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2019 Black History Month Series airing on Tuesdays at 6pm PDT/8pm CDT/9pm EDT on YouTube:

There is a "Set Reminder" on each Episode to remind you the DAY of the Episode, because we know you will not want to MISS! 

#76 - February 5 - Reconstruction and the Aftermath Named Jim Crow

Reconstruction was a pivotal time in American history that often gets overlooked, especially in genealogy. During episode 76, we’ll discuss how the law and shifting community dynamics affected our ancestors on both sides of the aisle and the resulting restrictions enacted as a response.

#77 - February 12 - Connecting with the Slave Holder’s Descendant
Special Guests: Norm Davis, Thomalind Polite, Edward Ball

Slavery is a complicated topic to research solo, but can provide new experiences, finds, and more when done in concert and shared with another researcher. In this episode, we’ll delve into the unique world of relations and connections being forged between the descendants of the formerly enslaved and descendants from the former slave holding family.

#78 - February 19 - Tales from the Undertaker: African American Cemeteries and Funeral Homes
“Who’s got charge of the body?” is a time honored and loaded question uttered upon the death of a relative in the African American community. Episode 78 will discuss the history and legacy of African American cemeteries and funerals along with how to utilize their records as crucial genealogy resources.
#79 - March 5 - Ask Mariah: The DNA Edition
Taken a DNA test and confused by the results? Or, perhaps you want help trying to narrow down how a genetic cousin is related to you? Episode 79 is your chance to get assistance and is an entire episode of viewer submitted questions all about DNA!

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