Rootstech ✔︎ List - Calling Card ☏

 Note To Myself : I was SO excited I didn't Post this on time. February 7th, 2016. After Rootstech 2016. 

Can you tell I'm excited about Rootstech ?

Next Month February 3rd - 6th. I'll be in Salt Lake City! It's been a "Bucket List" Dream for me to Attend since I learned of it's Importance in the Genealogy World.

I use to live in Washington State in Tacoma for 3 years so it will be good to be headed out that way again! I've been so anxious and excited since September.


✔︎ Large Suitcase

✔︎ Roller back pack
✔︎ Electronic devices / chargers
✔︎ Supplies
   Starbucks Card (lots of coffee drinking) ☕️
    Business Cards / Labels
    Flight Information  
    Hotel Reservations  
    Energy for Dear Myrtle's After Party! 

I'm gonna be a First-Timer! I have had all these dreams of what it's like to be around thousands of other Family Historians and Genealogists and Technology folks in one room that are so enthused like myself ?

I also have Family History Library time. On Tuesday night, I get to meet Israel and talk DNA and a Host of others that I have longed to meet.

My Circle of Gen Friends has grown over the last 3 years and 3 months. I'm excited to see them in person from Facebook, Twitter and the many Bloggers I hang out with online but haven't met in person. I have a List of Folks I have got to see!

Keynote Speakers:  Paula Madison! Doris Kearns Goodwin! Steve Rockwood, Bruce Feiler, and Josh & Naomi Davis (Taza) . Just added was StoryCorps Dave Isay & Michael Leavitt.

On Tuesday! I finally meet my MentorDear Myrtle or Pat. I call her for many reasons "Madea" we are having lunch at the Blue Lemon with many others. This is how I get to kick Rootstech off. Meeting Dear Myrt! I hope I don't go OfF like a Party-POP! when I see her. To Top my night off. I got to see Cousin Russ! 

 I also spend time with my Black Pro Gen Sisters! I'm having Supper with them!  Can you believe I get to see them in person? Angela Y. Walton-Raji and Bernice Bennett! Especially my Cousin Shelley Murphy Family Tree Girl. 

The 1st person I see at Rootstech is Thomas McAntee of our very own Geneabloggers! What are the Odds? Unbelievable. I was so glad to hug him. 

On Wednesday! I'll have a special surprise for you! Don't worry, I'll give you all the details AFTER the Event. You won't want to miss this one! Trust ME!

On Thursday at 4:20 I have appointment with Family ChartMasters! very exciting on how they will help me put my Slavery Heritage Family on display for a gift to the Ivery's later. We have a Reunion in 2017 in Orlando, Florida. 

Friday! By Special Invitation I go to the After Party. My Heritage is Hosting! There will be Prizes and I know that is gonna be one heck of a shindig. 

I'm getting up early everyday! I'll rest when I get back to Kentucky!

I'm sure my night life will be up to par as well! I plan on "Hanging Out" as much as possible.

The After Party with Dear Myrtle and Friends will be a Blast! I'm bringing something sweet and special from my Home State! So you will have to come back for that Surprise!

I'll have lots of pictures to show! I am gonna do my best to let you see the in's and out's of the week. I'm gonna miss Hilary and Caitlin and Paul and a few others but we will try our best to make them feel like they are here with us. I'll have lots to share! 

If you can't be there. My Blog Sister Cheryl of Carolina Girl!  has a Link to all that is Online for live streaming! Take a Look at her Blog. She has tons of information and experience. I followed her around Rootstech 2015 when I couldn't make it. 

See ya! at Rootstech 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah! in Person and Virtually!


My True Roots "Calling Card"

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