Baby's cause of death ✿ From a Cup of Coffee steam...

Ivy Mae Watson

cousin Pam
Baby Cousin Ivy 

She is my 1 Cousin 2 twice Removed

Daughter of 

Elmer Washington Watson
Mary Elizabeth Devor

She was BORN July 10th, 1909.

Ivy Mae Watson's Birth Certificate 

 Cumberland County, Newville Pennsylvania.
which is also her place of death. 

Buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery
She DIED August 30th, 1910.

Ivy Mae Watson Death Certificate

I ran across this on my Family tree and I kept seeing this sweet little chubby cheeked baby. 

My Cousin Pam had submitted her picture. Elmer is Pam's Grandfather and my Great Grandma Cora are Siblings. 

I hadn't paid much attention to the details. I was astonished this was over a coffee cup. She died, Due to inhalation from a coffee cup of steam. 

It also mentions Peritonitis, if my eyes are doing right by me.  So I wonder if something else was going on that this steam aggravated the situation?

 As a tea connoisseur. I was taken aback. 

I love tea. I'm obsessed with tea cups.  I love all the babies and want to remember them on my Blog. I have done this before. She also has a brother named Mark who died tragically. 

 This is his Remembrance link. 

 Daniel Mark Watson  

 These are moments when I realize how short our Lives can be and how they have meaning to someone with so much love.

They have a Life that was Unsung.

Just for that. I'll try to keep them in our Remembrance even tho' we didn't get to know her. 

You are Remembered, Ivy Mae!

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