My Rootstech Journey February 6th, 2016 Saturday - Day 4
Saturday, Last Day of Rootstech

My Journey to Rootstech

Saturday February 6th, 2016

Day 4 at Rootstech 2016

Last Official Day of Rootstech! 

Morning: Lots of rearranging of the packing. Making sure I had my roller back pack with all my immediate needs just in case. I was on the red-eye flight that night, so not to much was gonna go on, but sleep. Took a final photo of me and the Mountains.

 Checked my Luggage at the front desk till the end of Rootstech. 

I had a lazy morning. I finally got to eat correctly. Usually I had tea or coffee and went on my way. Today I got the buffet breakfast. Me and Shelley just hung out and took it slow.

I was able to do a Oral History Recording with Video at the FamilySearch "Record Your Story" Booth. One of my highlights. They gave us a thumb drive for preservation.

Afternoon: Strolled around Rootstech. It was Family Discovery Day. LOTS of folks with their children. 
 Right before we were about to leave. I spot Crista from the 2nd floor. I happen to tell Shelley let me take one more good last look. I saw Crista Cowen The Barefoot Genealogist.

 I begged Shelley. Hold on. I'm taking the escalator down. You meet me down there. Boy! I hopped on that escalator and almost ran down, so I wouldn't miss her. I waited until  Shelley made it down. Hilarious. Crista was talking to someone. That gave me time to get my wits all together. I was so glad to see her. Crista in my head is that big sister that gets on your nerves sometimes but you love her to death. She is my best friend Nicka's Cousin! Over at Who is Nicka Smith?

Crista is the Bomb she gives it to you straight in Genealogy Daily. For that I have the up most respect and admiration for her. She's a walking encyclopedia for Genealogy. I'm so glad she allowed me to take the picture of our Purple Pedi Toes!! Isn't that the cutest!

 It was Saturday so I had ham hock feet by this time. I was more than glad to take my loafers off. They needed a break after all that running around. You would of thought I was a spring chicken in Winter! Thanks Crista for making this Memory especially for Me.  WoW!.....
My True Roots. The Barefoot Genealogist & Family Tree Girl 

Evening: Me and Shells heading to the Hotel after this. We were wandering off and then Shelley had her one moment. Should I get the book? Me; What BOOK!? For goodness sake she was taking me into the den of BSO'S (bright shiny objects) AGAIN!  called the "Exhibit Hall". I had escaped after meeting Crista and here comes Shelley saying she has to get one more thing that is all the way in the BACK!

I swear I wanted to put some blind folds on. This was pure torture! I somehow manage to get back there without being side tracked. I was mumbling and whispering to myself the whole time. Don't LOOK and Don't TOUCH one more thing! 

Guess what? I failed. Shelley got her book. I ended up buying one more last thing. A sticker! So off we went into the sunset on the street. Looked at the Windmills one more time and headed to the hotel for rest and relaxation. We got our luggage sat in lounge area. Watched Stan Ellsworth from American Ride. We did our hugs, smiles and I love you...  

It won't be the last time I see Shelley.

 I parted to the Plaza with my luggage. I came with 32 pds and left Salt Lake City with 44.9  to hitch a ride to Myrtle's with the rest of the Geneabloggers. Roger Moffatt chauffeured me and 3 others to Myrts which is another story in itself. How I ended up with Roger is another thing!  He was my Shadow the whole time at Rootstech! He was a pure HOOT! 

I got to sit in the back with Tony Proctor from Ireland. So I got some Me time in with my Irish Fellow. What a treat! 

They say if you don't have a picture to show, it didn't happen. WELL, I was! I went to Dear Myrtle and Mr. Myrt's house. I just didn't have a need for my cell. I was in the moment and making my memories last. I hadn't even thought about taking pictures. 

Madea showed out! Do you hear me? Her Daughters did everything they had all our needs met. Beautiful meal and desserts.

 The whole family did a wonderful job hosting us Geneabloggers.  Beautiful home. I got to see where all the Genealogy Fairies and magic happens. 

Desserts  from Jana and Roger! & TimTams!
Dessert at After Party with Dear Myrtle, 2016. 

Can I tell you I went out with a bang. I got to hang out at Dear Ol'Myrts' house with all my fellow Geneabloggers from all over the US and World. 

When it was time to go. I got overwhelmed with seeing each and  everyone in person. I admired  everyone of them over the years.  Thomas McAntee, Jen, Cousin Russ and his Smile and "infamous hat" with Cousin Russ on it was a hoot to see every day as I passed him. I hope he knows how welcomed he made me feel!
Me & Cousin Russ! 

Eric Jelle, we got to spend time talking and we have been to some of the same places in our military career. So glad I met him. 

Randy. Jessica. Fran. Ms. Peggy! Tony from Ireland. I missed Hilary and wished she was here. I even boo-hooed over leaving Roger! Very intimate gathering. 

What I wanted to tell you was that last year Caitlin Gow was here from Australia. Last year, Caitlin and Cheri kept me going with all their tweets and blog pieces when I couldn't make it.

Dear Myrtle had a After-Party last year as well. The same spot. I can't tell you where it is because someone else is gonna do it next year that is a Newbie in that same spot. I had a meltdown in the same spot Caity did!!!!!! 

We have now designated that "Spot" as a Historical Landmark. Yup, Madea is getting a place marker for that spot someway or another. 

That is how you end Rootstech! 

My Last Track!

Pat Richley-Erickson: GS /2396 Finding Where on Earth to look Next

Day 4 was Complete.

Day 1 Wednesday 

Day 2 Thursday

Day 3 Friday  

Rootstech Video Journal

My Rootstech Oral History Interview

My Last Post will be coming soon! and I'll tell you how I really feel about Rootstech!

#Rootstech for all things related to the Conference. 

 Rootstech Website Here you will find a viable guide to Everything you want to know that happened over the week.

Note to Myself: Grateful. Loved. Appreciative. Memories for a Life time. Friends. Geneabloggers. You made it to Salt Lake City, Utah. 

 Thank You Rootstech!

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