2015 FGS Conference: Why Should YoU Go?

2015 FGS Conference  with Rootstech Conference! Is Your Way to Register & Connect with Us!  

Why Should YoU Go? It's a Whole New World! In the movie Aladdin!Remember that Song? ... 100,000 things to see... A new fantastic point of view....With new Horizons to pursue...Every turn a surprise...That's where we'll be! A Wondrous Place for you and Me! Just had to throw a few lyrics in there! You get the Point, Don't Ya! 

Why Should YoU Go?

That's Why Should YoU Go! You will be amongst your OWN. Good Folks who love doing what you do with the bigger Purpose about Researching and Technology and all the best tools we can use to advance. Knowledge from all the many General Session lessons. Special Events & Luncheons. Organization skills.  Fellowship! and how we can all Move together Collectively!

My Reasons for Participating in 2015FGS! I had to get my feet wet! I had to jump in, go full steam ahead! That is why I decided to ask to help as being a 2015 FGS AmbassadorFor years I have been a Stay at Home Genealogist

Now I'm a Family History Blogger. I took the steps in joining my Ancestral Historical Society and that has lead me to being involved with 2015FGS Conference to take my Research to another Level.

This October I went for the very 1st Time to Bullock County, Alabama to visit my Mentor and Attend my Historical Society Meeting. I belong to Bullock County Historical Society. What a Joy! I live in Kentucky so I get my Newsletter monthly. I follow my Fellow Members that way because I can't be there all the time. 

It was so Good to see the faces, to put the names of our Members faces together. I really felt the Love, and they Welcomed me with open arms and said the same about me; Now we see the face to your name! I felt the Importance of why I needed to be part of Historical Society. When I first started I would go to my local Courthouse and Historical Society in the area even tho my Ancestors weren't from that place just to gain experience. Those were the baby steps I took. Now I'm ready for the Big League!

My Spratlan our President introduced us to the Probate Judge  who attended as well, Judge James E. Tatum. So of course I was beyond myself when I saw him. I see his name on many ordered documents. I finally got to see him in person. 
I have to do my research on site or through snail mail in this County.

My True Roots
Rev. Streeter * President Spratlan * Judge Tatum 

 Once a month Mr. Spratlan chooses a location within the County to hold the Meetings. That month in October 2014, the 2nd Sunday in the Month, the location was New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Thompson, Alabama. The Pastor of the Church was in attendance Rev. Henry Streeter.  

My True Roots
New Mt. Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

If I didn't belong to a Historical Society or Attend a 2015FGS Conference, I wouldn't know this Joy of Genealogy in whole new Light and World. Gain all this knowledge to take the next steps to finding my Ancestors

I hope I gave you some Insight into

                           Why Should You Go?

Here is where you can Register for "2015 FGS Registration"! You don't want to Miss it!

Hope to see You there! 

 Also, take a Look at a Old Blog I did for My Mentor and Historical Society President. It's my Show of Appreciation. Down Below!
    Old Guard

My True Roots
Me & Mr. Spratlan

See Ya Soon!

Best Regards, True!

Your 2015 FGS Ambassador!

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