A Presidential Greeting for an Enslaved Man's Family - Mr. Ike Ivery

Note to Myself 

I just wanted to recognize a few things about the Letter we got from President Obama in Celebration of our 43rd Ike Ivery Family Reunion. 

We celebrated in Orlando, Florida with over 400 Descendants of Granddaddy Ike, his 3 Wives and 23 Children. On July 14th - 16th at Westgate Spa and Villas. 

The Orlando Reunion Committee gave my Family a Wonderful Hosted week of Enjoyment. 

This Letter will always be Special to us. Family Heirloom. 

There are 3 things of Note to pay close attention to in the Letter we received from the White House from President Obama.

The day it arrived, my Post lady was so nervous. She hand delivered the Envelope to my door and was very careful. She said you got a Letter from the White House and I wanted to make sure it got t0 you okay.  I would of been shaking like a leaf myself. 

1. The Embossed Presidential Seal

2. Dated Envelope from the White House. 

3. December 1st, 2015 - 50 Years after Rosa Parks sat  down on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. 
How was the timing on that?  Very Significant. 

4. I knew we would need this in 2017.  So I tried to time when my Letter would arrive and the time it takes for them to return back.  I made sure 
I added 2 years on to the 2015.  In 2017 it would be 43 Years of Celebrating. 43 was the magic number. If you know Ivery Family History 8 of the remaining 23 Children for Granddaddy Ike started the Reunion in 1974. For our 2017 Reunion we got our 43rd Year of Celebrating our Family History dated in 2015. 

When I was able to read the letter aloud during our Banquet, I said I have a Letter from your President!!  

The room went still....The air was let out of the room like a deflating balloon, until I said; from your 44th President Barack H. Obama!!! 

The Family roared and clapped. The Committee was able to put the Letter in our Reunion Program Book so everyone would have a keepsake. 

This will be a Historical Note of Interest for our family one day.  I'll have this Blog Post to explain. Why and How did we get our 43rd Years of Celebration dated in 2015 for 2017. How did this all happen? With a Blessing of December 1st, 2015 - 50 years to the date of the arrest for Rosa Parks who Sat so we could have the right to ride the bus with full dignity in 1955. 

A video I put together for our Memorial Vigil. We Light 23 Candles every reunion. 

My Great Grandmother is the 
Daughter of Ike Ivery 
Eddie Lee Rosanna Susannah Louisiana Ivery Lewis 

Her son was James E. Lewis Sr. 
His son was my Father. 
Me, True - 

On behalf of the Ike Ivery Family, Thank You!
President Barack Obama

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