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My True Roots with Dear Myrtle - Wacky Wednesday: DAR Episode

Dear Myrtle's
My DAR Application Review

Click Here:  Dear Myrtle & My True Roots

Dear Myrtle and Cousin Russ along with Sheri and Marian did a Heck of a Job for me. 

I'm truly indebted. I feel blessed beyond. My words can't express all they did for me.

My Job is to "Pay it Forward"

Thank You.....

True! and My True Roots!

Monday, June 8, 2015

What does that Bird Mean?

Sankofa Bird

My Cousin John Kite Sellers, saw the Sankofa!  The bird symbol. 

He didn't know where it came from? Or it's meaning. He saw it on a road he usually takes and the billboard was promoting the Arts at a local museum in the area. This all got started because he saw it. I just happened to know what it was after he described what it's purpose was for in his city. So I explained....

I happened to mention that there is a Bird that symbolizes what I do. That is how this Blog Piece came about. He said "I saw that Bird", of course I said; Where? So....our conversation was long that night. I had went on explaining....

What the Sankofa Bird means to me and all Genealogist.  

Cousin John Kite has been steadily in my life since I met him in 2003 in Cincinnati at our Ike Ivery Reunion. We just clicked. He is a Historian. Lover of the Bible. He does good will out of the kindness of his heart only for the reason to be obedient to God.

My True Roots
John Kite ~ Lump ~ Me,True.

Before Cousin John Kite...
 There was my Beloved Aunt Sallie Beatrice Lewis Robbins. 1920~2014. 

My True Roots
Turning 92! Aunt Sallie Bea! 

She was the spiritual guidance in my life. She was my moral compass.  She is who kept me in line and on the straight and narrow about the family history. She kept me grounded and humbled. 

Now that she is gone since November of 2014, I think she has sent me John Kite...not to fill her shoes or motherly touch. 
He's giving me the backbone to continue on. Just went I stopped worrying who was gonna be my "family member" Mentor. John Kite picked up the gavel right where Aunt Sallie Bea left off. 

It just happened naturally. Who was gonna step in her shoes to not fill but keep me footed in the Truth?

The pictures of the Akan bird is the symbol of Sankofa. It comes from King Adinkera of the Akan people in West Africa

Sankofa is expressed in Language as so:
"se wo wer fi na wosan kofa a yenki".

It's translations means: It is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot". 

"Sankofa" Teachs us that we must go back to our roots. Where we come from. In order to move forward. 

That is what Family Historians like myself or Genealogist do everyday. We reach back and gather the best of information of what the past has taught us. What it has to teach us. So we can reach our Highest Potential as we move ahead in Life. 

It Allows us to go back for what we have Lost Forgotten & Forgone or has been taken and stripped from us. It can be Reclaimed, Revivied, Preserved

Visually and symbolically "Sankofa" is an expression of a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg. The egg symbolizes the Future in it's mouth. 

1895 Bullock County, Midway,  Alabama my 1st Sankofa

I have Sankofa all around me at my work Desk. Titled in my Family Documentary by Me and in one my Favorite pieces I did when I first started. 

Sankofa is what I love to do each and everyday. I'm reaching back into the Past and Reclaiming my History. 

Alabama was my 1st. I wonder where my Sankofa Journey will Lead me Next?

Leave me a NoTe or Comment.......

Where has your Sankofa Journey taken You?

What does Sankofa mean for you?

Genealogical Sketch:
Ike Ivery
Leila Sellers
Saint Timothy Sellers
John Kite Sellers

Ike Ivery 
Eddie Lee Ivery Lewis
James E. Lewis Sr.
James E. Lewis, Jr.

John Kites' Grandma and my Great Grandma were Sisters

Monday, May 18, 2015

11 Mother's of Ike Ivery. Where have you Gone ?

Kevin A. Williams, Artist.
"Worst Sight"

Kevin A. Williams, Artist.

11 Mother's of Ike Ivery.....

I Often excogitate and ponder?

Who the 11 Mother's of Granddaddy Ike Ivery were?

They the slave catchers were Thieves, Hunters, Robbers. These Men Stole. They Stole and Sold my 11 Mother's

They have Robbed me over and over again. Hundreds of years later they are still stealing from me. 

Now they are in Their Descendants records, personal papers, bibles. Records torn and snatched from pages. Records burned to the ground. Non existent. No where to be found. Lost. Gone. 

Every time I get a chance. I take back what belongs to me in the way of research. I take it from them. I snatch it. I grab back, what BELONGS to Me. The Rightful Owner

 Where have you Gone? What happened to You?

Stories like these always pulls me out of my recrudescence. So this is where you find me Today on a Sankofa Journey for understanding on what happened to these 11 Mother's of Ike Ivery?

Sometimes no matter how many pictures or documents or sources I have. I have to veer off the road less traveled to let my thoughts ponder a bit or I'll get restless. 

There's always something deep in my soul. I can't put my finger on it when I'm researching. I just know I have to go to these moments when they call to my heart.
These are moments when I don't have any sources, citations, or genealogical standards. 

This is where a "NoTe To MySelF " is rendered.....

 It's a constant friend for My True Roots and I.

Usually because of the time frame you can start as young as 15 to start rearing children. I put a 20 year gap in between Granddaddy's Ike's Maternal Line. 

As of now, I know Granddaddy Ike's Mother was named Minta Ivey/Ivery. She was born in 1834. I think her name is a derivative of Arminta

Being a Slave child. They probably downgraded her Proper name as they so often did as to make her hear and know her Value. Which was not of a Proper Lady, calling her Minta. She has been recorded on all documents as such. 

 She was lawfully married to my 3rd Great Granddaddy William Ivey/Ivery  on November the 4th, 1865. Pike County Courthouse. By the state of Alabama. Before that they were Slaves in Pike County, Alabama having their 1st child in 1850. 

My True Roots
William & Minty Ivey Marriage: November 4th, 1865.

According to the 1870 Census when she was 35. With 7 Children already born. Charles Ford her Son in Law is living with them. He is married to my Aunt Rosanna. Grandma Minta was 15 when she had her first child. A Daughter. 

Hopefully one day I'll be reunited with My Aunties Descendants. Along with her other Sister Isabelle.  That gives me hope to finding their DNA-Haplogroup which hopefully leads back to Africa and I'll be pleased.  On line 30 is one Milford McTyiere. I'm assuming until I find out, he might of been part of a dowry to Mrs. Caroline McTyiere who was married to William Ivey, a Slave Owner at the time in that small town.  I dont' find it odd or coincidental a former Slave with a last name of the Bishop in town living with my Ivey's. 

What is his relationship to us? I'm still seeking.

Line 21- 31 of 1870 Bullock County, Alabama. Minta Ivey/Ivery

Source Citation

Year: 1870; Census Place: Ridgely, Bullock, Alabama; Roll: M593_4; Page: 271B; Image: 545; Family History Library Film: 545503

My last find on Grandma Minta, is 1880. After that she is lost to me. I don't even have a death certificate. If she passed away in Alabama they didn't start recording deaths until 1908.

Slavery was started here a long time ago. 

This is where I start to go in a World of my own. Trying to wrap my head around 215 Years of History Lost to the Ages, Gone in the Wind. 246 Years of Enslavement.... Yes, you can go ahead and ponder on that for a minute.

I'm realizing that in 1619 according to History is when Slavery started here. I'm guessing about this is when the 1st Mother arrived here from Africa was born. This is as far as I can wrap my head around. 

I don't want to comprehend the Mother's before that. With 20 years apart for each Mother after her. Even tho I know realistically child rearing started much earlier in age. I just tried to put a respectable age on them. 1619-1814. These are the Years that those 11 Mother's are not found by me. 

Beginning in 1619, there are 11 Mother's missing....

Ending in 1814. I placed as the time when Grandma Minta's Mother was possibly born. 

11 Mother's Missing from my Genealogical Paper trail. 

11 Mother's unidentified in my DNA. 

African American History
I read this book a lot to keep me in a mind set, a frame of mind. For all that was going on in this Country, on what my Ancestors were facing. 

It's a Time Line of History that I use to try to place my Ancestors in. It's a great resource in time travel for what happened through time. All the complexities to our Country's History here in the United States as African Americans. 

This book contains stories they don't publish in books for school. History I wasn't taught till I became an adult and even younger it was told in bits and pieces from my Elders that wasn't in a formal setting. 

This is what keeps me up at night. What I try to find all during the day. 

When I am hurt, confused, overwhelmed and full of Pride as the Sun goes down in Africa.....


I have visions of torture, whippings, crammed cockleshells, Mother's being thrown overboard. Mother's jumping in the sea on their own volition, rather than face the life that awaits them. 

Bodies being over thrown from sickness or some barbaric reasoning, babies being left alone. Bed warmers. Breeders. Whipped. Raped and Ruined. Scrambling for air and food with water.  Stench. Sweat, Blood & Tears. They could only go so far in their treatment. They were Value in a Monetary form. 

 Cruelty of Life that we will never be able to imagine. 

I cry for who These 11 Women of mine are? Where are they from in the 55 Country's of Africa? What Language do they Speak? What Traditions did they have that I carry on without a knowing? Just because it's in my Blood. How many tears where shed for them losing touch with the Homeland? What happened to them? 

It's a piece of my heart that is broken knowing that I may never found out. Somehow I have to come to a personal peace within my Soul, I may never live to see that day.

Maybe God is trying to tell me something?....

For now. I will keep searching, keep trying, asking, fighting, scrambling, researching, wondering, seeking, praying....For those; 11 Mother's of Mine

Jeremiah 1:15 says:  "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the Nations". 

Oh, 11 Mother's of Mine.....

God knew you first before You knew yourself. You are consecrated with much veneration!  

You are Speaking to the Nations through your Descendants

With Love, through Your Great Granddaughter, True.

11 Mother's of Ike Ivery

Thursday, May 14, 2015

William Ivery ~ 7th Child ~ Son of Ike Ivery

William Ivery 

He was the 7th Child out of 23 Children for Ike Ivery
This Branch of Granddaddy Ike is my hardest diverse, complexing Lineage, the least I have on the Ivery-Henry Line. Over time I'll post as much as I can on each of the 4 Children with Mary Henry

My True Roots
William Ivery son of Ike Ivery Death Certificate

 He was born to Ike Ivery and Mary Henry, Ike's 2nd wife. Married January 2nd, 1899. They had 4 children. 

William ~  Charles ~ Annie ~ Dock

 He was most likely named after Ike Ivery's Father seen here:  "William Ivey/Ivery " born about 1817. 

 It gave us clue as to who his Father was later in my research. 

William is also a naming pattern in our Family. It was of Importance to Granddaddy Ike. 
It gave us clue as to who his Father was later in my research. I can see it in several other names of his grandchildren for Remembrance

When William Ivery was born on May 15, 1890, in Midway, Alabama; his father Ike, was 37 and his mother, Mary, was 34. 

He was married to the former Eloise Tarver

William and Eloise had 9 children together. 

He died August 21st, 1944 in Union Springs, Alabama, at the age of 53. 

What distressed me about his Death Certificate was the fact by this year my Family Church and Cemetery were very well established. 

It didn't note that he was buried at Mt. Coney Baptist Church. 

Plus this was during World War 2. Anne Frank had been captured that August. He was a much older Gentleman to Serve. 

During his year of Death the Town was getting a day by day account in the Union Springs Herald every week of what was going on with the Soldiers that were O'ver there. 

This Book I received from my Mentor Mr. Spratlan is called: In Freedom's Name: The War Years 1941-1945 World War 2 Bullock County Veterans

Signed Copy from Mr. Spratlan 

 It gives a look into the Community and the County during this time from students and family members also compiled with Articles from the Herald. 

My Grandfather James E. Lewis is Listed in this book. It had the Colored Troops in this book as well as the Whites in the County. 

In the back of the book is a the Soldier's and Sailors Discharge Records. It's a Index for the County Soldiers Discharge Record Book and what Page they are on. Their DD214 page. 

There are 6 Ivery's in this book and a couple of other variations.  

It was put together in 1996 by the Union Springs Bullock County Tourism Council.

 275 Pages of Genealogical Gems. 

1900 Would been his 2nd Census. Right now I can't find a fragmented Census or Page for Bullock County, Alabama for 1890. He would of been a wee baby. 

1910 just before his Marriage he was 20 Years Old. 

 William Ivery was 30 years old and lived in Midway, Alabama with his wife, Eloise, and 2 daughters.

He was living at Route 2 / Box 153 in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama.


He was living on Pine Grove Road in Midway, Alabama. The census asked; on Page 11. What age were you when you first got Married? He states 21. Putting his Marriage around 1911. Which I haven't found his Marriage License as of yet. He is owning his Land and they also ask if he has a "radio set"? Answer: No.

1930 Census Bullock County, Midway Ala for William & Eloise Ivery

Source Citation
Year: 1930; Census Place: Midway, Bullock, Alabama; Roll: 3; Page: 6A;Enumeration District: 0003; Image: 49.0; FHL microfilm: 2339738

Every reunion I'm hoping someone will come up with a picture of my Uncle William to share. In Pittsburgh this July when we hold our Reunion in Honor of Granddaddy Ike, we have a Lighting Ceremony for all 23 children. 

I will be looking to see if someone steps up to the Light in his Remembrance.

I'll be looking......waiting and watching.

Lighting Ceremony in Remembrance

Friday, May 8, 2015

Israel Stringfellow Last Will & Testament

Israel Stringfellow

1827 - 1896

As is follows...    

Died on Tuesday at  9:00 am5th of May 1896

My True Roots
Israel Stringfellow Last Will & Testament 

Hope this Leads to a Random Act of Kindness from My True Roots

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Books for my Descendants ~ Ike Ivery 9th Generation of Grandchildren

These are several "Books" I have Collected and Signed to leave my Grandchildren, My Unborn Readers. My Mother in Law who is lovingly called Nannie Rose started this Tradition with my Sons. So I will Continue. I also leave them a Monetary Gift in the Books. I warned my Sons to go through them all! 

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White 

I only have one Granddaughter so far. She is the LOVE I never knew I had within ME. Grandchildren have a Special place in your Heart. They are not in a Place as your Children. That 7 year old Grandbaby of mine, her being is an extension of Me. I see beyond my own Children and see my Future well into Time. She makes me mindful of what I have to do in my Genealogy work. As I'm getting older she is starting to develop interest. I know I have a companion now for Cemetery Hopping as well. She's a Genie in Training. 

My True Roots
Grandchildren Books

This means my Legacy will Go on.

My Legacy JSK
My Son & His Daughter, Puddin'.

It's One of those Days where I get sidetracked from my Ancestors and have to remind myself of why I'm doing my Family History. 

My True Roots
Me & Puddin with SGT Audie L. Murphy. Arlington National Cemetery. 

after my  Geneabloggers Interview!: "May I Introduce To You" me thinking on the Reason why I do; what I do

Just another NoTe To MySeLf........