Daniel Mark Watson ● Ivy Mae's Brother Dies Tragically.

Daniel "Mark" Watson

Sweet little boy Daniel is known to the family as Mark

He was Born October 9th, 1905 
Cumberland County. Newville. Pa.

He Died on  June 23, 1908 
 West Pennsboro, Pa.

He was 2 years - 7 months - 14 Days.

Cause of Death
Drowned in Creek (Accidentally) 

Cousin Pam
Daniel "Mark" Watson 

June 25, 1908 The Valley Times Star Newville, Pa

Daniel Mark was Baby Ivy's Brother

Remember her fate with the Coffee Cup Steam?

Cousin Pam
Ivy Mae Watson

Cousin Pam
Daniel Mark Watson - Death Certificate

I can't imagine the Pain of losing a child. Let alone 2 children, just merely babies in a short period of time. Cousin Elmer and Mary Elizabeth must of been thrown into the prongs of Grief for quite some time. It had to be heavy laden all of the burden they had to carry for the rest of their Lives. I just don't know or want to assume about their Grief

There's a old song. One Day, We'll be Together! comes to mind.

Daniel "Mark" missed being on a census so we will have to look other places for clues. For instance the Newspaper of the Day in Cumberland County, West Pennsboro, Pa. 
I would be reminisced if I didn't Thank my Cousin Pam . She contributes and makes sure we have the correct information. She provides support and research. I'm glad to have her as my 2nd pair of eyes on our Family History

She has been to Prospect Hill in 2012 when the Headstone wasn't there. We will look into why?She took so many photos, got us a map and  shared with all the Watson's. There are many of us on Ancestry

We all have a pretty good repertoire. 

~Genealogical Sketch~

Lillian is my Grandmother.

She was born October 30th, 1905. She was the same age as Daniel. I wonder did she play with her 1st cousin?

Her Mom; Cora Agnes is Sister to Elmer

Mark and Ivy Resting with their Parents

I'll be back with followups.

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 Sleep in Heavenly Peace,

 Cousin Daniel Mark.....

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