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Hello Family and Friends! and Most of all my Delightful Readers!

Just wanted to share "My True Roots!" with you again to reintroduce myself to the Genealogy Community and why I started!

This was my 1st Post which you can click on the Link to see my 1st start and Tribute.

 Threshold of Blogging! after much hesitation.

 I started it on November 7, 2012 and posted what was the time of Daddy's Death of 2:32.  My Father James Edward Lewis,  passed Saturday Morning in my childhood home in Oberlin Pennsylvania. Dauphin County. November 7, 2009.  With all his Children surrounding him.

Me and Daddy age 9, 1977.

I wanted to keep my Family History and Oral History alive.

Inspiration came from my "Ol'Slave Ike Ivery"!

 This is where you can learn all about my Sankofa for Granddaddy, in my Documentary to Granddaddy "Ike Ivery" all the way to Me!

I was encouraged by many people along the way on other Facebook Groups I had joined.

 Countless Friends and Family. Too many to mention who have been encouraging and cheering me on this Journey. So I'd like to take this time for "Thanking" everyone who has been so positive and uplifting. 

Later I joined AAGSAR!  This is my new HOME now. Please take a look at the work done by Luckie Daniels and all the "New Bloggers" who are pretty much seasoned and I proudly and Boastfully say this was a long time coming and much needed. 

"The Village"

With Luckie Daniels of Our Georgia Roots  supervision no words can express what she started for the African American Genealogy Community 14 years ago and took on the role and challenge of nurturing and getting us started. We can pass this on and take Charge now. "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"......She has guided us by hand daily on showing us what our Work and Challenges are? Why we need to be a part of the Genealogy Community?

Now she is taking AAGSAR to another Level.....BlogTalkRadio! our 3rd Home and Why We Got Roots Too!

This is where my development and integration of technology for my Work began. Daddy would be Proud of me for being with these Folks on the level we are taking our Work to Honor Our Ancestors Lives in the RadioSphere.

It has been way to long and much anticipated. I hope other's will join in not letting our Slave History get behind any longer.

 That is my Life Work as well.

 To keep reminding EVERYONE that we! My Ancestors! have a place in Ancestry and Beyond! with all the complexities of different nationalities and ethnicity's told within our DNA as well. 

This is part of mine: 23andMe making me U5b1c Maternally.
True's! DNA.

In this Work we call Genealogy and to Continually Tell Their Life Stories for the World so as not to be forgotten integrated with Technology.  My Unborn Readers and my Descendant's Hopefully will carry this body of work I have only begun to touch on.

I expect nothing less from all the GREAT New & Seasoned Genning Friends of  the Genealogy Community to support Me and my People as they become known to you, on my behalf and help them! Receive them! Support them as they come along, long after I have gone. 

So to Celebrate another milestone in my Ancestors lives and my Fellow Bloggers. New and Old. Come Support your Extended Genealogy Family. 

 I EXTEND my Hand and INVITE! and ask that you join us LIVE on Sunday March 2nd, 2014 6pm EST, as we Debut our Live BlogTalkRadio Show! @ BlogTalkRadio for AAGSAR!  And don't forget to CALL IN!  @ 347-838-8307

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We have some great line-ups! You'll get to meet AAGSAR Members and Luckie Daniels and Myself and Fellow Bloggers and Experts in Technology, Family Research and Genning from the Larger Community?

Why We Have Roots Too!

AAGSAR African American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research

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Post: Questions or Comments at the above link and get familiarized with our BlogTalkRadio page leading up to SUNDAY MARCH 2ND, 2014. 6 pm EST!  Pass the WORD around! Google+ "Twitter" Facebook and all the other Technology Engines you use and Groups too! We are so Excited! and We want YOU to be a PART of IT!

Bring your Coffee! and in my case my English Tea! A few snacks. Come TALK and Chat with us, or just Plain out HANG OUT! Join in the Experience and Celebrate with US on what we all so love in Genealogy and Technology. Keeping our Ancestral Work alive. 

                      See you on SUNDAY, MARCH   2ND, @ 6pm                                       Eastern Time in the US!  
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See Ya Sunday, and My Best Regards!