My True Roots Village. Family. Sweet Home Alabama.

This is just an example of why My True Roots isn't alone in her work here at her Blog. It takes a family like mine that helps me to give you these Stories and Photos. 

Like my Cousin James

Aunt Ossie mentioned in this letter is Granddaddy Ike's Daughter. James's mother is Granddaddy Ike's Daughter as well. James is his grandson. 

This Painting was also used in our

Our Family Documentary 

Many Thanks to Cousin James and Mr. Richardson for this awesome piece of art he did on on our Ancestral hometown.

I'm always so grateful. I just wanted you to see a glimpse into why I have so much love for what I do. 

My Family.....

They are what keeps My True Roots going. 

Enjoy Sweet Home Alabama. Bullock County. Midway.

Genealogical Sketch

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