A Surge of New and Old African American Bloggers has Arrived!

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     My Tribe Member!   "Kristin Cleage"  at Finding Eliza please stop by and visit her Blog! 
    Recently there has been a huge surge of New African American Genealogy Blogs. We have the new group African-American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research to thank for encouraging and guiding their creation as part of their mission to move African American genealogy forward, to break down brick walls and to form a community of researchers encouraging and sharing with each other. Here are links to some of the new blogs, and a few older ones. If you can, visit. You might find something you were looking for! Appreciative to have my Blog added to the List and my Family Website.

    YES, you can CLAP! Give them a round of "Applause", Visit! and leave a "Note" or Comment!



    1. Thanks for the inclusion Ms. True Ann :) <3

      1. it was an HONOR. Continued Blessings. Don't stop Blogging!

    2. Whooo Hooo! Great to see so many new blogs recording our journey.

    3. Kristin I don't know how you did it! It took me all night! and it was worth the writing! THank you so much for this LIST! I can't believe I didn't know......Tomorrow will be spent going by and checking them out! THanks Again for putting this together!

    4. Thanks for the post. http://www.ccharity.com has been a round since I first started with Genealogy (1999). Here is a few more on my genealogy resource page. http://dewaynejackson.com/genealogy-resources/