✿ My True Roots is 3 ✿

Today is YOUR Day!
My faithful readers. New & Old and My Unborn Readers.

 I want to Thank Each and Everyone of you! For taking time to stop what your doing. 
Reading with Comments and Leaving me Notes through out the Year. From the bottom of my Heart.....It is so heartwarming.

Thank You!

I'm truly Blessed and Honored to be able to present to you my Ancestors as you take this Sankofa Journey patiently with me as I grow yearly into a Geneablogger.  

In this LINK you can reminisce with me on my 1st Blog Piece

Every Year on my Blogiversary

I'll bring My 1st Back

at 2:30 pm

Hugs & Kisses

HaPpY 3rd Blogiversary! 

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