Funeral Card Friday #1

Rev. Obie L. Lewis.......... My Daddy's big brother........Daddy kept Uncle Obie alive by this photo. I think this might be one of the "oldest" obits I have. Hopefully not, but at the moment it is. It wasn't until Daddy passed, I found this obit in his WW2 footlocker. He was 13 years older than Daddy and more of an influence on him then Uncle Obie would ever get to know.  There is so much I have to learn just from his Funeral Card Obit. Poole Funeral Home is still in business and they have been Thanked and Helpful in so Many ways. I know he is buried in Mason City Cemetery which is now New Grace Hill. I have to get more history on the church and a lot of other unanswered questions. I will keep moving forward and adding notes to his bio as I learn. Also his Mother had a brother named Obie who had no children. My Uncle Obie didn't either. Ironic.
On March 1st, 1946 my Lovely Took Care of Business Aunt Belle died during childbirth,she was just 34 years old. Daddy took charge and made sure he was at both funerals in two days. Just running with so much on his shoulders. Just from this Daddy was always running making sure things where taking care of when it came to times like these, He was in Charge.

Uncle Obie's Funeral Card

Daddy said his Momma heard the "Rooster crow 3 times" and she didn't know she would be next on June 22, 1946. So I would say that was a hard Year for my Daddy. In my Family they always say DEATH comes in Three's. They always take two other people with them. Well in 1946 Death Came 3 times....

Rev. Obie L. Lewis

You are truly missed and I wish I could sit and talk awhile with you.