The White Little Bible

Every so often... I go through Daddy's belongings inside his WW2 Army Footlocker, I overlooked the first time. I have yet to process all that he has. This is just one of many Genealogical Gems inside.

my true roots
Daddy's WW2 Footlocker in my Office

That's what this Blog Post is about. 

Daddy had this White Little Bible with a Name written inside.

I'm not sure of the reason he kept it?
He lived in many States before settling in Pennsylvania.

He also served in WW2. I often wonder if he found this in a chapel in Belgium? Did he run across this on a grassy bluff, or the sands of Europe while he was fighting?

SO...I'm posting it on my Blog in hopes, that it can be found by that special person. 

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"The White Little Bible"

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