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Thursday, July 17, 2014

"My 3 Sons"! of Sam & Queen Miles Of Midway Alabama.

These are some NoTe's To MySelf.... about my Uncle's

I wanted them to have a place amongst their Parents and 7 Sister's. Hope you enjoy!

My Uncle Grover Miles!  Was the Oldest Son. Oldest of 10 children born to Sam Miles and Queen Daniel. Born June 15, 1912. Him and Aunt Velma his sister born 1929, share the same birthday. He Married his 1st wife Arluster Williams January 2nd, 1931. They had 7 children.  

When his 1st wife passed. He was introduced and met and married my Daddy sister's.

 Aunt Sarah Cate (Callie) Lewis Glenn on October 31, 1948
Grover Miles and Sarah Lewis Marriage License

They had 2 sons my Double Cousins Roosevelt and Eddie Lee, who are still taking care of their mother at 97. Making a total of 9 children for himself. Roosevelt helps me now with the Oral History from their side. 

We've always been close and he is always a phone call away for my questions. I so appreciate him carrying it for me and taking time. Aunt Sarah has done all she can for me in too many ways, to many times. She always had time to answer my calls and talk a while for Oral History.

 I talk to her from time to time just to hear her voice now. She has Done her work! so now I just want to enjoy what she gave me and the time I get to hear her voice of comfort and sweetness now. I just wish one day she knows how much of a gift she has given me!   

Aunt Sarah picking Collards

Uncle Grover! was something else. His laugh was so infectious! He would make you laugh. He had pretty grey eyes. I loved listening to him talk to my Mom. He seemed to have had to work hard all his life. He was a farmer. Mostly growing corn, peanuts and cotton. 
I'm sure Aunt Sarah had a vegetable garden right beside him. Out of 10 children and him being 1 of 3 sons he had a lot of responsibility helping Poppa Sam with his farm and then building a life and farm for his own family. He was special to me. I guess being the oldest. Mom would make her rounds from Pa when she would go home to Alabama and stay with them. 
Plus Daddy could be with his sister, who was his Wife. She had a lot of siblings as did Daddy so there were many family homes we would stay at to get equal time in for the both of them. When Daddy would get his vacation from New Cumberland Army Depot. They always planned for us to go "Down Home". 
 I always see Uncle Grover in my dreams with his overalls on. He loved us kids and didn't mind us being around. 

This is their Old Homestead and we all would fit up in there too!
Homestead of my Uncle Grover and Aunt Sarah Lewis Miles 

  I would love seeing them waving at us from that sandy driveway. Daddy always drove us there in his 1976 Park Avenue Limited Edition Red Buick. 

Uncle Grover Miles obit 

Uncle Edgar Miles!  born September 13, 1917. Passed away on September 4th, 2001. 
Uncle Edgar "Ed" Miles

It was a time going and getting back when he passed away. 9/11 had happened and his Siblings; Mom and Daddy went to the funeral and they were stuck in so much traffic, but they made it from Pennsylvania to Alabama.
 I last got to spend time with Uncle Ed in 1998 while stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga. I then moved on to Fort Lewis, where I was at when 9-11 happened. My memory of him is; he was quiet to me. I have to find the picture I took of him and my Son, I could see all 3 of my Uncles in him. Eddie has those eyes that change color depending on his mood and what color he is wearing, he has their sandy brown hair. Also Uncle Ed's house is by Poppa Sam's so it was always good to go and look where the Little House that seemed so Big to me as a child stood with no outhouse. We just used a pee pot back by the trees while I was growing up in the 70's. 
 Uncle Ed had one of his sons chop off some sugar cane for me to take back and I had enough to bring to my Mom in Pa. She laughed so. As a child it was sent to me by mail. I loved chewing on the raw stalks.

He was married to Cleo Williams: born November 1, 1919. I got this date from her Marriage License. Her headstone has another birth date. So I choose to go with the Marriage License. She passed away on July 25, 1982.  Her Parents were Mattie Johnson and Charles Williams. 11 Children all together. They married on December 3rd, 1938.  

This is their Marriage License:
Uncle Edgar Miles and Ms. Cleo Williams Marriage License,Union Springs, Ala

Uncle Bobbie Miles and Aunt Ella

Uncle Sam "Bobbie" Miles Jr.! Was the Baby Boy! and the Last Child! January 12, 1935 was when he was born! 24 years of marriage and here comes the little spit fire! He was Grandma Queen's what we would call today for back then: "After Life" baby. He probably was a "Sure Nuff" Surprise! He had a smile so big, as a Surprise! all his Life.
 He passed in Chicago September 26th, 2011. Uncle Bobbie was 1st married to Clara Grooms, her Father was a Minister who married a lot of his siblings and family members, when they got married. She past away young. They had 3 children together.  Then he married my Aunt Ella. Uncle Bobbie worked as a Steel Worker for Valley Mould Steel Corporation.  I was closest to Uncle Bobbie. He lived a short distance to me when I lived in Wisconsin. He was in Chicago so I traveled there a many of times to spend time with him and just talk. We called each regularly. I loved it that he took time to do that.
 He was full of jokes and he was the Youngest Child so he had good Oral History and Stories on all the other 10 kids. He was gentle, sweet. He loved to talk and he could "Play the Dozens" on anybody. Very good at cards. Uncle Bobbie loved to have a good gathering with food! He could be called every body's favorite to his Siblings. I think it had a lot to do with him just being the baby! What do you think? 

1930 Census, names were incorrect, but this is my Family. I have made the correction notice to about this.
1930 Census of Sam & Queen with some of their children. 

I did a Previous Blog on the "7 Daughter's" their Sisters for a total of 10 children here at the below link you can find that story:

I hope you come back and read more on my Miles-Daniel Line. They are a Good Bunch. A Good Ol' Southern Family. Whom I Love and had the Blessing of spending time with all 10 of the kids, My Aunties and Uncle's. 
They hold so much of who I am. Every 2 years we celebrate and get together at our Family Reunion in Honor of them. We call it the Miles-Daniel Family Reunion. We celebrate again in Connecticut in 2015.

They were the Grandchildren of Slaves.They knew who they were! Ginnie Hooks~ George Miles ~ Poppa Sam Miles Parents. 
 Elizabeth Jordan~ George Daniel ~ Grandma Queen Daniel Parents.
These Uncles and Aunties of mine were all born in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama my area of continued research.

I only wish I had been old enough and strong enough to ask my 3 Uncles their thoughts and memories of them.

In 2013 we all went to Washington D.C. Many came from all over the Country!

Uncle Grover's Descendants

4 of the many Grandchildren for Uncle Grover! in the back: Eddie Jr. Roderick, Rosalyn, Marshani.

My 1st Cousin Shontrell; in front, left. My Sissy in between the boys is Jem.

I hope family and friends stop by and leave me a NoTe or Comment on their remembrances. This is just one of many stories I will eventually write about them to keep the Family History going.

These Men, My Uncle's to me, you will always be remembered to all of Us, by "Tinnie's Daughta!"

We Miss you, Love you & Thank you for being who you are to this whole family.

Aunt Velma~Mom! Tinnie~Aunt Lily~Aunt Nettie~Aunt Bunny~Uncle Ed and Uncle Bobbie on the End. 

All are Gone now.....except 2 of the 10 children. My Aunt Bunny & Aunt Velma. 2 Sister's who married to 2 Haslam Brother's.

 We Cherish all the times spent and Memories collectively as a Family. We will Continue to do so. Everyday is a Family Reunion for Us.
I do this in Remembrance for Them. 
For Those  MILES & Daniel !

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Granddaddy Ike and Me

I OFTEN WONDER.....about 1870, just 7 years after the end of Slavery. It's the 1st census most Black Folk are on to be counted as citizens. I've been researching my family, both sides of me for 16 years now. I feel like I only have a smidgen of it done. The enormous task is a Masterpiece of our lives that never is completely done. It's all done with a labor of love. I did this piece a while ago. I started it on facebook as a "NoTe To MySeLf" before I started blogging so I transferred it over here to my blog where it should be.

My Blog is my "Living Document".

As I stare at the Alabama census of 1870 Bullock County that my Grandaddy Ike first appears, he is 17 years old born on February 14th, 1853 according to his official death certificate. He is still living at home with his sisters Rosanna, Isabella and brother's along with his Parents: William and Minty.

Grandaddy Ike is on Line 24

Then I take a glance, I look at Pennsylvania's 1870 census and see my Grandmother Rosanna Harriet, same age as Granddaddy Ike of 17 and living with her Parents. She is always FREE!

Grandma Rosanna is on Line 21

They were both 17 in 1870 and Grandma Rosanna was born on April 3rd, 1853. 115 years later, her Granddaughter True would be born on that same day.
The contrast in 2 lives so far apart, yet! Oh so close through one Child.

I OFTEN WONDER..... if Grandaddy Ike and Grandma Rosanna would meet just half way somewhere? Being kind and respectful of one another and just having a talk about the days to come and the future and how their lives were just a few short years ago?  

I know he wouldn't be able to come upon a White woman and talk. He would have to bow and remove his hat and hang his head low not making eye contact without permission in reality, and there would still be a chaperon or White man accompanying her.

Just for a moment in time, away from all the ugliness, shame, a meeting of respect between two lives "Crossing Paths".

 I want to imagine what the conversation would be like? Just supposing in my mind.....Would she know all of what Grandaddy Ike had to go through being under a White man's rule and control like animal chattel just for the color of his skin? That he had a price on his life? Probably no more than 1,000 dollars? Being mistreated and to go through it all so his children's children's children's wouldn't have to go through?

It's 2014 and that Question is still trying to be Answered.

I know he would be considerate and thoughtful of her being a Woman. Having just about no rights herself, with the customs of the day of staying in her place. To be seen and not heard. Being barefoot and pregnant and the other half of her life always taking care of children. I hope to learn more if she was able to make  her Dreams and Hopes come to fruition?

Grandma Rosanna Harriet (Barrick) with Grandpa Levi Alexander Watson 

Granddaddy Ike passed away in 1937 and Grandma Rosanna died in 1927. He had 23children and she had 16.

I would descend from Grandaddy Ike's daughter Eddie Lee, and from Grandma Rosanna's daughter. Cora Agnes Rebecca.

I OFTEN WONDER..... if Grandaddy Ike and Grandma Rosanna met together this would be my "Coming To The Table" moment...just for ME! Talking about the days gone by and what is to come? Would they smile awhile and talk over some tea and sweet cakes?

That one day, one when all this hurt and shame is over and they are no longer to be here to share and talk and to think on a "True" moment that they have "Shared", that Grandbaby True?

In the End that is what they have in Common! THEIR common bond! Not so many differences at all. That the baby in 1968 would tie them all together one day, with the realization that all their hopes and dreams are on that "Shared" baby. It's not the Color of our skin, but the Blood that runs through Her veins.

Is from "Slave" to "Free White Woman".


Monday, May 19, 2014

U5b1c2 & My True Roots!

 ~ True's mtDNA from Herself to Mom Grandma their Mother's Mother's to Mother ~
all born in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


    I am WHO I am, Nothing Less

The 3rd photo is of Grandma Lillian when she was YOUNG! The 4th photo has my Grandma Lillian as a child with her Mother and Grandmother. So that gives me 3 photos of her Life. Here's a story I did on her before. Grandma Lillian 4 of the last Photos were given to me by new 2nd Cousins on my Maternal side who Graciously shared them with me. I'm eternally Grateful. To see My Women and Where I come from. Thanks! to K&F! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"7 Daughter's" of Sam & Queen Miles

Just wanted to let you all have a Meet & Greet with my Auntie's. All Sisters.  The "7 Daughters" of Sam Miles and the Former Queen Daniel. They had 10 children all together. "7 Daughters" and 3 Sons. Only 2 of the Daughter's are now Living. In this piece you will get to know a little about each one of them from my personal stories and what I know on them. I have all their marriage license's and plenty of census records, and most death certificates. I also have obits of most, including Poppa Sam and Grandma Queen. Hoping family will leave NoTe's to me about the Aunties as well. Even friends and new found cousins. Eventually there will be more stories and documents to share along the way. So for now enjoy them Miles Sister's.  I knew all of my Momma's Sista's.  

Back Row: Aunt Bunny ~ Aunt Lessie~ Mom! (Tinnie)  and Aunt Nett
Front: Aunt Velma ~ Aunt Lily ~ Aunt Rosie

Aunt Rosie Reid!  was the 1st and Oldest Daughter of the Miles Sister's. Aunt Rosie was so tall to me with creamy latte skin. She was born April 6, 1915 ~ April 28, 1983 in Toledo is where she passed. She was blind. I loved going to her house when we would visit Toledo Ohio for the holidays or summers. She would say True Ann come over her and let me see how tall you done got! I loved how she would put my face in her hands and get a feel for it and how big I had got. She was sweet to me. Mom loved her just for the reason she was her older sister. Our birthday's are right around each other too. She had that spit fire Aries in her!

Aunt Lessie B. Milbry! She set an example. Was Brave. Aunt Lessie was the only child who went to college, smart as a whip! Mom would say. She attended Tuskegee University. She was born February 15th 1919 ~ July 6 1982 in Tuskegee she passed of Breast Cancer. It was such sorrow for Mom, that is who she was closest to in mind, spirit and body. Them two did all kinds of things together. Mom looked up to her and Aunt Lessie adored her and confided in Mom on all things. She is whom Mom got a lot of her fighting strength from and knew she could do all things. Her lost hit Mom the hardest. 

Aunt Lily B. Cooper! She never told her age, and we didn't find out truly her age till she passed! Just like she always wanted it. Born May 7th, 1921!!! Did you hear ME? She passed away in Detroit June 15th, 2013. All Mom's children were there to represent her one last time. We finally knew what Aunt Lily's age was. I can clearly remember the day when I told Mom I thought Aunt Lily was younger than you. Who told you that LIE?! I don't know Mom? I just assumed, she carry herself young. Which she did, she stayed dressed in the finest. She could make her sisters dresses for 5cents a yard back in the day. She loved all the records they would get from their Auntie up north. She kept up with all the latest styles and had a new Cadillac every year. She was married to Daddy's nephew, Clarence Cooper. After Mom looked at me crazy, she said Lily don't never tell her age. She laughed so much on that! Aunt Lily had the whole next generation thinking she was "Younger" than everybody. My favorite times are when we would go to Detroit and visit her and Cousin Uncle Clarence and sit on the porch or down in the den where the bar was. She didn't let us on her good stuff. Till this day I only saw that den. Loved spending time with my cousins, laughing and playing hopscotch. Just going to Detroit was fun. All the lights and sounds. This was not the Country.

Aunt Bernice Haslam! My Aunt Bunny! She was the Family Historian for this family. She started the Family Reunion in the 70's. The last time I talked to her and shared my research, she said: True Ann you really got it! I felt like she had passed the baton on to me. Those were the last words she really spoke to me. She has Alzheimer's now. Born in 1922 Aunt Bunny was full of what Southern ladies are. She was in charge of everything around her. Smart! Organizer. Her and Mom were cozy too. They loved to exchange hats and purses. There relationship was close as well. After she got off that phone with Aunt Lessie she would call Aunt Bunny and them three would get whatever was going on STRAIGHT! They all stuck together even with their differences and never forgot where they came from.  Aunt Bunny was married to a soldier from World War 2, most of them are WW2 brides. Her and Uncle Cleo was a good pair. I hope Aunt Bunny whatever her Journey be, I pray it will be Strong and Graceful like her. 

Mom! Tinnie L. Lewis! was born August 29th, 1923 and passed on November 11, 2008 she was the Middle child. Mom was really the CENTER of this Family. She was the glue to all the Sister's. I miss her dearly on a daily basis. I will do Mom on another blog or you can visit some of her in my Search Box with her name. For now I'll give you a glimpse of her at this blog.  The House that Built Me . 

Poppa Sam and Grandma Queen 1930 with some of their children

1930 with the Miles Sister and Parents

Aunt Velma Haslam! She is my Oral Historian now. Aunt Velma, or who I call "Odessa" in my playful way with her. It's between me and her and I'll tell you that story one day. Not to many family members know about it, so I want to keep it to myself for awhile. Hope you don't mind. She was born June 15, 1928 the same day as her brother, my Uncle Grover Miles born 1912. They celebrated a lot of times together on sweet cakes made from Grandma Queen  many a time.  Her and Aunt Bunny's husband's are brothers, so they are both Haslam's and have homes right next door to each till this day.  We are constantly on the phone. She encourages me all the time on this family history and wants me to get it straight and all down. Aunt Velma is 85 and still calls me. She is the only one of my Elders right now I depend on. She is patient and answers all my questions and gives me many details and as much as she can. I love all her stories too on when they was all growing up. Aunt Velma is all I have left to get us through our research for the Miles family. I don't think she knows how grateful I am for all these moments. She's my Strength. My Rock. 

Aunt Bunny sitting, standing: Aunt Nettie B, right side: Aunt Velma

Aunt Nettie B. Nobles!  Aunt Nett was the baby of the Girls. She just recently passed and I think it hit me the most. Why I haven't been blogging lately. At her funeral I visited with many cousins from both sides of my family. Aunt Nett was married to Uncle Cousin Richard Nobles. He was Daddy's 1st Cousin. She came into the world November 14, 1932 ~ February 7th, 2014 she passed in North Carolina and was brought back home to Midway, where she is buried at our family church you heard me write about many times at Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist Church. She married Uncle Cousin Richard on April 9th, 1953 at Aunt Sallie Bea's house. I'm gonna miss our talks. When I went to her house after the funeral. She still had me and Uncle Bobbie, her brother's picture sitting right were I left it when I last saw her. So it was her way of letting me know she is just a whisper away. I'll miss being up in her bosom and talking to her after Mom passed. She helped me understand it all when I was going through my grieving. I'll miss sitting in Popeye's down in Union Springs, out late and just spoiling her at the Piggly Wiggly with a few groceries and laughing so. It was one of the last things I got to do was drive her and Aunt Velma to see Aunt Bunny on one my research trips alone.  True Ann you just gotta pray about it. That was her saying to me on many conversations.  I left a many tears in her ears. I always stayed with Aunt Nett all throughout the years on their farm. If I stayed gone to long visiting the other Auntie's, she'd call up the road and say when you coming? You know you got other Auntie's down here you need to spend time with! I'm on my way Aunt Nett!, she'd be waiting at the screen door and we do our ritual of sitting up and talking. She was the one to offer you anything she had. She wasn't fancy. She loved her space and told you what she meant.  Love and Miss you Aunt Nett and Thanks for Everything. After Mom passed me and Bettye made sure each one of them Sista's got something of Mom's for Remembrance.  

These "7 Daughter's" have individually taught me so many things. In all areas of my Life I take something from them.  Their lives and who they are, are so much apart of Who I am Today. I have a piece of each one of them. They always always made me feel loved and special in so many ways. I can't even begin to tell you. Each one of them poured a lot of love on me. These Women; my Auntie's on any given day you can see them through me. I loved them as hard as I could and I let them know them it. I gave them their Flowers on Earth as much as I could.  I've Truly been Blessed that I had 7 Women from the time I was born to set an example to me and just simply love me for me. That's Them "Miles Sista's" for you and for ME! in Mom's words:
"Don't Let the Miles come out of Me now"!

These Children were all born in Bullock County, Midway, Alabama. They are the "7 Daughter's" of Sam Miles and the former Queen Daniel. Married May 11th, 1911

Poppa Sam & Grandma Queen Daniel Miles Resting Place @ Antioch Baptist Church

The whole family were members at Antioch Baptist Church while growing up. This is where they were baptized also.  Aunt Velma and Aunt Bunny are still members. Come back and read about the 3 Brother's in between the 7 Daughters.  Grover, Edgar and Sam "Uncle Bobbie" Jr. 

Antioch Baptist Church

Monday, February 24, 2014

.The Store "CandyLady".

My All-Time Favorite Penny "CandyLady" Ms. Mary Thomas

Thomas, Mrs. Mary E., 88 passed away Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at her residence in Midway, Alabama. The HomeGoing celebration will be held Thursday April 14th, 2011 at 12:00 noon from the sanctuary of the Mt. Coney Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. J. N. Robbins, Sr. Pastor. Interment will follow in the church cemetery. Mrs. Thomas will lie in repose at the church from 11:00 am until the funeral hour. The family will receive friends at the funeral home, Wednesday evening from 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm. The staff of Carter Funeral Home is honored to serve the family of the late Mrs. Mary E. Thomas.  Montgomery Advertiser.

That store Ms. Mary Thomas ran looked so Big to me as a little Girl, when I went back to my Parents hometown in Midway and got "Grown" it was a small World. In 1998 she still had the old southern red gas pumps, I loved going to the store with a 1$ in my pocket Daddy would give me. I was "Big-Timey", that went a long way back then for  "Penny Candy" in the 70's when I have my fondest memories of going to the store.

Thanks for all the memories, and helping me to get a pickle out of the jar because I was simply too short back then! The 25cents bag of chips. Getting Pop out the machine and taking the top off in the built in remover from the counter. Red Fishes, candy necklaces and candy buttons, bottle caps, Lucky Lights cigarette gum that blew smoke!, FunDip, Bazooka Gum with the cartoons inside, Why did I save those? Necco Candy wafers, they were Dry!, Pixy Stix, Wax Bottle Candy with the juice inside. Fruit Stripe Gum. Oh! Henry candy bar, the vienna sausages, souse meat. All those smiles and smell of dust and dirt road. Those Little Brown Paper Bags! she would put all your Goodies in.

I got to tell Ms. Mary proudly when I was grown up what it meant to walk up there barefoot with my Cousins and get candy. She laughed so!  I can still remember Grandma Queen and being mad with her with my "Red Self" because she would take a piece or two and smelling Poppa's snuff. I can still smell his chewing Tobacco! My Cousins remember that store as well and I hope to hear more of their stories. It was just a daily activity, not so do about nothing kinda way down there. Strolling. Natural. Just easy like a Sunday Morning.

Leave me a "NoTe" or Comment about your favorite candy back in the Day!

Ohh, the Memories! Take time to remember those People in your Childhood, Thank You Ms. Mary!

Me and my Barefooted Cousin Marvin all Grown Up. Our Mother's were Sister's and our Daddy's were 1st Cousins

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Hello Family and Friends! and Most of all my Delightful Readers!

Just wanted to share "My True Roots!" with you again to reintroduce myself to the Genealogy Community and why I started!

This was my 1st Post which you can click on the Link to see my 1st start and Tribute.

 Threshold of Blogging! after much hesitation.

 I started it on November 7, 2012 and posted what was the time of Daddy's Death of 2:32.  My Father James Edward Lewis,  passed Saturday Morning in my childhood home in Oberlin Pennsylvania. Dauphin County. November 7, 2009.  With all his Children surrounding him.

Me and Daddy age 9, 1977.

I wanted to keep my Family History and Oral History alive.

Inspiration came from my "Ol'Slave Ike Ivery"!

 This is where you can learn all about my Sankofa for Granddaddy, in my Documentary to Granddaddy "Ike Ivery" all the way to Me!

I was encouraged by many people along the way on other Facebook Groups I had joined.

 Countless Friends and Family. Too many to mention who have been encouraging and cheering me on this Journey. So I'd like to take this time for "Thanking" everyone who has been so positive and uplifting. 

Later I joined AAGSAR!  This is my new HOME now. Please take a look at the work done by Luckie Daniels and all the "New Bloggers" who are pretty much seasoned and I proudly and Boastfully say this was a long time coming and much needed. 

"The Village"

With Luckie Daniels of Our Georgia Roots  supervision no words can express what she started for the African American Genealogy Community 14 years ago and took on the role and challenge of nurturing and getting us started. We can pass this on and take Charge now. "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"......She has guided us by hand daily on showing us what our Work and Challenges are? Why we need to be a part of the Genealogy Community?

Now she is taking AAGSAR to another Level.....BlogTalkRadio! our 3rd Home and Why We Got Roots Too!

This is where my development and integration of technology for my Work began. Daddy would be Proud of me for being with these Folks on the level we are taking our Work to Honor Our Ancestors Lives in the RadioSphere.

It has been way to long and much anticipated. I hope other's will join in not letting our Slave History get behind any longer.

 That is my Life Work as well.

 To keep reminding EVERYONE that we! My Ancestors! have a place in Ancestry and Beyond! with all the complexities of different nationalities and ethnicity's told within our DNA as well. 

This is part of mine: 23andMe making me U5b1c Maternally.
True's! DNA.

In this Work we call Genealogy and to Continually Tell Their Life Stories for the World so as not to be forgotten integrated with Technology.  My Unborn Readers and my Descendant's Hopefully will carry this body of work I have only begun to touch on.

I expect nothing less from all the GREAT New & Seasoned Genning Friends of  the Genealogy Community to support Me and my People as they become known to you, on my behalf and help them! Receive them! Support them as they come along, long after I have gone. 

So to Celebrate another milestone in my Ancestors lives and my Fellow Bloggers. New and Old. Come Support your Extended Genealogy Family. 

 I EXTEND my Hand and INVITE! and ask that you join us LIVE on Sunday March 2nd, 2014 6pm EST, as we Debut our Live BlogTalkRadio Show! @ BlogTalkRadio for AAGSAR!  And don't forget to CALL IN!  @ 347-838-8307

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We have some great line-ups! You'll get to meet AAGSAR Members and Luckie Daniels and Myself and Fellow Bloggers and Experts in Technology, Family Research and Genning from the Larger Community?

Why We Have Roots Too!

AAGSAR African American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research

Visit AAGSAR You Got Roots? Yes we Do!

Post: Questions or Comments at the above link and get familiarized with our BlogTalkRadio page leading up to SUNDAY MARCH 2ND, 2014. 6 pm EST!  Pass the WORD around! Google+ "Twitter" Facebook and all the other Technology Engines you use and Groups too! We are so Excited! and We want YOU to be a PART of IT!

Bring your Coffee! and in my case my English Tea! A few snacks. Come TALK and Chat with us, or just Plain out HANG OUT! Join in the Experience and Celebrate with US on what we all so love in Genealogy and Technology. Keeping our Ancestral Work alive. 

                      See you on SUNDAY, MARCH   2ND, @ 6pm                                       Eastern Time in the US!  
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See Ya Sunday, and My Best Regards!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lillian Mary Johnson Sweigard

Hello All!    it's FEBRUARY!  Time for 2# Post for WorldWide ~ A Genealogical Collaboration

It's me; True! again.

I'm going to make this Short and Sweet. I will be traveling to my "Ancestral Home" of Alabama to bury my Mother's Sister. My African American side. So please bear with me. I will add to this later.

It's very challenging when you are grieving and have to keep up your daily responsibilities. I haven't been much in the mood to write as of late. After I get past a few things in the next couple days. My tears will turn to joy and I will get up to task of writing again. I'm just in a lull right now.

I wanted to introduce you all to my Maternal Grandmother!

                                                      "LILLIAN MARY JOHNSON SWEIGARD" 

 Lillian Mary Johnson was born on Tuesday, October 30, 1905, in Newville, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Her  Father was, Joshua William Sharpe Johnson, he was 26. Her Mother, Cora Agnes Rebecca Watson, was 22. 

She was 1 out of 6 children. Her brother William Levi 1904, "Grandma Lillian" 1905, Russell Luther 1907, Dorothy "Aunt Dot" 1910, Rosanna Jane 1914, Viola Catherine 1917. 

She had one child with a man with the last name of  Carpenter in 1925. Geraldine. 

 She then married Harry Clayton Sweigard in 1932. My "Grandpa Harry". They had one child together in 1948.  My "Mother" Sharon

Grandma Lillian passed away on November 27, 1971, in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, at the age of 66.  I was 3 years old.

Lillian Mary Johnson Sweigard

In 1910, Lillie Johnson was 4 years old and lived in Newville, Pennsylvania with her father, mother, and 2 brothers. They are on LINE 22-26. Grandpa Sharpe was working on the railroad.

1910 Census of Lillian in Newville with Parents and Sibs

Newville is the kind of sleepy town full of Mom and Pop's stores. Where people know people. Mostly a Generational family type of town. Like the Walton's if you please. Grandma Lillian's line goes all the way back to William Watson from what I have researched. Watson's have been there since the Revolutionary War. This is my Irish Line. Her Mother Cora's family has been there as well. 

That line goes back to "My Patriot" Johann Nicholaus Barrick born August 2, 1761 in Cumberland County and died July 20th, 1844 in Cumberland County, Pa. He is my 5th Great Grandfather. 

 I only have his Father's name of Henry Berg/Berk. No Mother's name. He married Anna Maria Lambert/Lambertie.

I've only been told stories about Grandma Lillian. I still have to interview my Mother more while she is still in good health and good memory.

My African American Grandparents would tell me because the 60's were so rocky even in Pennsylvania. They would have to sneak and let Grandma Lillian see me. Grandpa Harry was still leary. My Paternal GrandParents would tell me how they would call her and let her know they were gonna be at Sears that day and what time. Sears was by Grandma Lillian's house. She would go and act as she would normally as to shopping. Then she would slowly come up to my Dad who would be holding me then. Strike a conversation about how Pretty of a baby you have Sir. Daddy said she would hold my little hand and gaze and coo at me and I would just look between her and him. 

I wish I could see her in my big eyes. I wish I could smell Grandma Lillian. No one knew I would only have 3 little years with her off and on. 

Mom would tell me also how she would sneak to call late at night or during the day when she could and ask Mrs. Lewis is there anything TrueAnn needs? No Ms. Sweigard she is doing fine. Don't worry and begin to tell her little things I might of been doing through the week. 

Mom said once she called about about  a white fur coat she wanted me to have and Mom talked her out of it saying I would get so many things on that. Your spoiling the child. They would laugh. I know Grandma Lillian wanted me to have the best. I still have the white lace dress with a pink bow after my Grandparents passed. They still kept dress for me to have as Woman now. Every time I would go home I would ask my Parents. Mom where is the dress Grandma Lillian gave me? "She'd say in the back closet", Go! Look at it. I'm still saving it for you! and her and Daddy did.
White Lace Dress

She was a tough lady with her Irish bit in her, she was sentimental. These are the accounts about her that I wish to talk to my Mom about. 

My other gift is her China punch bowl set in it's original box from Anchor Landing. I'm about to put it in a hutch now that I have a Home of my own now. That was saved for me as well. I love it. 

Also I have my most cherish gift which is my baby Rocking Chair.......Grandma Lillian bought that for my Grandma Lewis to rock me in. I have kept that chair in my baby room and then when I moved from my nursery that was through my Parents room and graduated to my Tween room it went with me down the hall. Well...I have that rocking chair in my Grandbaby's room at my House now. Mom always told me you take care of that chair, it was my job every Saturday to dust it down. Make sure nothing got on it or to break it. 

My baby Rocking Chair

This Spring I plan to meet my DNA cousins who are Grandchildren of Grandma Lillian's siblings. I hope my Mom will show me new pictures and I hope there is one of me and her together. My Aunt is suppose to give me her Bible and I wonder what treasures I'll find in there?

I'm so grateful My Grandparents saved those things for me.

 Grandma Lillian is part of who I am. My Grandparents kept her memory and presence near me. It's those little things that they did that they knew would make a world of a difference to me later in life.... So it has.

They say you can never miss something you never had. Well... I do miss my Grandma Lillian. I love my Grandma Lillian. 

See ya Soon!

Best Regards,