Granddaddy Ike Ivery and his 3 Wives

Let me start by saying and referencing to a old post that will help you understand me and My Mentor the Old Guard! 

I always feel when I post about the African American side of me Mr. Spratlan is on call; walking and guiding me with my stories.Along with the Ancestors.


Me and Mr.Spratlan
Me and Mr. Spratlan till this day, he plays a pivotal role in my research. One day I will post some correspondence between the both of us to show how our relationship has developed over the years.

 So I dedicate this to him, for getting me started in this quest when I was armed with  scattered pieces of information from my family. He got the ball rolling! And thus began our relationship.

*reference or citation below:

1870.......*Granddaddy Ike Ivery was 17. He was looking towards his future and ready to start his own family. Around the age of 22 or 24 he married Ms.Mary Haynes on 13 January 1875 on Mr. Finney's plantation, officiated by Andrew Harris. His 1st Wife.

Ike Ivery and Mary Haynes #1

In all Granddaddy Ike’s years of living he was married for 60 years out of his 84 years of living. Ike and Mary Haynes his first wife were married for 12 years, she passed away after her last child Abe in 1888. Out of this union 5 children were born. 

 She passed. Her *death is unknown.Just my theory she died during or after childbirth. Give or take a year or two Ike was a Widower at the age of 35.

He was diligently working his farm in Midway Alabama. Keeping his family strong he was blessed to meet another certain,determined young lady at the age of 30. She would be his 2nd wife.  Ms. Mary Henry. Their marriage license states; got married at church on 2 January, 1889 by S. W. Shields.

Ike Ivery and Mary Henry #2
At that time in early 1900’s, Mary Henry might have been considered old maid or having no prospects, Ike made himself presentable to be introduced to Mary Henry in the proper way, being that her father Dock Henry was so prominent as a farmer in the community with lots of land.

I'll talk more about Dock Henry in another post with the 3 wives, their Parents and introduce you to his 23 children. 

Now Mary Henry Ivery and Ike were thriving they were blessed to have 4 more children together giving them a total of 10 children by at least till 1895. 

They were together for 14 years.

 Her *death is unknown to me as of this date.Maybe illness until I can find out. Alabama didn't start recording deaths until *1908.

During the 2 years after Mary Henry passed away, Ike met his 3rd wife.

Ms.Berta Hatcher!

Mrs. Berta Hatcher Ivery

 They were married in Aberfoil on 23 December, 1897 by Rev. R. H. Harris.

Berta & Ike's Marriage License #3
 She was 20 years old. Ike had lost 2 wives and had 11 children. Ike and Berta were married 40 years had 12 children together, making a total of 23. 4 children are lost or misrepresented that were recorded on census’s whom we haven’t been able to locate or find anymore documents on. Grandma Berta passed away April 2nd, 1956
Berta was the wife who he got to spend the longest season with until Ike's death in the spring of 1937.Granddaddy Ike "laid in state" in the church while bells toiled. It was the church he helped built. Mt.Coney Missionary Baptist Church which is still up and running.
Mother Berta Hatcher Ivery
I wanted to introduce you to Ike's 3 Wives.

 I am a Descendant of the 1st wife. Mary Haynes she is my GreatGreatGrandmother, out of their 5 children I come from her Daughter: Mrs. Eddie Lee Rosanna Louisiana Savannah Ivery Lewis! 

I look forward to future posts so you can get to know the rest of Granddaddy Ike's family.Don't worry about remembering, I'll give you references to remind you were we left off. You can always write me a "NOTE" or ask question!
Granny Eddie Lee Ivery Lewis

Granddaddy Ike was strict when it came to family life and his faith. All 23 children raised their kids together as they were. Hopefully I'll be able to break it down to you and explain every one's place in this family. I just want to put them in place with their Mother and their Parents.  We have over 300 people at our Ike Ivery Family Reunions.

 I can tell who goes to who even if you just give me one word. I can point which branch you belong to you. It's a joy and I try to meet 5 new people and make my rounds to as many family members as I can and as possible to let them know I'm here for our Ancestors stories and it can be entrusted in me.

Ivery's in Atlanta 2009
 Without my Family it's always impossible to do. They make my work easy. They are cooperative when I need their help. 

I let them know without them none of this is possible, that's why working together we can save our OWN stories. No one has to tell our story like we can for Us.

As my Tribe member Luckie Daniel of Our Georgia Roots would say:

She quoted a passage that spoke to my Family......"You can tell a Tree by the Fruit it bears". That's us! The Ivery's!

* Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Ridgely, Bullock, Alabama; Roll: M593_4; Page: 271B; Image: 545; Family History Library Film: 545503.



  1. That is great to find those marriage records.

    1. Yes it was! That made it legal and explained a lot. I was grateful for that.

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    1. Thanks Andrea......I'm always inspired by you.

  3. Granddaddy Ike sure didn't have a problem getting a wife, three in 22 years. He was the marrying kind.

    1. LindaRe you sure got that right! "Marrying Kind". Granddaddy Ike had something going on. He was sumpin'!

  4. I can see keeping up with all your kin through Ike is no small feat. Twenty three children. Now that's a whole lot of branches on your tree!

    1. M.Dawn it can be daunting. I skipped and started with one piece of paper for all the kids and then I went back and filled in the blanks. I had to have that one piece to get me started on the 23 kids. Since I've found another branch on 2 of the wives. Thanks for stopping over!

  5. Beautiful post True & an EXCEPTIONAL piece of genealogy recorded. Your family researchers will bookmark & reference back to this post for many, many years to come. You are telling your story & planting GOOD SEEDS! Appreciate the mention too!:)

  6. Your Welcome! and it's always "Good" when you stop by! Thanks again for all the Encouragement!

  7. This is great True! You always manage to bring a tear to my eye somehow. Your Henry's and Ivey's from Alabama always make my eyebrow raise love to hear from them because my Henry's from Alabama may be the same family!

  8. Thanks Vic! Atleast through DNA we are thru Marcus. I'll have more info on my Henry's later. is the place to go on your time. Thanks Again! #GriotGram

  9. Thank you so much in your research to our family! My grandmother is Johnnie Mae (Nobles) Scott, daughter of Caroline (Ivery) Nobles and Big Pappa (come to think of it I don't remember his name)

    1. Monika it's a Joy!!!!! Big Pappa's name was Charlie Ben Nobles. Caroline Ivery Nobles is a Sister to my Grandmother Eddie Ivery Lewis.