DNA Comparisons. What's Going On?

What's Going On? 

That is the Question everyday when I take a peek at my Genetic DNA Results.

What am I learning? 

I'm not gonna go into detail on my knowledge.  The photos are for me to compare over the years on what my Profiles on my Ethnicity's look like from all of the Top 3 Companies plus DNA Land

So here is what My True Roots looks like on the Inside.

Thanks to Terri O'Connell of Finding Our Ancestors. We finally met at Rootstech 2016. Highly Respected by My True Roots. She is putting me up to the Challenge on getting a overall look at our Findings on this DNA Journey on where we tested. 

 NEW African (beta) @ Ancestry
OLD African results @ Ancestry 

NEW European Results @ Ancestry
OLD European Results @ Ancestry.

Family Tree DNA


DNA.Land Results

DNA.LAND as of April 8th, 2016. 

Next Post I'll have some Analysis and let you know what I'm keeping my Eye on and what I think about a few things. I'm not a Expert on DNA. I just got started a few years ago. So this will be continual. 

I am U5b1c2 Maternally.

 I am E1b1a7a Paternally.

I needed to start blogging on my results. So I Thank Terri for that! 

I manage Me and Both My Parents and a few other Immediate Family Members. 

Leave me a Note and let me know how your coming along with your DNA Journey. 

What's Going On?

We Are the World

Note to Myself:  True always keep in mind these are just "Estimates". Don't get so worked up about it. 

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