Family Heirlooms ✿ Moms Hankies

My True Roots
Mom and her Hankies

When Mom passed away Tuesday, November 11th, 2008. 

We had to go through all her personal items. Mom had Southern Charm and all the attributes a Southern Lady has. This is just one of her many etiquettes she kept tradition with .... was Hankies.

She kept them in all her purses and a few coat pockets. A lady always keeps her hankies near by.

Mom had a special drawer in her extra bedroom where she kept dainty items of the day for any occasion in excess and easy access to for times in need.  These are some of those. 

When I think of hankies I think of the movies where Women kept them tucked in the sleeve of a dress, right above the wrist. Tears and Joy where held in hankies. Who came up with the idea if you dropped a hanky right before a guy you liked, it would get his attention?  I think I watched Gone with the Wind to much. 
Silly to think of that now.  

 There were quite a few packets of Lady Hankies. Some where very old and laying in display. I choose these to make a special memory. Already embroidered with flowers from the past.  I took them to a seamstress and had her embroider Moms name Tinnie and the year she passed, 2008

My True Roots
Moms Hankie

I gave them to some special ladies in my life. I saved the baby blue one for me. One of her favorite colors as well. I keep in my Bible right at the Book of Matthew which was her favorite Chapter. I do that just so I'm close to her presence everyday in my own special way.  Mom saved them and now I try to get use out of them. 

She saved them for a Special day, but every day is Special to me. 

 Mom called me "Sweet-Pea" and I thought the blue one represented Sweet Peas. 

I'm pretty sure that is not the name of the flower. If someone can tell me, please Leave me a NoTe or Comment. 

I'd just like to call them Sweet Peas. 

The purple one is for my Granddaughter I keep that in a safe place. Little girls love pink and purple. I think the seamtress did this so tenderly with the right font and stitch for colors to coordinate what was already on them. I think Mom would enjoy the special touch I put on them. 

I made this a Family Heirloom

Something New from Something Old

Thank You for letting me share one of many of my favorite Heirlooms. 

Thank You Mom for these intricate delicate Gifts
I enjoy sharing and caring for these. 

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