of comfort to me. With smells of fresh baked something or just the smell of all that good comes from Mother Earth.

Mom's Aprons

Just a NoTe To MyseLF.....


  1. This is wonderful True! Aprons are another monument of the women in our families. There were so many types of aprons for different meals and ocassions. Great story.

    1. Thank You! for Stopping over! They always bring comfort and a gentle reminder. All is not lost.