My Generational Haplogroup Assignments

my true roots

I got the idea from my Blog Brother Michael @FamilySleuther 

Building a Family Haplogroup Tree

Who was Inspired by My Blog Sister Lara @LarasGenealogy !

Updated Haplogroup Tree

My Inspirational Map as well came from my GenBud Paul Hawthorne of GeneaSpy  

Last year his #MyColorfulAncestry went VIRAL! we were all ripe for the picking! It was on Fire. 

Crista Cowen suggested the hashtag and we Lit the Internet up with our Versions of My Colorful Ancestry.

You can see more of his Genealogy Community My Colorful Ancestry on Pinterest 

That's how I came up with my Map from Paul. 

J. Paul Hawthorne - GeneaSpy

I manage 8 kits in my immediate circle, 4 Generations. Soon to be 5 for my Great Aunt!

 I've tested myself at all 3 major Company's to include Living DNA. 

So this map shows me where and how I need to be strategic in whom I get tested to find out the Haplogroup Assignments or wait till my Matches come in to confirm the lines. 

I had a doozy of a time doing mine. My Friends in Genealogy have their Versions, so I hope this will Inspire you to do the same thing. 

This way you can keep track of your Family Haplogroup Assignments as you go on this Journey to find the Origins of your Ancestors. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me and from time to time I will update this Map of Haplogroups in my Lineage. 

Visit the Links above and Enjoy your own Map! 


  1. Also u5b1c. Maternal ancestors are from Sieroslaf, Poland. Some websites say it seems to have origins in Italy, maybe Spain and Portugal. Rather fascinating.