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Me and Pam's Journey for about a year now has come to a "Great Conclusion"! We can finally say we are COUSINS!

We had the paper trail, now we wondered DNA wise?  Well finally this week, through Pam's sister, she's still awaiting her results we were confirmed. Pam's test came back and she is U5B8.

My Great Grandma is Cora Agnes Rebecca Watson. That line goes all the way back to 1580.

Pam’s Grandfather is Elmer W. Watson. Him and Cora are Siblings. Brother and Sister.

Their Father: Levi Alexander Watson married Rosanna Harriet Barrick

Grandpa Levi Alexander Watson and Grandma Rosanna Harriet Barrick
Parents of Elmer and Cora Agnes

The Mother of Elmer and Cora : Rosanna Harriet Barrick. Her PARENTS were:  Andrew Barrick and Rebecca Heckman.

Andrew Barrick  and Rebecca Barrick (Heckman my 3rd Great Grandma)  are 1st COUSINS.

Andrew and Rebecca (Heckman) Barrick 1st Cousins Married in 1837.

Andrew’s Father and Rebecca’s Mother were SIBLINGS.  Andrew’s father was George Barrick and Rebecca’s Mother was Susannah Barrick (4th Great Grandma) who were the children of my PATRIOT: Johann Nicholaus Barrick.

Andrew and Rebecca’s Parents Married SIBLINGS.   Meaning Susannah and George Barrick They married  HECKMAN siblings. Philip and Maria Magdelena Heckman.

BARRICK LINE GOES BACK TO 1761 with my Patriot Nicholaus Barrick

This is how I became a U5 HAPLOGROUP: Which what makes me a U5b1c exactly, ends with Dorothea Zimmerman born in 1745 which is my 6th Great Grandma. This is how far back I have researched the Mother to Mother to Mother line for my U5.

Ancestry.com DNA Results

She is the Mother of Anna Marie Lambert (5th Great Grandma) who married "My Patriot Johann Nicholaus Barrick". Which are the Parents of Susannah and George Barrick, there are other siblings to my Patriot and Grandma Anna. These two just stood out the most.

Most of these lines are from Cumberland, Mifflin and Berks County,Pennsyvlvania. My Family didn't venture to far out from there. Doubling Gap, Newville are a few of the city names.

ALL these lines me and Pam are intertwined with her Grandpa Elmer and my Great Grandma Cora.

I finally got another 4th cousin successful DNA match on Ancestry.com!

With Pam and her sister for all 4 of these lines which were done pretty much correctly through another cousin Linda Barrick Durham she researched our family and wrote a book called: The Descendants of Johann Nicholaus Barrick. Linda hasn’t done DNA yet. I hope she decides to do soon. 

With the help of now gone Mildred Hurley who is passed away, she was a great researcher also of our Family. Pam has done more research than me. I’m just a little bit behind her but the DNA has proven our research on the paper trail side of Genealogy.

 It just goes to prove that if you do your research and document you will make it easier on yourself to get around all those hurdles on how to find your match. Some of it is challenging from me not having certain lines researched fully or some may be my brick walls like the Sweigard, Evan and Lewis lines.

So I have had much success about 3 times with a 4th Cousin, all happen to be on my European side. I'm waiting for some of my 4th Cousins and beyond matches on my African American side to reveal themselves also. 

I have tested with 23andMe, Ancestry.com, FTDNA, SNP marker with DNATribes. I have a Dr. McDonald report as well. I'm also on www.gedmatch.com .

I belong to several groups of interest for me on Facebook for Genealogy and DNA as well Ancestry sites. 

This is just some of my story, of SOME, of my People

This story is to be continued..........

I have so many stories on this line to tell of heartache and tragedy but most of all LOVE. So stay tuned on my "Momma's Side" of the Family!


  1. Enjoy your research so far my research with my dna cousins hasn't quite been as succesful

    1. We just gotta keep trying to push thru. Thanks Edwin for all the support and keeping up with me. Love you and Edie!

  2. Lucky u True, u go girl and keep the updates coming we all should be so blessed.

    1. Thanks Beverly! I had been hanging with these ladies for a year and trying to exchange info and finally I asked Pam has she took a DNA test yet? She said No. So she decided to do it with her Sister also. I was glad, I had the papertrail and documents for my DAR application. But this confirmed I was doing my research right.

  3. I can't wait to read more! So awesome that you are able to research all the way back as far as you have!

  4. Thanks Andrea! I remember when it was so confusing, with the names intertwining. I kept getting them all confused. Who was Who? Finally I wrote down on a piece a paper and it was much better. It was thru starting with my Grandmother's Birth Death and Baptismal records. Help from other family members.

  5. That's Crazy! Cora is my Great Grandmother! Her Daughter Viola is my grandmother. I even have a picture of Me and Cora sharing our birthday party.
    Ok, so tell me, who's your grandma/grandpa
    If you want some more information, you can reach me @ thecarlislekid@yahoo.com

    1. Thank you CarlisleKid hope to hear from you soon! I'll give you the details!

  6. Thank you for sharing another fascinating story with us! I love reading them!

  7. Thanks Henriette! Love you Back! They'll be more!