My RootsTech Journey! February 3rd, 2016 Wednesday - Day 1

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My Journey to Rootstech 

WEDNESDAY February 3, 2016  

True with Pat "Dear Myrtle" & Randy!

Day 1 at Rootstech 2016.

Morning: My Day started at 7:00am for Registration to get your lanyard and passes for the coming days. As I arrived, I ran into a Host of Genealogy Friends. The line wasn't long. I got what I like to call my Rootstech swag. Forever provided us with a wonderful bag to hold our goodies and supplies in. After that I toured the Convention Center and got a look around and saw the lay of the land! I took photos. It was the Calm before the Storm.

Afternoon: This is the most fun. Luckily I did this. I sat right at the bottom of the elevator for hours. I saw EVERYBODY pass me by. That is the greatest spot on Day 1 to People watch. I got so many meet and greet pictures of my Genealogy Friends just rushing by I had the best seat in the house. Just sitting around soaking all the activity around me. Of course I had Lunch with Shelley better known as Family Tree Girl. 

My True Roots
My Favorite Photos from Wednesday

I had 2 Tracks 

 Katherine Wilson: RT2447 / Finding & Analyzing Passenger and Customs Lists

I then waited on Katherine and high tailed it running for

Judy Russell: RT9330 / More than just Names.
Advanced US Census Research

Evening: By Evening. I had so much excitement bubbled up. I had a "Special Invitation Only" by Dear Myrtle. I got to have a Private screening of the 45 min Documentary by Paula Williams Madison on her story of her Grandfather called, Finding Samuel Lowe. This set the tone for my whole Experience at Rootstech! After that I was Inspired to find my way around as a first timer! 

Signed Personal book from Paula Williams Madison 2016 Rootstech

When I tell you I cried and boo-hoed. I mean my tears were overflowing I had to leave the room and compose myself. When she got to speak to all of us in the audience there was a few times she had to hold her breath to. There were parts to her conversation to the audience that made her choke up. 

 When she was overtaken by the Spirit at her grandfathers grave it busted me all up inside. All I could think of is when I saw Granddaddy Ikes grave for the first time. 
You just get overcome with grief sorrow love and pride all wrapped in one. Then you gain your sense of Peace. 
A Peace within you, that you know you can go on and will forever let every one that crosses your path to remind them you will not be forgotten.  Your Ancestor is with you all in that one moment. Your tears are your Libations to them. 
I found you....I know where you are...I will continue to Honor you for all you have done for me to be here and for my Descendants. She took some precious time to spend with a group of us afterwards to fulfill our questions we were wanting to ask and took plenty of photos with us. 
What touched me the most was when I introduced myself to her. Hello,I'm True. True Lewis.  She said; really, thats interesting! My Daughters name is "Faith". True Faith. I felt like balling right there! Was that the sweetest? Like it was meant for me to meet her like. I hope she knows this Sista had so much love for her and I just met her. 

 She "Communed" with us. I hope it helped in her healing, even tho she was grieving at the same time. Her beloved Uncle had passed. She will arrive in China to his funeral 4 hours before. Cutting it close to spend time with over 25,000 people attending Rootstech. I also met the Sistas of Zion for the first time! As my Mom would say! What a Time! What a Time. Overwhelming Joy!

 I will always remember this Lifetime moment Dear Myrtle gave me as a Gift. Thanks Pat!

Day 1 was pretty fantastic! 

Thank You Rootstech for having me. I so enjoyed myself I forgot all about my fears and anxiety and it was washed over by so many terrific moments. 
Now to hit the Ground running for Day 2! 
Come back! and Thanks for Stopping Over. 

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 Day 2

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