Monday, August 12, 2013

My Sankofa for Ike Ivery

This is what I've wanted to do for so long, I felt If I didn't do it, it wasn't gonna get done. I was always in a panic and worried I was so behind on family history research. So out of Love I had to get the ball rolling. Younger folks in my family they can take this start and run with! Back in 2007 I had rumblings in my Soul! I wanted to put a story together with all my family research, the documents and pictures over the years I collected. 

So I went on a internet search for someone who specializes in Documenting your Family History, That is were Ms. Susan Soble came in. She is the owner of and she helped me make a Dream come True. 

This was done out of Love. With Blessings from my Elders. With A tribute to my Ancestors. Please take a look at my link to watch my Family History Documentary.        

                                                                     Click the link below: