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  My True Roots ~ Many Rivers To Cross 

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African-American history has played an integral role in the shaping of politics, economics, and culture in the United States. Growing up, how did you learn about the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans? Were you in a classroom? Reading a book? Talking with relatives or friends? How has your understanding or knowledge of African-American history changed and/or developed over time? What do you think is the most effective way to pass along this rich and growing history to future generations?

Me & Daddy, 1977. 

I wrote on behalf of my Family for "Many Rivers To Cross".....

This is what I submitted for Record for PBS and Dr. Henry Louis Gates.

I was at the age of 9 in 1977, when I stared listening and asking questions of my Dad about our Family. I don't know who took this picture of me and my Daddy but it reflects on what I have doing ever since. Trying to piece together my family roots, it was the same year that summer my Grandma Queen Daniel Miles passed away.

"Roots" came on television. I wanted to know more. Little did I know it was called "Genealogy" back then. So here I am now, still getting those Oral History interviews in writing "NoTes To MySeL f " by way of blogging.

Doing all I can in research even as far as doing DNA testing. It's fulfilling, it takes time and patience. My Greatest Readers are not born yet, I have to keep telling our stories. It's my responsibility to keep Honoring our Ancestors!

I hope I'm starting lo live up to my Name and seek what is 'TRUE" for my family........

Was Submitted Publicly  during October 22 ~ November 26, 2013.
For Premiere of "Many Rivers to Cross".

For the Record and For My Remembrance.


By:   True A. Lewis

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