My True Roots Celebrates her 4th Blogiversary!

My True Roots Turns 4!

LORD, I PrAiSe YOU! I Thank You for Guiding Me : for Holding Me: for keeping me in your Hands : All Day and All Night : I lie my Faith in nothing but You: above all else,You are my STrengTh! With You all This is Possible. Thank You for that "Quiet Place"......


To: My Entire Family...There are so many that take my calls, my email, my text at any Given hour. You all know who you Are. I'm Grateful for you all taking time to help me. Thank you for all your Prayers & Encouragement. Please know that every Word and Picture I place on my Blog is because you have Contributed.

I don't Do My True Roots alone.
My Friends - Fellow Bloggers - My Genealogy Community -
My Beloved Black Pro Gen LIVE! Family.
You, My Readers the most faithful of them ALL, have stuck by me - encouraged me - prompted me - gave me criticism when needed - advised, taking my Hand and Walking with Me all the way through.
I Thank YOU!
Daddie and Mom
James E. Lewis 1918 - Today; 8 years ago.
Tinnie L. Miles Lewis 1923 - November - 2008
My Sweet November

I do this Work of Recording our Family History and Genealogy because of them. They unashamedly taught me so many lessons that will carry me through Life. They poured so many stories and documents from the Ancestors onto me. I was the Vessel. I'm Grateful that they took the time to answer so many Questions from my inquisitive mostly nosey self. Always questioning this and that. I wouldn't have half of what I can write to you if it wasn't for them.

Thank You Everyone!
Thanks for stopping over and reading about my Family History for the last 4 years. It's Very Much Appreciated! Thanks for all your Comments and NoTe's! and simply taking the time. Please keep coming by as I grow. It's been a Very Great 4 years with all your Support.

Truly Blessed!

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