Family Heirloom. "The Vinegar Jar".

My True Roots
Vintage Cruet Glass Star Cut Vinegar bottle with Stopper

It was simply known as the "Vinegar Jar" in my house. 

My Mom had the WHOLE set. Dishes. Glasses. Punch glasses with Saucers. Cream and Sugar Bowls. Salt and Pepper shakers, the candy dish and the Infamous Vinegar Jar!
Those were the dishes we were not allowed to touch unless company came. 

Mom kept the candy dish and shakers out for everyday use along with the Vinegar Jar.

Why do you call it the Vinegar Jar?
I have no idea. 

Ever since I was little it sat on a shelf near the stove.

In my family we had Collard Greens

Collards were always on our Supper table several times a month.  My favorite way to eat Collard Greens was to pour Vinegar on them. I don't know how I got started with doing that or why? I just did.
It's like people who argue over salt and butter on their Grits vs the Sugar People.
By the way, I eat my Grits with salt and butter.

That Vinegar Jar was about one of the few things of fancy heavy crystal that I was allowed to "handle". It was my responsibility to keep it filled too! 

When my Parents passed. My Sister; Bettye and I decided she would be the one to keep the whole set together in one piece. As a Family Historian I know we aren't suppose to separate pieces like that. Especially a Collection of this magnitude.
I begged Bettye to let me keep the Vinegar Jar. That was a strong memory for me and I just didn't want to part from it. She said it was okay. Bay knows it's in Good hands. It's the only thing missing from the set but she knows where it is. I'm so glad she entrusts me with so many of Moms' things

So that is how it came to be that I have the Vinegar Jar.

Bitter Sweet Memory 

My True Roots

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