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Worldwide Genealogy ~ A Genealogical Collaboration: A TrueKeeper....: Hello All! My name is TRUE ! Yes!  that's really my NAME . I usually don't talk about ME. Just for this Post I will tell you a ...

Hello All! My name is TRUE!

Yes!  that's really my NAME.

I usually don't talk about ME. Just for this Post I will tell you a little about MYSELF which is hard to do. This is the 1st Time I have gotten really Personal.  I have been blogging since November 7, 2012. I choose that date in Remembrance of my Daddy who taught me the True meaning of Family History.  I  Reserve my Blog for my Ancestors.

I was born a day before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr died. April 3rd. In Harrisburg, Pa.
 When I was born my Father's Parents adopted and raised me. My Grandmother Tinnie named ME.
On April 4, 1968 when Dr.King was assassinated my Grandmother said "When One Life was Taken, Another was Given".

She always boastfully said. I was "Blessed" from the womb.

My Mother who is German and my Father who is African American.

My Mom, Me and 2nd child with Parents (Grandparents) 1989

 They were young, it was the 60's. The World was a tumultuous time. My Father was away at Vietnam he served 2 Tours and spent 28 years in the United States Marine Corps, and still Living today. Both are! I'm a retired Army Veteran as well. Serving in the Army has afforded me to be stationed and live all over the World and United States in ways I might not of ever experienced doing something else as a career. I live in the COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY! good Ol' US of A.

My Grandparents decided after much thought who were married for 25 years and all their children were Grown and Living away from home decided to "Keep Me"!  I was their Oldest Child's Firstborn.

laugh now because I say they bought and got me for about 160 Bucks!

Receipt of my Adoption
This and my Original Birth Certificate and Letter from Lawyers is my only Documentation of my Original Birth. This has never been seen before. I only found it after my Grandparents passed away.  My Adoption Records from the State of Pennsylvania are Sealed. That is why I'm glad my Grandparents let me KNOW my Parents so I didn't have to Question who I was and Search for my Heritage. It was the Best thing for my Family to make all those decisions before I was born.

I'm so Grateful and Proud. I was meant to be with my Paternal Grandparents. They were the catalyst for the Wonderful Life I have been able to Live. I had the Luxury of having all of ME and my Heritage. No part of me was Denied. My Grandparents let me see both sides of my WORLD through my Birth Parents.

I've always felt International for the longest. So it's befitting that I'm participating in this WorldWide Genealogy Blog for I am Truly Worldwide. Through DNA testing I have learned about my English, Irish, Norwegian and African Roots. Some parts still Unknown. I'm a U5b1c Maternally and E1b1a7a Paternally through 23andMe.

Since I was a little girl. I knew I was gonna be the "TrueKeeper" of my Family's History. I've appreciated this Gift for a long time. It started when I was 9 and I didn't know it was called Genealogy or what Genealogy was?  I just always penned and kept Notes to Myself. Eventually as I grew into adulthood. It has it's True Meaning now.
Daddy and Me,  age 9.  1977

From this picture, it explains it all. I found this after my Parents passed away also. I remember those times. When Daddy would break out the pictures and I would ask so many questions and remembered Family Stories from Heart back then.

I'm so Grateful for them not shooing me away and answering my questions. I always loved to hear  My Family Stories and where I came from. I have deep roots in Cumberland County, Newville, Pennsylvania, my Mother's European family have been there since the Revolutionary War from England, Ireland, all over Europe.  All the way to Bullock County, Midway, Alabama with my Slave Family. It was always a joy learning about all the Relatives I had and what their Lives were like.
 They could of kept the old ways where a "Child should be Seen, and Not Heard". I loved hiding in the wings and behind doors to Listen to the Old Folks. I'm glad I got to stay with my Grandparents. I was Overwhelmed with Way too much LOVE for ONE person.

I get a little teary-eyed at times. I find solace in that they appreciated and knew what I was doing and they were so Glad and Grateful to tell THEIR stories and that someone was Passing it On.

So that is what I do at my blog: My True Roots!  I do African American Research intermixed with my European Heritage. Please stop and have a look around. We just might be Kin!

I'm a member of 3 Genealogical Societies. I'm also a part of African American Genealogy Slave Ancestor Research or AAGSAR.  I also TWEET.  That Girl! @MyTrueRoots .   I look forward to writing more on my Ancestors and tell you the STORY that Inspired me the MOST and hearing all of Yall's stories. Thank you to Julie Goucher of "Angler's Rest" for the Invite!

I have A Ol'Slave named Ike Ivery!  He is who began me on my Quest for being the......... TrueKeeper! of my Family History.

Are you the "TrueKeeper" of your Family?

Thank You to my Grandparents for all their Love and Everlasting Support. Simply the best!
Me with my "Parents" who are my Grandparents, 1997

See Ya soon!
Best Regards, True!

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