My Rootstech Journey! February 5th, 2016 Friday - Day 3
Friday Escalades at Rootstech

My Journey to Rootstech

Friday February 5th, 2016

Day 3 at Rootstech 2016

Morning: All I can say at this point. I had hit "The Wall". I was literally beat up at this Point!  My morning consisted of just trying to hit the Exhibit Hall one more good last time. I need a complete walk around. I did just that. That is where I took the most photos. I wanted to always remember that Hall. So I started from Innovators Alley all the way to the back with independent Vendors working for theirselves.

Afternoon:  Had Lunch in the Concession area. So I could enjoy all the people coming and going. Making notes and getting prepared for my Track.
Ladies in Red for Fridays. Amy * True * Bernice 
 If you saw a lot of people with RED on Friday. It was Heart Day. The Convention recognized that.  Everyone had a little red on. I wore my Red in Honor of Mom and Shelley! 

Note to Myself: I was so Proud to be along side Shelley. She really looked after me all day and all night.  It is written all over my face. If you don't know, I Love You...
True &  Cousin Shells 

I had 2 Tracks:

Sherri Camp: RT / 3397 Finding Your Slave Ancestors 

Bernice Bennet & Panel:  RT / 2132 Favorite Online Sites for African American Researchers

Shelley, Ms. Janis, Bernice and Angela! My Sistas in Red 

Panelist included: Angela Walton-Raji. Shelley Murphy. Janis Forte.  

Evening: Was the big Shin Dig hosted by My Heritage. They gave us a PARTY! and a Gift! I was invited by "Special Invitation" from Dear Myrtle. Pat set a Group page for us Bloggers to hang out before Rootstech. That is why you see this photo of Me and Jen. We bonded from Day one in the Group and we were 1st Timers. So it was natural that we grew together during this time period. We made a Lifetime Friendship. Isn't that Sweet we choose each other for our My Heritage Photo. We hung out, danced, sang. Just enjoyed each others company. 

Thanks Jen! for making this so memorable and being 1st Time-Besties for Rootstech 2016! 

Jen of Repurposed Genealogy! ♥︎.
1st Timers to Rootstech ~ Besties 

Day 1 Link

Day 2 Link 

Day 3! I was beyond myself! I was Giddy. I was tired and I didn't want it to end even tho I wanted to crawl somewhere and Sleep. No time for that. I had a full day to let it all sink in! I had made it to Rootstech! See ya for Day 4!  

Note to Myself: True- you need to Organize all this mess you made for your OWN Genealogy. File all that scrap paper and make digi copies. 

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