Rootstech Swag 2016

My Rootstech Swag, 2016.

my true roots
My Rootstech Conference Handbook Schedule

my true roots
My True Roots - Rootstech Swag, 2016.

My Personalized Signed Copy
of Finding Samuel Lowe
by Author Paula Williams Madison

my true roots

Meeting Paula was a Highlight

my true roots
Find My Past 

my true roots
Cherished Gift from LowCountry Africana, Toni! 

This was a Gift I will Treasure. 

If you see me wearing this, you will know WHY. Thank You, Sister Toni for this NEW Heirloom.  For years I knew of her. Now I KNOW her. Her Spirit online is nothing compared to being surrounded by her essence in Life. 

I am truly humbled. 

my true roots
Dear Myrtle & The Heart Doctor

I got the little practice heart sewing design from Pat's Rootstech After Party. I was invited to her Home. I saw this, and asked if I could keep it. I think it's the cutest.
I'll always have a Piece of Dear Myrtle / Pat!  here with me at Home!

My Mask is from a Keynote Presentation. We were asked to put this Mask on. Bruce explained to us that we are the HEART ❤︎ Doctors for our Family's History.

We keep our Family Alive! I'm a Honorary Doctor for my Family History.

That will always remain in my Heart. This is what I do, for my Family! 

my true roots
Rootstech Goodies, 2016. 

My Alabama Genealogical Society Member Pin along with my Geneabloggers Pin!
You can see my Lanyard. My Ancestor Cloud tee. My flash drive where I recorded a video in the Family Search Booth.
I will cherish these Memories for years to come.

My True Roots was there. 
If you see anything your curious about. Let me know! 

What was your Favorite Rootstech Swag of 2016?

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