Today is November 11th, Veteran's Day. In 2008 on this date, my Dear Mother passed. I was home doing laundry and hanging with my own Soldier for the day, when I got the call. "Mom's not gonna make it".......

I wanted to rededicate:  MS. JANUARY 1944,  a older  NOTE'S TO MYSELF in the next blog above.... that I have shared before.

But first let me give you some memorable NOTES about MOM.

Mom was of Good Courage. She was a Praying Woman. She Loved and Worked hard. Born August 29th, 1923 in Midway, Alabama, Bullock County. The Lord had granted her what she prayed so many a night about, was to go first before Daddy, she always told us she wouldn't be able to Think or know what to do if something happened to him and to go quickly. And she did. The last words she softly whispered was "Lord, Help Me". 

She left behind a Great Legacy that her Descendants. For all of her Grace and Love we'll be glad to carry her Torch on. We always gave her flowers while she was here on Earth,we didn't wait till she passed away. 

Mom wanted them now while she was Living and she got them! In the form of fancy dresses, church hats, family gatherings, her children and friends around,a phone call. 

A hug or a kiss. Even a glance across the room to acknowledge her. Those were her flowers.

 I think on her everyday. I have constant reminders around my house of hers like pots and pans, dishes, knick-knacks, hankies and notes. 
All the crying up in her bosom after falls with scraps and bumblebee stings and laying up in her lap just to get that Motherly love and she always smelled like a "Momma" should, fresh cotton linen and vanilla. Mom's signature scent was White Shoulders. 
The whoppings she gave with a good switch we had to go pick. Trips Down Home. All her Southern cooking,when I got Baptized. OH, how she Hollered! 
My 1st Dance in the 7th grade going shopping for a dress. Waiting up for me to come home from a date, Gotta be home by Midnight! 
Getting married made me so nervous to leave my house I was raised in. Having my 1st baby and naming him after my Grandma Eddie and my Father continuing tradition, she mostly raised that boy. Hearing her be called Nannie.  
She is worth more than Gold. This is just my way to "Speak Her Name" and keep her STORY going through this blog.  

This NOTE is just a small glimpse into more notes turned to stories you will read about my Mother.


                                    In Honor of my Mom. 

Mrs. Tinnie Lee Miles Lewis.

Mom and Daddy, 1944.


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