Family Heirloom ● Tiny Tea Cup.

Tiny Tea Cup

my true roots
Tea Set in Curio

Bottom of Saucer

Did you notice the red insignia writing? 

"Made in Occupied Japan"

It was stamped the same on the tea cup as well.

I wonder did Daddy get this serving in WW2 for Mom?

It was never explained where it came from. It was one of Mom's showcased pieces she kept ever since I can remember. 

This is my all time favorite. I actually snuck and played with this set. My Doll babies and stuffed animals were always my guests.

There were two. Mom kept them in a back room with built in shelving, where the encyclopedias were kept. 

As a little girl. I was fascinated with tea cups. My obsession has turned into a hobby now. 

I have made this a Heirloom.

What is different now, I purchased Pudding, my Granddaughter her very own. We've had a few tea parties. I taught her Etiquette. She asked many questions. Do you hold your pinkie out while sipping tea?  Is this how you stir your cream? 

Of course; I giggled.  I had two boys who weren't interested in Tea Parties. They would rather play with cars and swords. So it's nice to have a new start with a little girl who amuses her Grandma. Thanks Pudding!

Her favorite part was washing her set and storing it away for another day.  I can't remember what happened to my own plastic tea set. I'm sure I out grew it and somewhere a long time it was pitched. 

my true roots

My Love for Tea Cups
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This is a relaxing way for me to dream a little and have as many tea cups as I want. I PIN for quiet time. 
It's my private time for winding down for the night. So I hope you are able to go to my Little Collection that I so love to PIN and Enjoy.   

my true roots

Pudding's Tea Set Basket 

Do you have a love for Tea Cups?

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