Hats Off 👒

This was MY favorite HAT that embodied all of her Southern Charms. The Gardening Hat. Down by the Shore Hat, with it's Seashells that sparkle in the Light. The Floppy Hat.

Mom was always in Style with a Good Hat. That was her staple, her signature.

I need to get ready for a New Hat...........

You'd see her everywhere with one. As it comes close to Christmas and a New Year is upon us. It's like putting a new HAT on. I'm sitting at my little desk and I'm looking up at Mom's hat. She use to hang them on a door handle to the closet that was right by her seat at the kitchen table, she could just grab it if she got a quick visitor at the front door or if she felt her hair was out of place. It would be there if she was running out the door to go to "Tha STo", in her Southern accent!

 She had a hat everywhere in that house for every occasion.

Her hats would be up in the closet as you walked in the door on the top shelf of some old phonebooks always ready for a quick grab. Layed across my bed in my "old room" for ready on Sunday morning, even on a Styrofoam head just to keep that Tam in place. When she passed she had old hat boxes from Hess's, John Wanamaker's. It was hard to let it go. 
Me and my sister Bettye, after she passed, Laid them all out in the Living Room we called the "Front Room",we weren't allowed to be in as kids, as her friends would stop by and look the hats over and choose what memory they wanted to keep. We wanted them to have something of Mom's. Hats were important in a Southern Lady's wardrobe they stood for different things. Work~ Grieving~Celebrations. IT's an inspiration for me, for starting over in a New Year.

 Daddy just sat quietly over the coming weeks..... as we were settling all of Mom's personal things. He was the Leader in Mom having so many Hat and Purses and her Pins. He spoiled her with them. Me and Bettye kept several but that was the last hat I saw Mom in, and Bay graciously bowed out to let me have my way. The other thing I think of the most is Mom's pin hats. She had plenty. I love to just open my box and glance at them. The hat pins never went out of style for Mom, she had them all around in different rooms just for etiquette. That's what a Southern Lady does.

Mom at her Best. Our favorite.

She went out with Style no matter what time of year or occasion. Her biggest moment for me, was when Mom stepped out in her Church hat. She knew how to wear it, she wore it well! and It didn't wear her. Church hats were my Mom's Crown and Glory!

 I was always so Proud.

 I walked like a Peacock knowing my MOmma had the baddest hat in town on. When she passed in 2008 that is what all this reminded me of: LIFE. A New Year is starting so we have to take the old off and put on the new to start anew.......Hat's off to you Mom, "Sis. Tinnie" and to 2012! We Welcome 2013 as we put our New Hat on For the Year! See you next Year........

Back of the card with Final Bill
Mom's  "STEIN'S" Hat Bill from 1965