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Hello, GeneaBuds

It's me; True! 

"That Girl !" @MyTrueRoots

I wanted you All to Follow Me directly on PERISCOPE

I'll be sending my 1st Periscope broadcast by Twitter notification!

Coming February 3rd - 6th I will be in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I sincerely want you ALL to get Up Close & Personal with ME as I take my Journey to one of the Largest Family History Conference in the World as a 1st Timer!

 Visit me on Periscope as 
That Girl! @My True Roots

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I'm gonna Broadcast LIVE and let you in on some Behind the Scene looks! Perspectives and Thoughts. Hopefully some Surprises, thrown in! 

Just to let you see and feel how it is to be a 1st Timer!

Yes, My True Roots will be losing her Genealogy Virginity at Rootstech2016 over some Beads!

Visit my Blog here at  My True Roots!   and my  Google + Page! , as I reveal some of my NoTe's To MySelf for YOU, on my "True" Daily Perspectives of the Day! 

If your gonna be at Rootstech2016, Give me a "Shout-Out" and let me know where I can Follow you!

Come up to me! Get yourself acquainted with  True! I will be more than Glad to Meet You! 

Let me know about your
True Roots!

I'll be back in the coming days and months before Rootstech2016 Starts to take you with me on my Journey.

Let My True Roots be your Insider News if you can't be There! So follow along as we "Scope" out Rootstech2016 together.

Don't forget if your GOING Leave me a NoTe or Comment! and let me know your Coming too!

Early Bird Special Registration 

 September 15th, 2015.  

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