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Did I find Granddaddy Ike Ivery's Land?

Did I find Granddaddy Ike Ivery's Land?

Or where he was Living his last few years of Life?

As I was researching for Granddaddy's Ike's Son William. He is listed on page 11. When I notice the name of the Road he is Living on.....OhMy! I take another glance at this!

NoTe's To MySelf


1930 Bullock County, Midway Alabama Census
Source Citation
Year: 1930; Census Place: Midway, Bullock, Alabama; Roll: 3; Page: 7B;Enumeration District: 0003; Image: 52.0; FHL microfilm: 2339738
Enumeration District : 3; Description: PRECINCT 1, MIDWAY (SOUTH PART), EXCLUDING MIDWAY TOWN


My True Roots
Granddaddy Ike in 1930 Line 68    

Directions: to Old Pine Grove Road: 

Follow AL-110 and AL-6 East/US-82 East to Old Pine Grove Road

My True Roots
Streetview of Old Pine Grove Road

What's AMAZING! I see Granddaddy Ike!
 After all these years with this Census in my Records, he is Living on Pine Grove Road! on Page 14! Line 68! with Berta!

 Dwelling #117, Family #119

I'm not sure if this Census was updated? Or did I misread all this time? How many times have I gone over this 1 Census? I learn something new every time of things I missed before. 

Does this coincide with the 1912 Deed I have? So many questions! Was he renting from his Son William? Did they exchange Ownership because of his ill health? Granddaddy Ike died in 1937. Is this the same Road in 1930 as in 2014 from Google Maps? Aunt Sall said he was sick his last few years. Could that be a possibility? 

Leave me a "NoTe" or Comment and let me know what you Think?

My True Roots
Old Pine Grove Road as of 2014 

Granddaddy Ike!

Bless your Heart! I'm beyond myself on this Saturday Morning....It's on the Census. You are surrounded by your children. 

I'll have to find supporting Documents as a good researcher would.  What else can I believe? For now it's the closest I have come and I'm going with it. After 7 years. Today was the Day. 

I'll continue to follow your Footprints you so left behind, to Lead me to the Truth.

Genealogical Sketch

William Ivey  1817 
Ike Ivery  1853~1937
Eddie Lee Ivery Lewis  1884~1946
James E. Lewis Sr.  1918~2009
James Jr. and then came Me
True Lewis 

My True Roots
Me and Granddaddy Ike. 2009.

Thanks to my BlogSister Kristin Cleage  of Finding Eliza. That Doorbell ring must of been for me this Morning.

I can't wait to get to Midway, Alabama

I have to walk on this Land

 Old Pine Grove Road.

I have to....I just have to.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hannah Barrick 1859-1860

Hannah Barrick was born about May 1859. 

She passed away on May 31, 1860. 

Hannah only lived 1 year. 2 months and 19 days.

She died of Scrofula. A tuberculous infection in the lymph nodes in the neck. 

Source for Hannah Barrick's death: Found on Ancestry. 

US Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index, 1850-1880.  

ID # 317_486

Sometimes referred as Tuberculosis. Pott's Disease. I can't believe Mr. Charles W. Mixer came up with this syrup.

Cancer & Scrofula Syrup

She is buried at Bethany Cemetery. Guisetown. Newville, Pennsylvania. Cumberland County. 

She was the 12th child of 13. 

Born to my 3rd Great Grandmother Rebecca Barrick (1820 ~ 1896) and Great Grandfather Andrew Barrick (1817 ~1876). 

Andrew and Rebecca Barrick

My Grandma Rebecca was 39 years old the year she gave birth to Hannah.

Hannah is my 2nd Great Aunt

A lot of my Genealogy Bloggers were talking about March 24th was World Tuberculosis Day, over at Geneabloggers  so it got me to thinking who in my family had TB? 

I had Aunt Francis and my Aunt Hannah

Aunt Hannah is a baby. She got to my heartstrings. 

Rest Well Aunt Hannah.....

Friday, March 13, 2015

Heritage Books for Genealogical Research

What other Tools do you have in your  Genealogy Backpack? 

One for me! Is my Heritage Book Volumn 6 for Bullock County, Alabama

My True Roots
Heritage Book of Bullock County, Alabama. 2011

It helps me so much in learning about the County my Family of Slaves and where Generations stayed put. Even through Migration and moving back. Why some left? Why some stayed

It's gives a Biographical Insight from the time when Bullock County, Alabama was established in December of 1855 until 2004. It has so many pictures and family histories and each little Community within the Towns in the County. 

My family is from the area known as Antioch and Mt. Coney

This Heritage Book was bought back a few years ago for me. Through Heritage Publishing. At the time in 2011 when I ordered it was on sale for 35.00, it was originally 65.00. I called that a bargain!  I could keep it, own and have readily available to me any given moment. It's a Source for me to back up other Sources. 

  I had no where to turn Online for my town of Midway within Bullock County, Alabama.

Most of the genealogical records have been ordered by someone picking them up for me. Ordering through ADAH. Alabama Department of Archives and History. Or going through my Mentor the President of the Bullock County Historical SocietyMr. Dean Spratlin.
I take 2 trips a year. In October and  Summer. Sometimes it's on a whim because of a funeral or family gathering. Even on those sad occasions, I bring something back from the Courthouse or a new Cemetery headstone find. 

I'm still playing catchup. I think I'm doing pretty good for my Ancestral Hometown being able to do location research. 

Europe is another story which I'll mention below.

Midway, Bullock County, Alabama is very Important to my research. It's where my Slave family started. A lot of those records are in this Courthouse and you must do on site research. I can't stress that enough. I have gathered much information from there whereas otherwise I wouldn't of got from Ordering or doing Online research. This County was formed in 1855 and they are just getting up to par on digital technology for most of their records. There are still those gems you won't find, anywhere unless you are there. 

Midway, Alabama is a small close nit Community. It's a sleepy town. It's in Bullock County, the county seat is in Union Springs. It's Population was over 200,000 people in it's heyday. On June 27, 2001 census recorded from this book, the Population was 11,714. The land area is about 625 square miles. 

My True Roots
Map of Bullock County, 2004.

You can see a bit of Bullock County, Midway, Alabama in my Documentary here: Granddaddy Ike's Story to True! 

This was never done before in my Family. I went on a 3 day trip with my Filmmaker Susan Soble of Family Line Video. To record all the Important and Catalyst Icons of my Family History. Plus I got a bonus and got my family to do some Oral History Interviews. That is how I got started in Genealogy. My Oral History Interviews turned into Research which in turn led me to what we know as Genealogy

 Most of it's records are what I like to call Onsite Research. I haven't even counted all the hours of research I've had to spend there in Union Springs Courthouse. It's been with a lot of Joy and I look forward to always returning with a pair of new eyes. 

I would check the site out, you might be able to find a Heritage Book that is very detailed on a location you just might be researching. Many profiles of the family's that have lived there over time. I'm always amazed at the Surname List in the back of the book for reference. Many are my Family. There's Native Americans that were there during the time. War service. All the buildings that were built even down to the Jail and Post office. Distilleries and such.

Now Im Off to Cuckney, Nottinghamshire England!!. 

I have to learn and concentrate and find all I can on my 6th Great Grandmother Sarah Hinde.

Born in 1702. She died 1770 in St. Mary's Maryland. She is married to William Watson where my Irish comes in!
My Irish Eyes are Showing

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Best Regards, True!  �� 

48 Slaves of Barna Ivey #3

This is my 3rd Installment of the Will & Appraisement Record for Barna Ivey recorded in Macon County, Alabama 1855

It's a breakdown of the Slaves he owned. Their Names....

This is to help. For one day their Descendants will come to find them. To let them know they weren't thought of as the Property there are in this Will. To let them know they are People

 As Family

If you haven't read the Beginning or Post of the "48 Slaves of Barna Ivey" You can click below for the previous pieces. 

 Part 1 of Barna Ivey's Slaves

 Part 2 of Barna Ivey Slaves Given to Wit for Lois Emma

I will Continually post the Picture of the page from the Will & Appraisement Record. For Reference. Then enlarge the part we are in  reference for. 

I'm not able to read all the Names.

My True Roots
Slaves of Barna Ivey 

You can add your Comments and leave me a NoTe in the Comment Section.

This is hard work for me. I'm not a Academic or  Scholar. So I will try to write and explain as best as I can. Please forgive me. 
Charge it to my Mind and not my Heart. 
I'm doing this in the best capacity as I know how.

For this Piece I will list the 15 Names, Ages and Value of the Ivey Slaves:

Appraisements of the following Negroes to wit:

My True Roots
15 Slaves of Barna Ivey 

Charles:      a Man   22 years  1700.00

Addison:     a Man   24 years   900.00

Joe:*              a Man   68 years   300.00

Clara:          a Woman  30 years  400.00

Tempa: *  (Temperance)  a  Girl   9 years   330.00

Ciril: *        (Civil)   a Girl            6 years   450.00

Emaline:    a Woman   45 years   500.00

Sella:           a  Girl               16 years   950.00

Lucinda:     a  Girl                  8 years   500.00

Lou Ann:    a  Girl                    ? years   450.00

Early:          a   Boy                   7 years   500.00

Peter:          a   Boy                  5 years   400.00

Wesley:      a   Boy                  3 years   300.00

Almira *       ?                     7 months     150.00

Henrietta:  a  Girl                  12 years    800.00

I wasn't able to decipher 3 of the 15 Slaves names.

This Estate file has many Dates. I will go by the date for now as to what I can see. 

This only furthers my curiosity as to their ages and when they were possibly born? For Instance, Joe is 68 years old......and a 7 month old baby only worth 150.00 Dollars?

Putting him possibly in the 1780 time frame.  
Ivey's have a long history with Slavery.

After Post #4, I will give a Summary of my Thoughts and Questions about these Slaves with this Family.

I had to break the Will & Appraisement down into 4 parts to understand it. 

This will make me look further into what was happening for Barna Ivey while he was a child? What led up to him having these Slaves?

Possibly answer what happened to his Estate afterwards?

Where did these Slaves go?

For the 15 Slaves mentioned here. We Speak Your Names.....

Charles. Addison. Joe. Clara. Tempa. Emaline. Sella. Lucinda. Lu Ann. Early. Peter. Wesley. Almira. Henrietta.

 The 3 I haven't been able to decipher the handwriting. Hopefully someone will come along and help me Name you as well.We will hold you in Remembrance as well.

Rest my Dear are always on my mind and in my heart. 

See you all soon for Part 4.

Thanks for following along. 

Best Regards, True!

SideNote: Adjustment for 
Slave 5:     Tampe/Tempe* (Temperance) 
Slave 6:     Ciril/Civil*  
Slave 14:   Almira*

My BlogSisters Cathy & Wendy along with Teresa
 BrotherBlogger TA  after posting. They helped lend their Observations of the Names of 3 Slaves I couldn't decipher, plus Joc/Joe*

Where the * is. 

We are all in consensus with a few others. Until further investigation or knowledge of them comes about. I will account for their Names as we agreed on. 

Collaboration in the Genealogy was much needed. When you look at Documents so long sometimes you can't see straight. This is where the GenCommunity comes in handy. Which is dandy! Personal Thanks to my Geneabloggers for the help with 2nd eyes!

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48 Slaves of Barna Ivey #2

Lois Emma Ivey

 She was born October 27th, 1839. Died  January 7th, 1926. Buried at Tuskegee City Cemetery. 

She was a Minor in Barna Ivey's will. She is sometimes noted as Emma Lois as well. It can be confusing. This named was used a lot with future generations. For now I can keep them straight.

 I have so much information, that over time I will add to this profile. I don't want the focus to be on the Slave owner. They do provide much insight into the Lives of "My Slaves"  and whom they have been around. The main focus should be on them. I claim them and will do all I can to protect them until their Descendants find them. 

Any Descendant of the Ivey Family is more than welcome to contact me for any of the documents I have received. 

 She was one of the youngest of her Fathers children.  She eventually went on to marry William Walton DuBose, with whom she had 8 children. 

 These Slaves are part of her dowry and inheritance. 

Remember her Brothers Malachi and William, they were Executors of their Father, Barna Ivey's estate after he died. 

In my Records you can see where they account for all her Inheritance when it came time for schooling and supplies. 

Part #1 is here if you missed the 1st Introduction:  Slaves of Barna Ivey 

This File is very detailed, mainly for accounting purposes. 
I can't post them all here.  I'll show an example. 

My True Roots

What I noticed about this Document in the Estate says Midway, Alabama. January 8th, 1859. My Ancestral Hometown where most of my Research is based from. This tells me she was around my actual Slave Family of my Ivery / Ivey Line.

Part of the Will & Appraisement Record Macon County: 1855-1856. States on page 474:

The Following are the Negroes valued and set apart, by Malachi and William Ivey - Executor of Barna Ivey

Also a parted by the legalities of said "   " " his Last Will and Testament to said; Lois Emma Ivey Daughter of Barna Ivey also.

The Original Document for Visual Purposes 

Abram age 24.           1183.oo

Ann      age 22.            917.00

Jane     age 17.             991.00

Washington ? age 6   463.00

My True Roots
Highlighted Portion of the Will of 4 Slaves Given to Emma Lois Ivey

This Document was part of the Original Will. Just blown up for visual purposes.

I wonder what relationship, if any; of the  4 Slaves is to each other? 

My True Roots
4 Slaves being assigned to Lois Emma Ivey

This Document was in a separate account of the Will for Allowances. It shows On January 1st, 1858 is when it was made Legal. I notice that W. W. Dubose signs.....He is her husband. I'm not sure of the reference there? Many questions as to why the husband is signing? 
Did she have Coverture status over her in the State of Alabama?

What were the stipulations of the time when Women received Property? 
Are they solely hers or do they add to the husbands Appraisement? 
Were Emma Lois and William Walton DuBose married at this date? 
Things I have. I just have to look and record. 

This is the Estate File for all my Sources used in this Blog regarding: Emma Lois Ivey DuBose. 

My True Roots
Emma Lois Ivey Estate Case File

Please leave a NoTe or Comment.

 Thanks for Stopping by. This is part of the #SlaveNameRoll Project

At the end of this Project, I will give a Summary of all that I have found and what some of it means? 
I had to break the Will & Appraisement down into 4 parts. 
So I could decipher what was going on when Barna Ivey died. To be able to give you history on his life as a Child, before he owned his Slaves. 

How this all came about. 

Hopefully what happened to these Slaves?

You can find more Information for other Slaves at my BlogSister's Blog:  Tangled Roots and Trees!

These Ivey Slaves are added to the 

Slave Name Roll Project.

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48 Slaves of Barna Ivey

48 Slaves....

My Blog Sister Schalene! of Tangled Roots & Trees decided to start a Slave Name Roll Project to Honor a Place for the Slaves

You can go here to add the Slaves you know of. So they will have a place. If you have Slaves or know someone who doesn't quite know where to put the information? Please take time and pass the word about the project. Schalene will be more than Thankful to add them for you. 

My True Roots is my Safe Haven for my Slaves and Ancestors to be remembered Collectively in One Place. This is what the Slave Name Roll Project will do as well.

The Slave Name Roll Project, is not just for Black History Month in February but a Continuation of Work.

This is what Collaboration is all about. 

Finding Slaves is Collaborative. Often times these records are in personal papers. That is why so many hit the infamous "Brickwall of 1870" they so often speak of. There is a way to knock it down and go around it. This is just one way. We have to work together to get the information out.

These are the 48 Slaves I want to Remember. Hopefully one day their Descendants will Find them.

My True Roots

With this Slave Blog Roll we are hoping many will find this as a way to put the Slaves they have Online to.

I think this is a great opportunity for all. Many times these records are hidden in private papers. 

These 48 Slaves are Owned by Barna Ivey born September 22, 1795 in North Carolina. Died November 21, 1856. Glenville, Alabama. His son Malachi Ivey was Executor of his Estate. 

In 1850 He was living in Barbour County, Alabama. Division 23. The Will & Appraisement Record was found in Macon County, Alabama. 
His Overseer was Richard Hill is located below on the 1850 census in the household of Barna Ivey. 
I've also seen Baron DeKalb Williams as a Overseer at one point as well. His history which I'll reveal later says he was a Overseer on Barna Ivey's plantation. 

My True Roots

I got these Records from Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery Alabama while looking for my Own Slaves. I'm a Blue Card Carrier. I ordered these in 2010. 

I'm a Member of Alabama Genealogical Society & Bullock County Historical Society. 

48 Slaves....

Here are the Sources I used to obtain the information on the Slaves and the Slave owner.

Click here for Extensive Research that I use:
Bob Baird His Work and Research is insurmountable. It has helped me extensively when I intertwine his research with my own. I hope he knows how much its appreciated? 

George Franks Ivey: The Ivey Family in the United States. Written in 1941 November 1st. Below is a Link to read. 

Ivey Descendant put on PDF

1850 Census: Barbour County, Ala. It names Richard Hill as Overseer.

NoTe'S To MySelf:  I have researched this Family of the Ivey's for over 10 years. In hopes of finding my Slaves.

My True Roots
My Personal Ivey Research 

I'm still grieving over these 48 Slaves. Who do they belong to? I'm constantly searching for who their Descendants are......

When I received this Packet from ADAH. I was overwhelmed. As I quietly sat. I was hoping to see the Names of my Ancestors; it was not to be. 

I still don't have the answer if they could really be my Family? Could they be in my DNA? Could these Slaves have been around my own Slave Family and not DNA related but considered them Family? 
Are my Slaveowners of Granddaddy William and Minty Ivey recently found on the Genealogy Roadshow related to these Slaveowners in some capacity?
 Many thoughts have run through my mind since obtaining these documents. 

I have a whole file on the Ivey Family. I study them like I study my Own Slave Ivey / Ivery's.

I Cried, Whooped, Hollered and Grieved over them because they are Somebodies Slaves. Somebody's Family
I will be back to update and revisit the Ivey Slaves. To put more of the Probate information up. 
Thanks to Cathy my BlogSister of  Opening Doors in Brick Walls for all the Encouragement!

It was a Blessing & Honor for me to Add these Slaves to the Project. May their Names be set Free

For more Information; Please feel free to contact me.

Leave me a NoTe or Comment

48 Slaves...

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Genealogy Roadshow PBS William & Minty Ivey/Ivery

My True Roots

Meet Me in St. Louis.......

How I got on the show....

What Did you Find OUT? 

I think that's the MOST question I've been asked through all of this. This Summer, June 13th, 2014 they had Open Casting. I actually found the information floating around Google+. After pondering and thinking. I opened my Bible and read the 1st passage that I had opened up to. Read. Contemplated & Prayed. I don't take these things lightly. Like I said there is a Spiritual Component to me researching my Ancestors
 I knew it could be anything. Whatever it was I was gonna have to Accept it on behalf of my Family.  
I Got my laptop out and applied.  2 weeks later My point of Contact asked if I could do a interview? I said YeS! Thank Goodness. I practiced for a week and my DNA Cousin Shelley Murphy  Family Tree Girl!  click link. Hello Mother!
 She helped me out for a evening of conversation. She doesn't know it, but she knows now! We had wanted "Face Time" so it was perfect timing. 
My contact for the show, She emailed me details on the date and time. My interviewer made me so comfortable it was like a Great Conversation with someone you meet unexpectedly. 
It was the longest 3 weeks of my Life! I was wondering everyday and hoping they could find something. Did I say some off the wall thing? Was I boring? All kinds of thoughts ran in my head. Finally she called me back around July 23rd and said; Can you come to St. Louis in August? Sure; when? She replied we have taping on August 21st through the 23rd. During those 3 weeks, I'm waiting by the phone, checking email constantly through all this period. Making sure I didn't miss any calls or communication online. I had all 3 items with me at all times. Cell phone. Land line. Laptop. It was Hilarious and nerve wrecking! I was a bunch of nerves for a month. I only shared with a handful of people. I didn't want anyone to know I applied in case I didn't make it! I would only know!  So finally I broke down in a Whisper to her. Did I make the Show?  she says YEs!! We liked your Story and you made it!!!!! YEs you can tell Everyone your really gonna be on the Genealogy Roadshow!

My True Roots

You know I had to ask her like 3 to 4 times through the whole conversation. I had MaDe It! She said I was more than Welcomed and that I had 10 spots available for family and friends! 
YEs True! You made it! Your gonna be on the Genealogy Roadshow! You made IT!

My Application had been Accepted! I went BoNkeRs! I had never tried anything like this in my Whole Life. I too always wondered? How do they pick Folks for these shows? Well now I know! The process went without any hiccups. It was smooth I couldn't even attest to any other way it would go. 
My Experience was a Once in a Lifetime Dream.
It spoke so much as to who My True Roots was and I was Ecstatic for Her and for Me! 
Especially for my Family. 
This is who it was Truly for. It was all Done out of Love for my Family on all sides. They choose to pick Grandaddy Ike's people. 
Out of 100,000 applications between 3 Cities. New Orleans. Philadelphia. St. Louis

                My Ol'Slave Made it!

Who is William Ivey?

I have a Timeline of 64 years of his Life for 1817 to 1881 for all I know by documentation for 
Grandfather William Ivey

William Ivey was born in around 1817. I've seen as early as 1812. What was going in this Country where it says he was born in South Carolina?

The State of Alabama had Freed it's Slaves by  The 13th Amendment which was on February 1st, 1865. 

 1st Census that I can find William Ivey is in 1870. 

William and Minty Ivey became a family in or around 1850 when Minty first conceived child at the age of 15. A daughter named

In 1853 William & Minty Welcomed and Praised God for their 1st Son. Issac "Ike" Ivery! He is who My Family honors every 2 years in Reunion.
 He was my 3rd Great Grandfather. A Slave......

This is where Genealogy Roadshow at St. Louis Union Station on PBS! comes in for my Family. 
Right under the St.Louis Historical Landmark at the Grand Union Station. Click here for more Information. 
"The Whispering Arch"". 
I can now tell that Whisper Secret out LOUD to you all!  

My question on application was? I needed to know was my Ivery's Slaves? Free Persons of Color? How did they attain their Last Name of IVERY? 

They find out William Ivey age 48.  He was my 4th Great Grandfather. A Slave...... Slaves! and Minty is with him. She was 31.  They were Married on....

Saturday! "November 4th,1865"
My True Roots
William & Minty Ivey Marriage License

Now just think for a moment......

It took them 15 years, 15 Years...15 years to be able to go to the Courthouse in Pike County, Alabama to legally get married. Only for the simple reason they were FREE! They were SLAVES in PIKE County, ALABAMA as we know of today. Genealogy Roadshow provided proof they were not Free People of Color. 11 other Couples got married that same day.  

Prior to their Marriage I'm sure since they had their 1st child in 1850 which is 15 years earlier I just know they "Jumped the Broom" on the Plantation! 

 By 1865 they had 6 children born to their union already. Including Granddaddy Ike! he was born in 1853. He was 12 years old when he saw his Daddy and Momma being married. 
I know what I was doing at the age of 12; so I can just "Imagine"!  I dream of me being there with watchful eyes, being happy and content. 

Bullock County, Alabama was formed December 5, 1866. Before that it's made up of parts of Pike and surrounding Counties. I've learned over time when the borders for the counties changed. 

In 1870 they were living in Ridgely, Bullock County, Alabama. Married for 5 years legally. Together for 20 Years total! William was 53. Minty was 35. 

 I can see where Granddaddy Ike was getting his youthful ways from!
 Granddaddy Ike was 70 in 1923 when his last child was born! 

My True Roots
William & Minty Ivey 1870 Census, Ala.

In 1880 William was 63. Living in Bullock County.
1881 he is still Living. I know from his daughter Isabelle (Belle) Ivery was marrying Charles Haynes on May 28, 1881. On the marriage license it states where were they married? It was wrote; the above parties were married by me on her Father William Ivey's Place. When I saw that! I was doing the Genealogy "Happy Dance". I just stared at that last LINE. He was still with us!

Look Below

My True Roots
Isabelle Ivey & Charles Haynes Marriage License

So we know until 1881 he was still here at the age of 64. After that his location remains unknown to me. I can't find them on 1900 Census for Bullock County, Ala. 

My Family has a great start on finding more about Grandpa William and Granny Minta. 

This was a Emotional Journey. A time of Reflection and Contemplation. When you do this for so long and you get this Item. It's Overwhelming. So much is lost and gone. We might never find it all. So when this happened for Us. This Document we received. It's truly treasured. 

 This Marriage License it might seem like a small is Not. It is my Family's Oldest Document now. That one piece of paper tells a Story for all of us Ivery's! It says who we are.  That We exist. We come from this Soil. This Land. We were Slaves. We were Free.  This is confirmation. With this Document I can go further.There is more Work for me to do. Along with Potential Slave Owners from the research papers Genealogy Roadshow gave me of what they researched. It goes to show you also how Important On-Site Research is necessary. You can't find everything Online. I will do it lovingly for as long as I can. This also gave me more Confidence. As long as I have been doing genealogy and I feel seasoned. I try to be as accurate as possible. Sometimes I get nervous.   This was a lesson that I was doing my research correctly. It confirmed to me I can do this. My work can be passed on. It was relief to have a 2nd pair of eyes looking at what I do and that they know I can appreciate what they do as Professionals. This is hard work. It takes time and so much patience. It's not for the weary. There are many joys! The sorrows come equally with it. 

It's about Perseverance and Preservation with Collaboration
So I advise anyone who comes to you with interest. Love in their heart and conviction. Please take the time to help them. To share with them. Commune with them. We can not do this work alone. It takes a Family like mine who patiently walks on this journey with me anytime I need answers. Pictures. Documents. Or just to talk. I Truly stress My True Roots does not do this Alone. 
We All have a Story. I'm just trying to TELL Mine, Ours. 

Many Thanks and Gratitude for PBS. Genealogy Roadshow. Mr. Krasnow. Kenyatta Berry and My Producer LaMonte! My Researcher LaDonna. You two know who you are! Lisa Landrum and all the behind scenes people like Josh and Mary! Ms. Kay Porter for extending a Invitation for Pre-Screening to my Family from Nine Network out of St. Louis! My Cousin James, Bea, John Kite. Mommie & Daddy. My Beloved Aunt Sallie Bea. She always said she knew my Heart from Looking into my Eyes. Family. Bug&Pidge, my Parents. My Fellow Blogger Community. Everyone was on this Journey with Me, no matter what or how we have come to know each other. I took ALL of you along with my Ancestors. You were all there in St. Louis with me in Spirit. So this is just as much as my Journey as it is Yours. 
 I look forward to working with Pike County Courthouse. A first for me. 

This has been a time. I'm grateful for all the opportunities and the chance to be accepted on the show to exhibit that you can find your Ancestors with a little work. I'm thankful they showed my Family as a Example. 

 It's been a long 9 months! To hold a Secret in confidence. I felt like I was gonna "burst" by the time February 10th came and it ALL happened during
 "Black History Month"!

I think I have come a long way.....
The St. Louis Union Station episode was February 1oth, 2015.
I'll always Remember and Cherish for being on Season 2 of Genealogy Roadshow on PBS. During Black History Month and near Grandaddy Ike's Birthday. It was meant to be!

Our Ol'Slave Granddaddy Ike Ivery whom my Family holds in high Esteem and Honor. He has earned his rightful place 162 years later! His Birthday is February 14th, 1853!
Happy 78th Heavenly Birthday! 
My True Roots
Granddaddy Ike & Me. 2009.

You ushered in a Great Birthday Gift to your Descendants! 
We; your Proud Descendants.We now have your Parents in their rightful Place to take us a bit further. 
We understand. WHY Family is so Important to you? Why you felt so compelled? Always keeping your 23 children together. What you learned from your Father and Mother that you carried the tradition on. It will Continue. So may it Be!

You were there Granddaddy Ike, that Day! as a Witness. Now this Marriage Licence will bear Witness to All. 

Saturday, November 4th, 1865!
You were there....You were there. 

My True Roots
Lisa~ Kenyatta ~ Me

My True Roots
Girl Talk during Filming Break

My True Roots
Break from Filming

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Thanks to my Friend and Filmmaker Susan! (click here) She has Supported me so much in this Journey. She can help you Preserve your Family History as well. Look below at Link at what she did for US!

My Family Documentary about Ike Ivery to Me

Dedicated to My 1st & Only Granddaughter: Jai ! 
& My Future Descendants. 
I hope I made you Proud. 

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Dear Heavenly Father, I'm so "Grateful". it's Flowing from my Heart.

I Thessalonians 5:18


In EVERYTHING Give Thanks: For this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning YOU.