My Sankofa for Ike Ivery

This is what I've wanted to do for so long, I felt If I didn't do it, it wasn't gonna get done. I was always in a panic and worried I was so behind on family history research. 

So out of Love I had to get the ball rolling. Younger folks in my family they can take this start and run with! Back in 2007 I had rumblings in my Soul! I wanted to put a story together with all my family research, the documents and pictures over the years I collected. 

So I went on a internet search for someone who specializes in Documenting your Family History, That is were Ms. Susan Soble came in. She is the owner of Family Line Studios and she helped me make a Dream come True. 

This was done out of Love. With Blessings from my Elders. With A tribute to my Ancestors. Please take a look at my link to watch my Family History Documentary. 

Watch the History of Ike Ivery and his 23 Children.       

 Click the link below:

Ike Ivery and his 23 Children!                                                         

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