My Rootstech Journey! February 4th, 2016 Thursday - Day 2

my true roots
Thursday at Rootstech

My Journey to Rootstech

Thursday February 4th, 2016

Day 2 at Rootstech 2016.

Morning: I went to General Session. I met CEO Steve Rockwood of Family Search.
Photo was taken by some good folks at AncestorCloud. Please take a look at their website. They were so good to me throughout Rootstech. I can't wait to use their Site!

Jana Last of Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog asked me to be on the "sofa chat" with her Interview in the Media Hub. I sat right beside Jill Ball of GeniAus. I was in the right place at the right time. Thanks Jana! for this special memory and AncestorCloud for this Gift. 

 Paula Madison on her Inspiring Story on her Grandfather Samuel Lowe. I ran into people all day long. You must get your Selfie or Speak to them as you see your Gen Buddies.

 It's such a busy time you don't know if you'll run into them again. I took every opportunity I could to speak to so many people who's blogs and products I follow. I just didn't want it to go unnoticed that I enjoy and appreciate their Work. Deep inside I was hoping and happy when I did get a 2nd chance. 

I got to meet the Youngest Ambassador for Rootstech Ruby Baird by chance as I was turning the corner. Her mother was very gracious when I asked if it was okay to take a picture. She even took it for me. So sweet! ❤︎. Very bright young lady. 

Ambassador Ruby Baird and My True Roots

Afternoon: I spent all afternoon in the Exhibit Hall! My last post you will see all the photos I took from that. From Innovators Alley and beyond. Soda and Water was FREE everyday! They had food vendors everywhere. I was steady grubbing. I'll also ran around the Exhibit Hall meeting Innovators. Leaving my address labels with Vendors for drawings. Everything was catching my eye. In the Genealogy World we call them BSO's. I was BSO'ed out ALL DAY long. There was always something around making me go to get a closer look. So glad I'll see what I mean in my wrap up post. 

my true roots
Geneabloggers Group Photo for 2016

At 1:00pm after Lunch ALL Geneabloggers! had a Group photo. I was taking a deep breath taking it all in being around all my fellow bloggers. The camera dude caught me right at the moment! I'm the only one with my eyes closed and wearing Thomas MacEntees' Crown. Can you believe that? I was in my Moment!

I had 3 Tracks 

D. Joshua Taylor: RT2486 / Genealogical & Historical Societies to the Rescue

Geoff Rasmussen: RT2248 / Navigating the New Google Photos

Angela Walton-Raji: RT2389 / Native American Genealogy in 19th and 20th Century

4:20 I had appointment with Family Chartmasters! They will do my Ivery Family Tree ready for 2017 in Orlando, Florida. 

my true roots
Janet was Wonderful

Evening: I was hungry! and running to Elevations to meet AAGHS African American Genealogy Historical Society Members attending Rootstech with Jim Ison, Manager of Family Search and David Belcher, Family Search. 

my true roots
AAGHS Members with Jim Ison & David Belcher 

That conversation and all the information and connections going back and forth. I was amazed. I have to Thank them for including me. I learned so much just in that dinner conversation full of knowledge and resources.  The ins and outs of exhaustive research.  I was so impressionable. WoW.  

I was still filled with excitement late into the night. Tomorrow came soon...

Day 2  was awesome!

Gotta Go and prepare Day 3! See ya Soon! 

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Note to Myself: Don't forget True to Add from your Diary as you remember to this blog post. I know you have Notes scattered all over the place.

Link to Day 1 

Family Heirloom. "The Vinegar Jar".

My True Roots
Vintage Cruet Glass Star Cut Vinegar bottle with Stopper

It was simply known as the "Vinegar Jar" in my house. 

My Mom had the WHOLE set. Dishes. Glasses. Punch glasses with Saucers. Cream and Sugar Bowls. Salt and Pepper shakers, the candy dish and the Infamous Vinegar Jar!
Those were the dishes we were not allowed to touch unless company came. 

Mom kept the candy dish and shakers out for everyday use along with the Vinegar Jar.

Why do you call it the Vinegar Jar?
I have no idea. 

Ever since I was little it sat on a shelf near the stove.

In my family we had Collard Greens

Collards were always on our Supper table several times a month.  My favorite way to eat Collard Greens was to pour Vinegar on them. I don't know how I got started with doing that or why? I just did.
It's like people who argue over salt and butter on their Grits vs the Sugar People.
By the way, I eat my Grits with salt and butter.

That Vinegar Jar was about one of the few things of fancy heavy crystal that I was allowed to "handle". It was my responsibility to keep it filled too! 

When my Parents passed. My Sister; Bettye and I decided she would be the one to keep the whole set together in one piece. As a Family Historian I know we aren't suppose to separate pieces like that. Especially a Collection of this magnitude.
I begged Bettye to let me keep the Vinegar Jar. That was a strong memory for me and I just didn't want to part from it. She said it was okay. Bay knows it's in Good hands. It's the only thing missing from the set but she knows where it is. I'm so glad she entrusts me with so many of Moms' things

So that is how it came to be that I have the Vinegar Jar.

Bitter Sweet Memory 

My True Roots

My RootsTech Journey! February 3rd, 2016 Wednesday - Day 1

Hello to YOU for Stopping Over!

Thanks for coming by to read 

My Journey to Rootstech 

WEDNESDAY February 3, 2016  

True with Pat "Dear Myrtle" & Randy!

Day 1 at Rootstech 2016.

Morning: My Day started at 7:00am for Registration to get your lanyard and passes for the coming days. As I arrived, I ran into a Host of Genealogy Friends. The line wasn't long. I got what I like to call my Rootstech swag. Forever provided us with a wonderful bag to hold our goodies and supplies in. After that I toured the Convention Center and got a look around and saw the lay of the land! I took photos. It was the Calm before the Storm.

Afternoon: This is the most fun. Luckily I did this. I sat right at the bottom of the elevator for hours. I saw EVERYBODY pass me by. That is the greatest spot on Day 1 to People watch. I got so many meet and greet pictures of my Genealogy Friends just rushing by I had the best seat in the house. Just sitting around soaking all the activity around me. Of course I had Lunch with Shelley better known as Family Tree Girl. 

My True Roots
My Favorite Photos from Wednesday

I had 2 Tracks 

 Katherine Wilson: RT2447 / Finding & Analyzing Passenger and Customs Lists

I then waited on Katherine and high tailed it running for

Judy Russell: RT9330 / More than just Names.
Advanced US Census Research

Evening: By Evening. I had so much excitement bubbled up. I had a "Special Invitation Only" by Dear Myrtle. I got to have a Private screening of the 45 min Documentary by Paula Williams Madison on her story of her Grandfather called, Finding Samuel Lowe. This set the tone for my whole Experience at Rootstech! After that I was Inspired to find my way around as a first timer! 

Signed Personal book from Paula Williams Madison 2016 Rootstech

When I tell you I cried and boo-hoed. I mean my tears were overflowing I had to leave the room and compose myself. When she got to speak to all of us in the audience there was a few times she had to hold her breath to. There were parts to her conversation to the audience that made her choke up. 

 When she was overtaken by the Spirit at her grandfathers grave it busted me all up inside. All I could think of is when I saw Granddaddy Ikes grave for the first time. 
You just get overcome with grief sorrow love and pride all wrapped in one. Then you gain your sense of Peace. 
A Peace within you, that you know you can go on and will forever let every one that crosses your path to remind them you will not be forgotten.  Your Ancestor is with you all in that one moment. Your tears are your Libations to them. 
I found you....I know where you are...I will continue to Honor you for all you have done for me to be here and for my Descendants. She took some precious time to spend with a group of us afterwards to fulfill our questions we were wanting to ask and took plenty of photos with us. 
What touched me the most was when I introduced myself to her. Hello,I'm True. True Lewis.  She said; really, thats interesting! My Daughters name is "Faith". True Faith. I felt like balling right there! Was that the sweetest? Like it was meant for me to meet her like. I hope she knows this Sista had so much love for her and I just met her. 

 She "Communed" with us. I hope it helped in her healing, even tho she was grieving at the same time. Her beloved Uncle had passed. She will arrive in China to his funeral 4 hours before. Cutting it close to spend time with over 25,000 people attending Rootstech. I also met the Sistas of Zion for the first time! As my Mom would say! What a Time! What a Time. Overwhelming Joy!

 I will always remember this Lifetime moment Dear Myrtle gave me as a Gift. Thanks Pat!

Day 1 was pretty fantastic! 

Thank You Rootstech for having me. I so enjoyed myself I forgot all about my fears and anxiety and it was washed over by so many terrific moments. 
Now to hit the Ground running for Day 2! 
Come back! and Thanks for Stopping Over. 

Use #Rootstech anywhere and you can find interesting things about the Conference. 

Note to Myself: As you remember from your Diary please add to this blog post. 

Rootstech ✔︎ List - Calling Card ☏

 Note To Myself : I was SO excited I didn't Post this on time. February 7th, 2016. After Rootstech 2016. 

Can you tell I'm excited about Rootstech ?

Next Month February 3rd - 6th. I'll be in Salt Lake City! It's been a "Bucket List" Dream for me to Attend since I learned of it's Importance in the Genealogy World.

I use to live in Washington State in Tacoma for 3 years so it will be good to be headed out that way again! I've been so anxious and excited since September.


✔︎ Large Suitcase

✔︎ Roller back pack
✔︎ Electronic devices / chargers
✔︎ Supplies
   Starbucks Card (lots of coffee drinking) ☕️
    Business Cards / Labels
    Flight Information  
    Hotel Reservations  
    Energy for Dear Myrtle's After Party! 

I'm gonna be a First-Timer! I have had all these dreams of what it's like to be around thousands of other Family Historians and Genealogists and Technology folks in one room that are so enthused like myself ?

I also have Family History Library time. On Tuesday night, I get to meet Israel and talk DNA and a Host of others that I have longed to meet.

My Circle of Gen Friends has grown over the last 3 years and 3 months. I'm excited to see them in person from Facebook, Twitter and the many Bloggers I hang out with online but haven't met in person. I have a List of Folks I have got to see!

Keynote Speakers:  Paula Madison! Doris Kearns Goodwin! Steve Rockwood, Bruce Feiler, and Josh & Naomi Davis (Taza) . Just added was StoryCorps Dave Isay & Michael Leavitt.

On Tuesday! I finally meet my MentorDear Myrtle or Pat. I call her for many reasons "Madea" we are having lunch at the Blue Lemon with many others. This is how I get to kick Rootstech off. Meeting Dear Myrt! I hope I don't go OfF like a Party-POP! when I see her. To Top my night off. I got to see Cousin Russ! 

 I also spend time with my Black Pro Gen Sisters! I'm having Supper with them!  Can you believe I get to see them in person? Angela Y. Walton-Raji and Bernice Bennett! Especially my Cousin Shelley Murphy Family Tree Girl. 

The 1st person I see at Rootstech is Thomas McAntee of our very own Geneabloggers! What are the Odds? Unbelievable. I was so glad to hug him. 

On Wednesday! I'll have a special surprise for you! Don't worry, I'll give you all the details AFTER the Event. You won't want to miss this one! Trust ME!

On Thursday at 4:20 I have appointment with Family ChartMasters! very exciting on how they will help me put my Slavery Heritage Family on display for a gift to the Ivery's later. We have a Reunion in 2017 in Orlando, Florida. 

Friday! By Special Invitation I go to the After Party. My Heritage is Hosting! There will be Prizes and I know that is gonna be one heck of a shindig. 

I'm getting up early everyday! I'll rest when I get back to Kentucky!

I'm sure my night life will be up to par as well! I plan on "Hanging Out" as much as possible.

The After Party with Dear Myrtle and Friends will be a Blast! I'm bringing something sweet and special from my Home State! So you will have to come back for that Surprise!

I'll have lots of pictures to show! I am gonna do my best to let you see the in's and out's of the week. I'm gonna miss Hilary and Caitlin and Paul and a few others but we will try our best to make them feel like they are here with us. I'll have lots to share! 

If you can't be there. My Blog Sister Cheryl of Carolina Girl!  has a Link to all that is Online for live streaming! Take a Look at her Blog. She has tons of information and experience. I followed her around Rootstech 2015 when I couldn't make it. 

See ya! at Rootstech 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah! in Person and Virtually!


My True Roots "Calling Card"

Family Heirlooms ✿ Moms Hankies

My True Roots
Mom and her Hankies

When Mom passed away Tuesday, November 11th, 2008. 

We had to go through all her personal items. Mom had Southern Charm and all the attributes a Southern Lady has. This is just one of her many etiquettes she kept tradition with .... was Hankies.

She kept them in all her purses and a few coat pockets. A lady always keeps her hankies near by.

Mom had a special drawer in her extra bedroom where she kept dainty items of the day for any occasion in excess and easy access to for times in need.  These are some of those. 

When I think of hankies I think of the movies where Women kept them tucked in the sleeve of a dress, right above the wrist. Tears and Joy where held in hankies. Who came up with the idea if you dropped a hanky right before a guy you liked, it would get his attention?  I think I watched Gone with the Wind to much. 
Silly to think of that now.  

 There were quite a few packets of Lady Hankies. Some where very old and laying in display. I choose these to make a special memory. Already embroidered with flowers from the past.  I took them to a seamstress and had her embroider Moms name Tinnie and the year she passed, 2008

My True Roots
Moms Hankie

I gave them to some special ladies in my life. I saved the baby blue one for me. One of her favorite colors as well. I keep in my Bible right at the Book of Matthew which was her favorite Chapter. I do that just so I'm close to her presence everyday in my own special way.  Mom saved them and now I try to get use out of them. 

She saved them for a Special day, but every day is Special to me. 

 Mom called me "Sweet-Pea" and I thought the blue one represented Sweet Peas. 

I'm pretty sure that is not the name of the flower. If someone can tell me, please Leave me a NoTe or Comment. 

I'd just like to call them Sweet Peas. 

The purple one is for my Granddaughter I keep that in a safe place. Little girls love pink and purple. I think the seamtress did this so tenderly with the right font and stitch for colors to coordinate what was already on them. I think Mom would enjoy the special touch I put on them. 

I made this a Family Heirloom

Something New from Something Old

Thank You for letting me share one of many of my favorite Heirlooms. 

Thank You Mom for these intricate delicate Gifts
I enjoy sharing and caring for these. 

Stop by and Enjoy my Blog Sisters post on their 
Family Heirlooms

Jeanne Bryan Insalaco: Everyone has a Story to Tell 
Cathy Meder-Dempsey: Opening Doors in Brick Walls 
Vera Marie Badertscher: Ancestors In Aprons
Karen Beisfeld: Vorfahhrensucher
Schalene Jennings Dagutis: Tangled Roots and Trees
Jacqui Kirkman: Leaves on my Family Tree 
Kendra Schmidt: Trek Thru Time

Genealogy Roadshow PBS William & Minty Ivey/Ivery

My True Roots

Meet Me in St. Louis.......

How I got on the show....

What Did you Find OUT? 

I think that's the MOST question I've been asked through all of this. This Summer, June 13th, 2014 they had Open Casting. I actually found the information floating around Google+. After pondering and thinking. I opened my Bible and read the 1st passage that I had opened up to. Read. Contemplated & Prayed. I don't take these things lightly. Like I said there is a Spiritual Component to me researching my Ancestors
 I knew it could be anything. Whatever it was I was gonna have to Accept it on behalf of my Family.  
I Got my laptop out and applied.  2 weeks later My point of Contact asked if I could do a interview? I said YeS! Thank Goodness. I practiced for a week and my DNA Cousin Shelley Murphy  Family Tree Girl!  click link. Hello Mother!
 She helped me out for a evening of conversation. She doesn't know it, but she knows now! We had wanted "Face Time" so it was perfect timing. 
My contact for the show, She emailed me details on the date and time. My interviewer made me so comfortable it was like a Great Conversation with someone you meet unexpectedly. 
It was the longest 3 weeks of my Life! I was wondering everyday and hoping they could find something. Did I say some off the wall thing? Was I boring? All kinds of thoughts ran in my head. Finally she called me back around July 23rd and said; Can you come to St. Louis in August? Sure; when? She replied we have taping on August 21st through the 23rd. During those 3 weeks, I'm waiting by the phone, checking email constantly through all this period. Making sure I didn't miss any calls or communication online. I had all 3 items with me at all times. Cell phone. Land line. Laptop. It was Hilarious and nerve wrecking! I was a bunch of nerves for a month. I only shared with a handful of people. I didn't want anyone to know I applied in case I didn't make it! I would only know!  So finally I broke down in a Whisper to her. Did I make the Show?  she says YEs!! We liked your Story and you made it!!!!! YEs you can tell Everyone your really gonna be on the Genealogy Roadshow!

My True Roots

You know I had to ask her like 3 to 4 times through the whole conversation. I had MaDe It! She said I was more than Welcomed and that I had 10 spots available for family and friends! 
YEs True! You made it! Your gonna be on the Genealogy Roadshow! You made IT!

My Application had been Accepted! I went BoNkeRs! I had never tried anything like this in my Whole Life. I too always wondered? How do they pick Folks for these shows? Well now I know! The process went without any hiccups. It was smooth I couldn't even attest to any other way it would go. 
My Experience was a Once in a Lifetime Dream.
It spoke so much as to who My True Roots was and I was Ecstatic for Her and for Me! 
Especially for my Family. 
This is who it was Truly for. It was all Done out of Love for my Family on all sides. They choose to pick Grandaddy Ike's people. 
Out of 100,000 applications between 3 Cities. New Orleans. Philadelphia. St. Louis

                My Ol'Slave Made it!

Who is William Ivey?

I have a Timeline of 64 years of his Life for 1817 to 1881 for all I know by documentation for 
Grandfather William Ivey

William Ivey was born in around 1817. I've seen as early as 1812. What was going in this Country where it says he was born in South Carolina?

The State of Alabama had Freed it's Slaves by  The 13th Amendment which was on February 1st, 1865. 

 1st Census that I can find William Ivey is in 1870. 

William and Minty Ivey became a family in or around 1850 when Minty first conceived child at the age of 15. A daughter named

In 1853 William & Minty Welcomed and Praised God for their 1st Son. Issac "Ike" Ivery! He is who My Family honors every 2 years in Reunion.
 He was my 3rd Great Grandfather. A Slave......

This is where Genealogy Roadshow at St. Louis Union Station on PBS! comes in for my Family. 
Right under the St.Louis Historical Landmark at the Grand Union Station. Click here for more Information. 
"The Whispering Arch"". 
I can now tell that Whisper Secret out LOUD to you all!  

My question on application was? I needed to know was my Ivery's Slaves? Free Persons of Color? How did they attain their Last Name of IVERY? 

They find out William Ivey age 48.  He was my 4th Great Grandfather. A Slave...... Slaves! and Minty is with him. She was 31.  They were Married on....

Sunday! "November 5th,1865"
My True Roots
William & Minty Ivey Marriage License

Now just think for a moment......

It took them 15 years, 15 Years...15 years to be able to go to the Courthouse in Pike County, Alabama to legally get married. Only for the simple reason they were FREE! They were SLAVES in PIKE County, ALABAMA as we know of today. Genealogy Roadshow provided proof they were not Free People of Color. 11 other Couples got married that same day.  

Prior to their Marriage I'm sure since they had their 1st child in 1850 which is 15 years earlier I just know they "Jumped the Broom" on the Plantation! 

 By 1865 they had 6 children born to their union already. Including Granddaddy Ike! he was born in 1853. He was 12 years old when he saw his Daddy and Momma being married. 
I know what I was doing at the age of 12; so I can just "Imagine"!  I dream of me being there with watchful eyes, being happy and content. 

Bullock County, Alabama was formed December 5, 1866. Before that it's made up of parts of Pike and surrounding Counties. I've learned over time when the borders for the counties changed. 

In 1870 they were living in Ridgely, Bullock County, Alabama. Married for 5 years legally. Together for 20 Years total! William was 53. Minty was 35. 

 I can see where Granddaddy Ike was getting his youthful ways from!
 Granddaddy Ike was 70 in 1923 when his last child was born! 

My True Roots
William & Minty Ivey 1870 Census, Ala.

In 1880 William was 63. Living in Bullock County.
1881 he is still Living. I know from his daughter Isabelle (Belle) Ivery was marrying Charles Haynes on May 28, 1881. On the marriage license it states where were they married? It was wrote; the above parties were married by me on her Father William Ivey's Place. When I saw that! I was doing the Genealogy "Happy Dance". I just stared at that last LINE. He was still with us!

Look Below

My True Roots
Isabelle Ivey & Charles Haynes Marriage License

So we know until 1881 he was still here at the age of 64. After that his location remains unknown to me. I can't find them on 1900 Census for Bullock County, Ala. 

My Family has a great start on finding more about Grandpa William and Granny Minta. 

This was a Emotional Journey. A time of Reflection and Contemplation. When you do this for so long and you get this Item. It's Overwhelming. So much is lost and gone. We might never find it all. So when this happened for Us. This Document we received. It's truly treasured. 

 This Marriage License it might seem like a small is Not. It is my Family's Oldest Document now. That one piece of paper tells a Story for all of us Ivery's! It says who we are.  That We exist. We come from this Soil. This Land. We were Slaves. We were Free.  This is confirmation. With this Document I can go further.There is more Work for me to do. Along with Potential Slave Owners from the research papers Genealogy Roadshow gave me of what they researched. It goes to show you also how Important On-Site Research is necessary. You can't find everything Online. I will do it lovingly for as long as I can. This also gave me more Confidence. As long as I have been doing genealogy and I feel seasoned. I try to be as accurate as possible. Sometimes I get nervous.   This was a lesson that I was doing my research correctly. It confirmed to me I can do this. My work can be passed on. It was relief to have a 2nd pair of eyes looking at what I do and that they know I can appreciate what they do as Professionals. This is hard work. It takes time and so much patience. It's not for the weary. There are many joys! The sorrows come equally with it. 

It's about Perseverance and Preservation with Collaboration
So I advise anyone who comes to you with interest. Love in their heart and conviction. Please take the time to help them. To share with them. Commune with them. We can not do this work alone. It takes a Family like mine who patiently walks on this journey with me anytime I need answers. Pictures. Documents. Or just to talk. I Truly stress My True Roots does not do this Alone. 
We All have a Story. I'm just trying to TELL Mine, Ours. 

Many Thanks and Gratitude for PBS. Genealogy Roadshow. Mr. Krasnow. Kenyatta Berry and My Producer LaMonte! My Researcher LaDonna. You two know who you are! Lisa Landrum and all the behind scenes people like Josh and Mary! Ms. Kay Porter for extending a Invitation for Pre-Screening to my Family from Nine Network out of St. Louis! My Cousin James, Bea, John Kite. Mommie & Daddy. My Beloved Aunt Sallie Bea. She always said she knew my Heart from Looking into my Eyes. Family. Bug&Pidge, my Parents. My Fellow Blogger Community. Everyone was on this Journey with Me, no matter what or how we have come to know each other. I took ALL of you along with my Ancestors. You were all there in St. Louis with me in Spirit. So this is just as much as my Journey as it is Yours. 
 I look forward to working with Pike County Courthouse. A first for me. 

This has been a time. I'm grateful for all the opportunities and the chance to be accepted on the show to exhibit that you can find your Ancestors with a little work. I'm thankful they showed my Family as a Example. 

 It's been a long 9 months! To hold a Secret in confidence. I felt like I was gonna "burst" by the time February 10th came and it ALL happened during
 "Black History Month"!

I think I have come a long way.....
The St. Louis Union Station episode was February 1oth, 2015.
I'll always Remember and Cherish for being on Season 2 of Genealogy Roadshow on PBS. During Black History Month and near Grandaddy Ike's Birthday. It was meant to be!

Our Ol'Slave Granddaddy Ike Ivery whom my Family holds in high Esteem and Honor. He has earned his rightful place 162 years later! His Birthday is February 14th, 1853!
Happy 78th Heavenly Birthday! 
My True Roots
Granddaddy Ike & Me. 2009.

You ushered in a Great Birthday Gift to your Descendants! 
We; your Proud Descendants.We now have your Parents in their rightful Place to take us a bit further. 
We understand. WHY Family is so Important to you? Why you felt so compelled? Always keeping your 23 children together. What you learned from your Father and Mother that you carried the tradition on. It will Continue. So may it Be!

You were there Granddaddy Ike, that Day! as a Witness. Now this Marriage Licence will bear Witness to All. 

Sunday, November 5th, 1865!
One Early Sunday Mornin'!....
You were there....You were there. 

My True Roots
Lisa~ Kenyatta ~ Me

My True Roots
Girl Talk during Filming Break

My True Roots
Break from Filming

You can find ME at Twitter

  ThatGirl!@MyTrueRoots on Twitter


My True Roots on Facebook

More Info on Pike County

Thanks to my Friend and Filmmaker Susan! (click here) She has Supported me so much in this Journey. She can help you Preserve your Family History as well. Look below at Link at what she did for US!

My Family Documentary about Ike Ivery to Me

Dedicated to My 1st & Only Granddaughter: Jai ! 
& My Future Descendants. 
I hope I made you Proud. 

Leave me a NoTe or a Comment!
Let me know what you THINK!
2-10-2015 Originally Posted
Dear Heavenly Father, I'm so "Grateful". it's Flowing from my Heart.

I Thessalonians 5:18


In EVERYTHING Give Thanks: For this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning YOU.

Election Day! A Slave & Father Theodore Hesburgh - President of Notre Dame.

My Story of our Family's Connection to Father Hesburgh

President of Notre Dame
from 1952-1987 

Born & Died
 May 25th, 1917  - February 26th, 2015 

The Grandson of a Slave & a 
Catholic College President

 Our Connection to Father Theodore M. Hesburgh!

Father Hesburgh was Appointed a Charter Member by Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower to be on the 
U. S. Commission on Civil Rights in 1957. He chaired from 1969-1972. 

He interviewed, met and knew my Cousin Aaron Sellers and said
"God Bless You"! 

Just like that Father Hesburgh went down in History with my Family Legacy

This is how American History intersected 
with Father Hesburgh and the Ivery's

For a long time now; I heard the oral history stories about Cousin Aaron from his Daughter, grandchildren and many family members along with Daddy that he was OUR Civil & Voting Rights Pioneer in our Family. Little details here and there. 
I just hadn't really seen it in black and white with the old typewriter print. 

I come from a fairly large family. Over time I have learned my Family's role in this Country. We might of been Slaves but we made it All the way to the White House. Time and time again! 

My Cousin Brad is a Mayor. He is the nephew of Cousin Aaron. Another Generation! So you see the Apple doesn't fall far from the Ivery Tree

Cousin Mayor Brad and Pres. Obama 

Granddaddy Ike died in 1937. Born a Slave but Died a FREE man. I just wonder what he thought of his 23 year old Grandson Aaron
& Great Grandson Brad ?
I wish I could of asked Cousin Aaron in 2007 so many questions about Granddaddy. I was in such awe when I first met him in 2003. 
Cousin Aaron got to Vote for the 1st African American President. There were 3 Deaths in November. My Mom; age 85 on November 11th, 2008. President Obama's Grandma & Cousin Aaron. November 2nd,2008.
They all got to live to see and Vote! 

Today is Election Day where I live. This is a reminder of WHY I am suppose to VOTE. My family as many others of all Nationalities have DIED and Bleed for our Right to do so. My Cousin Aaron stood his ground after many threats in his small town of Midway where at any moment his Life could of been taken in the still of the night and nobody would of gave a damn.  I will not let what my Cousin Aaron and many in my Family and what Father Hesburgh did for ALL, be in Vain. 

We can look back and this blog post does no Justice on all that went on around the Country. I'm just giving you a glimpse from my perspective on my family and what their involvement in the Civil and Voting Rights Commission lead to. We need to Honor those TODAY and forever more on all that they sacrificed. 

That's ALL the reason I need to know to get up  early and VOTE 

The Ivery's know what their Civic Duty is to this Country. 

Do you?

Cousin Aaron was a farmer. He owned 240 acres. 

He farmed all his Life. He taught his 2 Daughters Gladys and Annie Pearl. They could handle the farm and a hoe just like their Daddy.
 They are still with us today. I just saw them in Pittsburgh of July 2015 celebrating our 20 years of Remembering our Grandfather Ike Ivery
From whom we all descend from. That is our Common Thread. 

Cousin Aaron Sellers Mother
 was Lela B. Ivery Sellers 
she was the Daughter of Ike Ivery 
My True Roots
Mrs. Lela B. Ivery Sellers

She's my Grandma Eddie Lee Ivery Lewis's Sister. 
They have the same Mother Mary Haynes who was married to Ike Ivery in 1875. His 1st of 3 Wives.  Aunt Lela and Grandma Eddie are 2 of his 23 children. That is how we are kin. 

Cousin Aaron was 40 when he was summoned by Tuskegee Institute Professor Charles G. Gomillion out of his fields in 1954 to make a difference in the Lives of Black Folk. 

Professor Gomillion knew of every Negro that was denied the right to Vote in Alabama.  So he sought them out.

This LINK will take you to 
 Interviews of Dr. Charles G. Gomillion  
Housed at the University of Virginia. 

So you can see Dr. Gomillion in person and in voice. What his significance on Civil Rights means. 
They wanted Cousin Aaron Sellers to aid the Citizens of Bullock County, and the State of Alabama on the Right to Vote

Cousin Aaron established the 1st Chapter of the NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at Oak Grove #1 Baptist Church and became it's 1st President!

He was secretly taken to testify on the Voting Rights Commission. He had been threatened over his Land. He had made 6 attempts at trying to Vote and was denied.

Cousin Aaron was always trying to find a way to help OUR People over the decades. So you can imagine all the things living in the deep south all he had to experience in his Lifetime.

My Blog Sister Nicka Smith of Who is Nicka Smith?  Text and asked me; Did I look for my Cousins records yet? I said No....Nicka said; the records are in Public Domain! 
She has a family member over there as well. She had his testimony from the very same Commissioner Storey that Interviewed her family member the Atlas's in New Orleans. 

Random Act of Kindness from a Colleague and Friend! Just for the simple reason she kept up with my Stories & Remembered I had mentioned it to her.

The Ties that Bind Us. 

So of course! I was taken aback and astonished and didn't know what to do but Holler and send her way to many texts Thanking her. For some reason I thought they were classified or I would have to pay a gazillions bucks to get them. 

It was 322 pages of Testimony right in my lap for me to read!

Also there is a Transcript of Testimony on how the Committee Members was formed and commissioned to be on the Panel. These 22 pages housed at the University of Michigan are filled with their Nomination Testimony!

 This Link has a Excerpt of Testimony
 of Commission being Formed 

Father Hesburgh understood the racial disparities in the country. They were honored to be on the panel. Father Hesburgh also said after someone mentioned, this should be solved at the local level. He wanted it to be nationwide. Father also suggested they take these issues on as they come. 

Father Hesburgh was very diligent on his intent and his strong views. He never wavered no matter how many times or ways he was asked. He believed All Citizens where Created Equal! 
He said so over many conversations. 

The Men on this Panel I will do further research. It's the Genealogy way!

 I want to put them in perspective and see their Whole Lives. How it became that they had come to this Point in their Life and Career?  It deserves  research. They are part of our collective History and How we are here today with these RIGHTS. 

That's the backdrop of this Story

Now on to the Genealogy Goody Gem!,+1958+Montgomery+ala&source=bl&ots=DJimD25c91&sig=VQK_VtHPS83fUGP1fZgg_T9J_4Q&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDUQ6AEwBmoVChMIm5bMg_XwyAIVSOEmCh0TvAcG#v=onepage&q=december%208th%2C%201958%20Montgomery%20ala&f=false

This photo was in Mary Frances Berry book called 
"And Justice for All"
Cousin Aaron was on page 10 & 11

This was found at 11:45 pm on Sunday. Last minute on Google. Somebody in Heaven was looking out for me.
 I almost gave up. I was so tired. I searched one more time. The photo above is a result of burning the midnight oil just to find that perfect photo of what actually happened that day. The PHOTO brought us right into the Hearing!

Names of the Commissioner's

Future Governor of Alabama: Honorable George C. Wallace

Cousin Aaron's Testimony



 322 Pages of Testimony

Genealogical Sketch for Aaron Sellers and True 

Caro, Robert A. The Years of Lyndon Johnson. Cousin Aaron Sellers was interviewed and was mentioned in Mr. Caro's book. 

Thank You for stopping Over....I hope you got out and went to VOTE today! 

Best Regards
November 3rd, 2015.