My WomenFolk ・ Mary Haynes ・Mary Henry ・Berta Hatcher


Thank You! for stopping by again and wanting to read about the "Womenfolk"  in my Life married to Granddaddy Ike Ivery.

These Women are always on mind. 

Mary Haynes     

Mary Henry  
Berta Hatcher

We have such a hard time finding our WomenFolks maiden names.

 I was fortunate after slavery my family stayed intact in Midway, Alabama.    

Bullock County, Alabama 1895 Map


I'm also Mourning them at times as well as Celebrating their lives. 

 I think of the "Inner Sisterhood" of the 3 WomenFolk

Granddaddy Ike got married 3 times. I think on how my two other Grandmother's took on my Grandma Mary Haynes children.

 I try to imagine the complexities and the love it took for 2 Women to take on previous wives
children's? They kept it going.

I think about how Grandma Berta Hatcher came in the family and was welcomed for sure! Her Descendants adored and had much reverence for her.

 She carried on the Legacy Granddaddy Ike was to leave behind. Had 13 children with him and cared for his 10 kids from previously being widowed twice before and managed to look after them long after Granddaddy Ike left this World. 

She was the Cornerstone for keeping us all together after Mary Haynes, Mary Henry and Granddaddy Ike passed on. From 1937 she had to do the raising alone.

There was no separating the children up. Everyone took up the
ir part and helped Berta keep it going. None were treated any different from the others. The older ones helped with the younger ones. 
In fact I know some were off married, some were still living at home and Granddaddy Ike was having children when his children were having children! 

"Circle of Life" continues on...

8 Generations from Margaret, Mary's Mother to My Granddaughter. I'm 6th in line. Margaret Mary Eddie JE JEjr Me Eddie and Jai

Mary Haynes:   1st Wife History:   This is my LINE! The least I have on. I have not found any Descendants from her siblings or Parents yet. We do have DNA results from 3 of her 5 children. So we are ready for that! 

Grandma Mary Haynes! She was born in Alabama according to the 1870 census in 1855. Her father was John Haynes and her mother was Margaret. The year of 1875 when she was 20 she married my Granddaddy Ike, she would be the 1st of his 3 wives. 

She was 39 when she passed shortly after her youngest son Abe was born. She had 8 children with Ike Ivery. 2 of them are missing or passed away, but they are clearly reported as Bascom aged 4 and Isaiah aged 2. 

After 1880 they aren't mentioned anymore and Martha Tarver age 19 is also living with them.

1880 Census with Mary Haynes and Ike Ivery 

After 1880 sons Bascom and Isaiah of hers aren't listed. The following children are who are KNOWN as her children and to my Family are listed below.

Obie ~ John 1877 ~ Prophet 1878 ~ Lela B 1880, she is 6months old ~Ms. Eddie Lee: My GRANNY! 1886 ~ Abe 1887.

I'll do a whole blog on Grandma Eddie!

There was a 5-year gap between Lela B and Grandma Eddie possibly? I don't know what happened or what was going on?

Mary Henry:    2nd Wife History.    What I have researched on Mary Henry. She was the born in 1856 during Slavery. Her Parents were Dock Henry(1828-1905) dates were pro
vided from his Estate File. Her Mother was Mariah Floyd (1826-1900). Mary's Mother passed away some time near her Daughter Mary's death.
 1900 census Dock says he is a Widow. Mariah Floyd's Parents were Ransome Floyd born 1800 and Phoebe, they were Mary Henry's Grandparents on her Mother's side.   Mary had 10 siblings! 

Her known 4 children to Ike Ivery were: Annie ・ Dock ・ Will 1890 ・ Charles 1892

Through this line is where I found MjIvory on Facebook he is kin through this line through Mary's brother Joseph. Bible names.

 Also I got information from my Mentor that Senator Caroline Moseley Braun,1st African American Woman from Illinois was related to this line also through Mary Henry's brother, Charles. I hope we can be introduced to  talk and compare notes one day.

Two branches of Mary Henry's line through her siblings. Joseph and Charles.

Hopefully she'll find me and we can share notes and DNA. Which is another whole "Blog Post" I'll have to start. I also wonder if both Mary's born around the same years knew each other in Midway? 

 I have obtained good gems on the Henry's from the Courthouse in Bullock County, Alabama. Union Springs. 

1880 Census for Mary Henry

Berta Hatcher:    3rd Wife History.    Berta was the Daughter of Charles Hatcher and Margaret Lowery? /Collier born 1852. Her Parents were married November 21st, 1868. Colored Marriage Records Books, page 216. Judge W. H. Black. Her Mother passed and he married Estelle. Grandma Berta was born in 1877 in Alabama. After Freedom! She had 12 siblings. She passed away in 1952. She had 13 children with Granddaddy Ike. So many things she saw, things she did, things she didn't see that came to pass. She lived a long, fruitful life. 
Grandma Berta Hatcher Ivery

This is where I found my cousin Dot! She has much research on the Hatcher's. Cousin Dot falls under Grandma Berta's sister Lizzie. From November when Dot initially contacted me. It took me until March regretfully to contact Dot. 

I was so caught up in my Documentary. I hadn't even checked my messages. I prayed she would remember me and be willing to share.

Ever since we been chatting on the phone, emailing and encouraging one another and sharing research.
 My Cousin James who is son to Berta's Daughter Bessie. I was so excited to find a new branch that James went with his brother Alvin to meet Dot. I wish you all could feel the expressions of joy, I felt when they went to meet Dot and her Father. They enjoyed each other and had great stories of their Reunion to tell me. I cherish that......

They took pictures for me because I couldn't be there. I will always be indebted to James. Every time I put the "Call Out" for help. James has steadily been there for me. As many other's in the family.       

My Cousin's (Left) Alvin and James Goodloe and Dot with her Dad (meeting for the 1st time).

Cousin Bea in my Documentary she could talk about Grandma Berta good! Cousin Bea is Granddaughter through Berta's Daughter Caroline. She would tell us of the time Grandma Berta would say, If Ike was here he'd go get those peas for me. If you go and get those peas I can pick those peas while ya'll doing other's things. She had a lot of Spirit. Some of the Elder grandchildren can remember Grandma Berta. There is no one left to remember the Mary's.
 We let the documents speak for them now.

Grandma Berta Resting at Mt. Coney Cemetery

These Womenfolk singing below always help take me to the Spirit of My Ancestors. They give me a solace and peace that's comforting. I love to listen to them while I'm thinking of my Ancestors.

   I will Dedicate this song to my Grandma's.
           All 3 of Them   called "Breaths".
                        Mary Haynes ~   Mary Henry ~ Berta Hatcher

I love how their lives unfolded. How the 3 Womenfolk combined had 23 children. Their raising of the children. All the values they passed on. The traditions. They lived on through all the children. We keep that bond that they shared through us today.

I know they are sitting around on some stools, laughing and exchanging stories. Thanking each other for raising and loving each other's kids. Thanking Grandma Berta for keeping them all under her fold and being that Mighty Fist!

You have Five Fingers and you can spread them out and look at them in all kinds of different directions, but when you Draw all your Fingers together into a ball and make a Mighty Fist! That Fist is Strong! all things are mighty Powerful as One!

 That's the Ivery's.......That's the Ivery's!


  1. Girl the Legacy, we should all be so fortunate! Beautiful Strong Women and U of course carrying it on, Blessing in Heaven to them and U. Bev

    1. Thank You Beverly Ann! I will Continue to Carry their Legacy on.

  2. The song you dedicated was beautiful, thank you for sharing it. You had amazing women in your family. They left behind a strong family. I am so happy that you found your cousin. There is something to be said in how three women were able to raise so many children and keep their family bond strong. You are did a wonderful job telling their story.

    1. Bernita Thanks for Stopping by! I think the same way, those 3 Women! I have to do the same. The Greater Good of Things for All. Loved Honey in the Rock for a while now. They have some great moving music!

  3. Maybe there was a child or two that died between 1880 and 1886? Interesting saga. 24 children!

    1. Kristin! That's just it! When you write it out. You start to see the missing pieces. I bet they did lose some children. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Beautifully written thank you for sharing your family with us.

    1. TA Thanks for stopping over! We gotta keep sharing to keep their Memory Alive! I'm sure my WomenFolk were doing a Jig today.

  5. Those women are our Matriarchs way back to Africa, the women of wisdom!

    1. Imogene! They truly are, and my Family holds them in high esteem. We celebrate The Old Slave, His Wives and 23children. They are printed on everything. Women of Wisdom. Thanks for stopping over!