~~Ike Ivery's Brother's & Sister's with his Parents~~

Something about a NAME

What's in a NAME?.......

My name is UNIQUE and BEFITTING for Me.  TRUE!

 I'm taking a Journey in Looking at my Ancestors NAMES and how they are passed along and for what reasons? They have been helpful in me finding more of my Ancestors Documents.

It all started from what we know with Ike Ivery's Parents. William Ivery born during the War of 1812 and Minta? born 1834.  Granddaddy William also used Ivey as a surname. I don't know just yet if we choose the name or was it from the Slave owner? There were Ivey's living nearby. That is what I associate for my reasoning. I'm always on the hunt for the connection! Granddaddy Ike is listed as Issac!   Issac and Ike have gone on to each Generation till present day in this family. 

Granddaddy Ike's Brothers & Sisters were:


Line 21: 1870 Bullock County, Ala Census for William and Minty Ivery

Down below are "Some" things I've learned along the way about them. I'm always searching for more.  I'm just excited and Proud to know Granddaddy Ike had Parents, Brother's and Sisters! and that they were recorded and not lost in the Middle Passage. I can go just a little bit further back and I'm grateful.

So many times we focus on a Person's NAME, that we tend to forget they had a Family besides the one they Made. 

Rosanna: Born 1850
Rosanna Ivery and Charles Ford Marriage License February 10th, 1870
Granddaddy Ike:  Born 1853

Isabella: Born 1858
Isabelle Ivery and Charles Haynes Marriage Liscense May 28th, 1881
My Mentor had to go and see what else he could figure out. There was no Record to Print. As you can see above. Only to snail me and tell me it was on Page# 448 Marriage Record Book #4 Coloreds. It was just unreadable and he got what he could. What it did say was she was married "At her Father's Place" William Ivery. Which told me Granddaddy Ike's Father William was still LIVING in 1881! he would of been about 69.

Out of the 7 children 5 were born into Slavery. Abrahama and Sarah were born after Freedom came. 

 Charles Haynes is also Brother to Mary Haynes, Ike's 1st wife. Siblings married Siblings.

Source Citation
Year: 1870; Census Place: Ridgeley, Bullock, Alabama; Roll: M593_4; Page:271B; Image: 545; Family History Library Film: 545503
Township: Ridgeley
I find Milford McTyiere living with them along with Rosanna's husband Charles Ford. Milford could of been a wedding dowery of Mrs. Caroline McTyiere Ivey who was married to Malachi Ivey living near my Slave Ivey/Ivery's. 

William and Minty with their Children 1870

Jacob: Born 1860.  He's the one that keeps me drawing me near. Jacob is Resounding! He is still Living until 1880 Census he's 18.  I'm wondering what happened to him?

John:  Born 1862

Abraham: Born 1866

Sarah: Born 1869  

                              Granddaddy Ike used his Siblings names in Naming his OWN Children.

 How Grandaddy Ike passed family sibling names. Rosanna:  Was used for my OWN "Grandma Eddie"!

Mrs. Eddie Lee Rosanna Savannah Louisiana Ivery Lewis

Isabella:    Belle was used for Ike's first daughter, "Leila Belle". We have passed Belle on in many ways in this family. I haven't seen Isabella yet. I couldn't find Isabella at first because they were using Belle.

Jacob:    I haven't seen this used yet. I like Jacob!

John:     Granddaddy Ike, used this for his 2nd Son. We've seen it used many times. Daughter Eddie, named her Daughter Johnnie Mae.

Abraham:   Was used for Ike's 3rd son Abe.

William:  Ike used for his 6th Son. I think it was for remembrance of his Father. We have passed this name on as well.

Sarah:  Once again his Daughter my Grandma Eddie, used it for her Daughter's name. This just confirms to me how close her and Grandaddy Ike were from all the stories my Dad told me. She really carried this Naming Tradition on down. Sarah Cate Lewis Glenn Miles she is still living at age 97! Granddaughter of Our Beloved Ol'Slave ~ Ike Ivery!

I know most are Biblical Names which Slaves had the tradition of doing. When I see it used again. I know it's in Remembrance of Our Elders.

Some of these names it took a long time to identify. Many times family would use Nicknames, or name would be shortened which hindered my research. Over the years I had to learn about Soundex and look for clues in nicknames or shortened versions or variations of a NAME. example: Minty/Minta could be "Arminta".

As a young Mother I had help in naming my 1st child. Been taught what it means to Name your Legacy. So with keeping and passing this Tradition down. With the help of Daddy; James E Lewis and Mom. 
My Son was named after his Great Great Granddaddy James Edward Lewis born 1884, his Great Grandfather born 1918 and Grandfather born 1947.
 Edward James Lewis
We call  him "Eddie" for short. 
Which is also his Great Great Grandmother's name!

My Son Eddie with his Great Grandparents 1987 Pop-Pop & Nannie

The Jewels in my Crown have been paid for Mightily. I will wear my Crowned Name Proudly. 

The Crown to my Throne Continues........

What's in your NAME?


  1. Great post, True. I too often ponder what can be learned from the names that are passed down, and how people came to their names.

    1. It's always a fascination for me. I love putting Names to Faces! Thanks for stopping over!

  2. Great research on the names, True, it's interesting how names are passed down, I should do some research on some of the names in my family. Wonderful reading True, looking forward to your next post.

    1. shapactek it has kept me organized as well. I feel I know them personally. Thanks for coming by my page. I appreciate it!

  3. Love this True. I also see "recycled" names in every generation in my family. My own name was given to my grandfather by his father after his father's uncle, then to my dad, then to me. What a great way to pass on the lagacy of family and ancestors. Btw, I love Grandma Eddie's full name!

    1. Thanks Mo! I bet there are clues in Grandma Eddie's name still to be found! Thanks for stopping over!

  4. Ms. True, We name gaming with this one. I am like dang see some of my own ancestor names too, like Ora that was my own mother's name and Isabella was my great great grandmother's name. Are We Kin?

    1. Ora was married to Charles Sankey! I like Isabella also! Our 1st Belle! Thanks for Coming Over!

  5. Awesome post True! I'm always fascintaed by naming patterns/traditions in families. It's makes it easier to locate or confirm previous generations (sometimes). I like what you posted:

    "So many times we focus on a Person's NAME, that we tend to forget they had a Family besides the one they Made."

    How very true..

    1. TA Thank You! I think we get wrapped up in that as well. Names say something!

  6. In my family, both first and second names were passed down. I used to think my dad gave me his name as a middle name. Then I found out that both Antonio and Antonia, my middle name, go back 4-5 generations on his side. I have a legacy name which has a history behind it. I loved your post. There are stories behind names.

    1. Yes, Teresa they do have a Legacy behind them. I hope my Son Eddie continues the Tradition on. I just reminded him again when he was here! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Great post True! I like how you shared your own family's naming patterns while at the same time teaching the importance of looking at these naming patterns. It can be an important clue in identifying possible relationships. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks Andrea! I'm starting to look beyond that now. I like that I can place them also!

  8. Love to see you connecting the dots and the links True through your family names! If William wasn't a "free man" and the IVEYS living close by were slave owners -- you should look for William (and family) in their records. I agree 100% a name is powerful. Our Ancestors understood that -- especially our African ones. I'm glad to see this act of reverence and destiny-speaking -- returning our culture.

    1. Thank You Luckie for stopping over! It is Powerful knowing where one SELF has come. I know "Eddie" will continue on. I plan on making a trip this Summer to find more on William. I have other clues as well. Looking more into Malachi. His Mother Alcy Wooten Davis Ivey ended up living with some of the Slaves in 1880 when she was Widowed.

  9. I need to do this with my families.

  10. I really like how you showed the pattern and process behind your family names. It is pretty exciting to know where your name came from. Like you, I've seen the same process in my family. Thanks to your post, I'm thinking about the names for the rest of my family. Your name is pretty awesome and unique. I love how we pass down our history through names. Your post got people thinking hard about there family names. Thank you.

  11. Great post True! you gave me something to think about. Naming patterns in the family. Very interesting!

    1. Thanks Denise. I kept seeing the NAMES. I had to write them down to figure out where and how we keep repeating names and for what reasons. It was good to get it down.